Sunday, August 31, 2003

Mumbai- Stop-stare-go to work

My city, My place, Mumbai. I am writing this post after reading articles, columns etc. talking about the resilience of Mumbai. Yeah, its indeed amusing that immediately an hour after the blast at gate way of India, life went on as usual. Few days after the blast Indian Express editor, Maharshtra Chief Minister SushilKumar Shinde strolls on the promenade in front of the taj hotel ( outside the hotel the bomb blasts took place) with Indian express editor in chief interviewing him. He is accompanied by only some plain clothed policemen. The stock market goes up by nearly 150 points a day after the balsts. Its amazing that there is no panic, no tension visible in mumbai. Life goes on as usual. Mumbai is known for its businesslike approach and mumbaikars are known for their spirit. I am sometimes just awe struck by the attitude of the people here. I was at the college when i hrd about the bomb blasts. There was a general buzz in the classroom and when we came to know that 2 simultaneous blasts had taken place, it really unnerved me cause it reminded me of the 1992 bomb blasts. I ventured out of the college anticipating tension but it was just life as usual. I saw frenzied activity only in the televison channels. The city was normal as if nothing had happened. There was no call for bandh too. Infact when a guy from my class told that he will not come to college the next day cause he anticpated trouble because of the bomb blasts he was laughed at. His concernes were valid but he was given this "are u mad" kind of a look.

A television channel reported rampant partying at the happening discs in Mumbai. The attendance was full. This was on the day when the twin bomb blasts took place. Now this is definitely not resilience. This is an extremely insensitive attitude. Apathy if i can say. Mabbe all this stems out from the fact not a big deal was made out of the blasts. I dunno.

But no one can say that Mumbai doesn't have an heart. when Indian express reported of a bunch of kids who became orphans due to the blasts, help poured from all corners.

Also I think that the 'chalta hain' attitude which is so characteristic to we indians helps us to over come incidents of such magnitude. It seems that an average mumbaikar has become immune to incidents like this. But one can also see this line of resilience being crossed resulting into insensitiveness.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Me back!!!!!!!!

Well this is too Narcissistic a title to have"Me back!" But what the hell, i dont care coz i am happy that i have at last got time to blog again. This is one of the longest blogging breaks i have ever taken. The previous one i took did not make any difference coz there nobody noticed it except for a few. But this time there's a difference.....Lotsa ppl noticed it and again if i may add ppl missed me;) hehehehe! Now i guess i should stop right here and do what i do best i.e. Blog! ;)

Lotsa things happened in the span of 10 days! Most prominent being "The mumbai bomb blasts" Its scary that its been happening at an alarming regularity. But at the same time Life in Mumbai goes on as ususal. he greatness of the people and the city here is that "Nothing can bog them down! I love and admire this city for its spirit and am glad that i belong to this lovely city.

There has been an ample media coverage for the blasts. Afetr watching the telecasts i was unhappy. 2 reasons:
Aaj Tak which is one of the highest watched News Channels in India came out with an absolute blooper declaring that "there have 4 bomb blasts instead of the 2. the additional one being somewhere near Marine lines and Near Mumbadevi Mandir. I initially saw Aaj tak and almost panicked. But later when i saw NDTV 24X7, I got the info that only 2 bomb blasts had happened and they also reassured us that the info is correct and there is absolutely no need to worry. I was absolutely confused. I didnt know whom to believe. then later it was confirmed that there were only 2 bomb blasts.
Now Aaj Tak being such a reputed channel, it was very irresponsible on their part to misreport like this. Thousands of people tune into Aaj Tak for news. They have all been misinformed now. Ina away the channel has been instrumental in rumour mongering. If there wouldn't have been immediate clarification by other news channels there would have been wide-spread panic. The credibility of the channel is doubted now. Aaj Tak in a quest for being "sabse tez" doesn't allot time time to verify facts. Also this is not the first instance of misreporting by Aaj Tak.

Also I was absolutle grossed out seeing the Blast footage of Aaj Tak. It was disgusting. I agree Bomb Blasts can't be a pretty sight. But with so much blood around it can be very depressing and gross. Lemme give u a example. During the WTC bombing did anyone see a drop of blood, a songle dead body? Absolutely not coz none was reported. I think that Indian news should emulate the aspect of honouring and maintaining the "Dignity of the dead". Again in the quest to be "sabse Tez" and first they have resorted to such measures. But i guess its high time they realised their responsibilities that comes as a part of being a news channel.

Another shcoking revelation but something which we all knew. If u r wondering what i am talking about click here

Anyways seeya and see forth!
(psst........waiting for lot of................comments from all ya guys!)

Friday, August 15, 2003

15 August

Today is India's Independence day.

Here's wishing all the Indians throughout "A Very Happy Independence day"

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Raksha Bandhan

Well yesterday was raksha bandhan. I somehow feel lost on every raksha bandhan everyyear. Coz i am the only child. Always wanted to have an older brother. Well i somehow don't have any "mooh bola" brothers and very firmly I dont belive in tying rakhis just for the heck of tying them. Coz i belive in the sentiment behind tying rakhis and not the ritual tying rakhis per se.
But guess what i had a great day today! i am the member of a youth organisation. We as a part of a project visited "ASTITVA", a home for mentally challenged people and tied rakhis to the mentally challenged guys over there. Felt so nice............... It was an emotionally rewarding experience. It feels really sad when i see their condition. They inhabit in a world which is their own. Some of them were so happy seeing us, they were overjoyed when we tied rakhi to them, but i think they were more happy by the fact that we treated them with lotsa sweets and chocolates. Some of them were in real good mood that day coz their sisters and family members had visited them. One of them was dancing with joy coz his sister was getting married. One of them spoke so well with me in english that i was shocked when i heard that he was a borderline case, an euphemism for a mentally unstable person. It was an absolute humbling experince which made me thank god for the fact that i was not one among them. Will visit them often............Anyways seeya!
Love, Shobha

