Sunday, May 08, 2005


I am at Karaikal Pondicherry (thanks Anon for pointing my mistake) which is a small town in Tamil Nadu. Shesssh, wanted tot ype so much. the connection is a pain. I am at a cyber cafe which has 5 computers running on a single dialup connection :| The weather is NOT HOT. Its extremely humid but the evening has some sexy breeze.

From tomorrow, I start visiting the temporary shelters. Should be an interesting experience. Also I go to beach tmrw. Yayyyy! hehehee! So much more to come....bubyeee all!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Here I am...

Ok, people...I am alive and not dead, hehe! Again I went through the "too bored to blog" phase. I am going through this phase quite often now. Hmmm...wonder why... Also, what was different this time was that I stopped checking out different blogs as well. Hmmm....I don't know! Well anyways, am back.

My exams got over by the first week of April itself. These were my final examinations. I am a graduate now (yea, I know am waiting for my results...but still) It's a weird feeling you know. When I finished writing my last paper, I exulted in joy that it was over but the next second it stuck me OH LORD, IT'S OVER! I mean my grads are over, done, finished! Trust me it was a mixed feeling. I was desperately waiting for my exams to get over. But when it did, I was left with mixed feelings. Again I realised that I dislike changes. I am not the adaptible sorts. I take lot of time to adjust. Now that my college is over, I know it's gonna be different. Everything is gonna be different. I am not trying to think too much coz I am taking each day as it comes and trust me it helps a lot.

The moment this vacation started, I made myself busy by doing absolutely NOTHING! Man, that was something.....I loved doing NOTHING AT ALL I can be incredibly lazy. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Ok...right now I am more kicked about going to Nagapattinam. Yeaa, I am going to Nagapattinam in a couple of days and would be working with an NGO there. I hope it's gonna be a good experience. Last time I had gone to Gujarat and the experience was awesome. I have never been to a disaster prone area and I really don't know what to expect. I am going with a blank mind. The one thign that comforts me is that here I know the language and I hope I would be able to help in some way or the other. Last time I went to an absolute adivasi village. But this time I would be in a small town or soemthing. There should be internet. I would try to update my blog from there. promises though!

This time I would be gone for 3 weeks or so. So it's a long time for me personally. But this is a challenge. It's back to the "I have to take care of myself" mode. Well...well...well..keeping fingers crossed. Wish me luck guys Chalo, bye for now....wanna say so much but this post will become so dreadfully long. More in next post.....bubyeeee!

Ok...before I leave, I have to make certain announcements.

You have professors and then YOU HAVE PROFESSORS....All my life I have my share of good, bad and crappy professors. But I guess there are very few people who influence you postively to a great extent. One of them is Sridhar Sir. He's one person who is not only a good professor but also one of the nicesthuman being I have known. He holds the distinction of being one of the very few professors who was loved by every member of our class......unanimous appreciation and admiration it was (Now that is quite a feat I tell you!) He's genuinely a wonderful person! So here's presenting Sridhar Sir's blog *drumrolls please* His blog is very interesting, DO VISIT IT EVERYBODY (and I do take the credit of the fact that he started blogging....think am being pompous? read this )

Now I say good bye....hope to blog soon