Sunday, August 10, 2003


Hello friends!
Its said that "One should not be football of other people's opinion". But is it humanly possible not to get affected? Sometimes i wonder whether one can be really be objective about ourselves. Can we be really be unaffected by other people's remarks?
Coz i can be easily swooned by a compliment and can be easily hurt coz of a stray remark!!!!!!!!!!! Well guys whaddaya think?????
Love, Shobha

Saturday, August 09, 2003


After all the hue 'n' cry about the findings of unacceptable levels of pesticides ( including urs truly.......), here comes a different perspective altogether that reflects on the sad situation that we are in rite now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003


To say i was disturbed after seeing this picture would be an understatement. This award winning photograph is taken by Kevin Carter. he won a Pulitzer prize for this picture. This picture was taken during the sudan famine. this picture shows a famine stricken child crawling towards the UN food camp which was situated nearly a kilometer away. The vulture is waiting for the child to die so that it can eat it. The picture shocked the whole world. Nobody knows what happened to the child thereafter. But Kevin Carter died after 3 months due to depression.
I think Bush should be sent a big picture of this photograph. When world is facing such basic problems like lack of food, war seems such a futile option and seems so trivial. If at all, all such resources were diverted to resolving such problems.... Now that is what i call wishful thinking..............
Get Spooked

Lots of spooky movies are being released during these days. Ghost-stories, thrillers being the in-thing today. Read some of the real life spooky stories.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

First mineral water and now this!
This! news justifies my dislike for soft drinks.

Laloo mania

Also its learnt that Laoo had plans to go on the bus to lahore along with some media persons and 30 0dd Mps which is scheduled later this week. But couldn't go because his involvement with a guess animal husbandary scam has prevented him from leaving the country. Poor Laloo.........Meanwhile an amusing article on Laloo which u all would love to read. anyways guys seeya!
love, Shobha

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Here's wishing all of u guys visiting my blog a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy friendship day! :)
wanna write many things on this wonderful thing called "Friendship". But at the moment, no time! will definitely do so in my future posts. byeeeeeee everybody! have a gr8 day!
Love, Shobha

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Mr. & Mrs. Iyer
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! watta movie! watched Mr. & Mrs. Iyer for the first time and was completely bowled over by it. Now i realise watta loser i have been having watched the movie sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many days after its release. But as they say " Better late than never........ and i console myself.

This movie personifies " beauty in subtelity" such a beautiful movie but with such a powerful message but is devoid of any unnecessary drama. the movie hits you hard at appropriate places. Well for the unitiated, Mr. & Mrs. Iyer is a movie which shows communal tensions in India and how it affects the lives of 2 individulas a tamil brahmin played by konkana sen ( excellent acting) and a mulim photographer played by Rahul Bose ( cant keep my eye off him............... well now that's another story altogether.) Konkana sen is just perfect as a tamil brahmin lady. her accent was a revelation. Hard to believe that she is a bong female. They have worked very hard on costumes and the minute details of the chracter played by konkana which adds authenticity to her role. The customs, prejudices potrayed are all the same. I can say this beacuse i am a tam-bram myself. Even though i am not afflicted with any of the prejudices she is shown to have, i have seen such people in real life as icome in contact with so many "Mamis" of my community. The conservative upbringing reflects during her intercations with Rahul bose. Speaks of an amazing eye for details and characterisation. They have done their homework well.......... very well i should say! Rahul bose plays his part to perfection as amuslim photographer Jehangir chowdhary. Such subtle acting, he is amazing.

The movie has some excellent moments. The scene where Meenakshi comes to know about Raja aka jehangir to be muslim, her reaction is amazing. It really hits her as a bolt of lightening coz she is unable to stomach the fact that she has intercated with a Muslim, let him handle her child etc. This is where her conservative values are tested! But the scene where she shows exemplary courage and compromise of her values by declaring Raja as her husband when rioters barge into the bus. The most beautiful part of the movie is the relationship that meenakshi and raja share. During their last train journey when one sees subtle hints of both of them develpoing feelings for each other, one wishes the journey goes on forever..... But the end grounds you to reality. The journey of prejudices meenakshi from a conservative tam-bram to a mature woman who realises the foolishness of her beliefs is gradual and indeed beliveable.

The communal riots that are shown really potray the sorry affairs of the country. The typical scene in the bus wher literally mini-India is created is tribute to the unique diversity in our country. Bhishm Sahni and Surekha sikri play their parts as a muslim couple to perfection. Your heart goes out to them when they rioters drag them out to kill them.

An absolute briliant movie and if anyone has still not watched plzz watch it soon.
love, shobha
FLICK........FLICK....... Stop!
Hello ppl! well blogging after quite a few days........... Lemme share an interesting incident with you guys. Yesterday i was on my way to college in the morning. I was all sleepyand tired, me not morning person at all. I was on my way to the bus-stop when i saw a bunch of street urchins, not an uncommon sight in Mumbai at all. They all had unkempt hair, dirty clothes but a lovely smile on their faces. ( all this seems so common, but i guess this doesn't get any ironical than this! ) I wondered how can they be so happy with so much hardships!!!!!! Alongwith them there was a lady with a child in her arms. I preseme that she was the mother of few of the children loitering around over there. Suddenly a group of children huddled around the mother and then started walking casually in my direction. A few collge students too were walking beside me. Suddenly i saw a small girl of probabaly 8 years old cooly opening a compartment of the bag of a college student with the college student completely oblivious to the whole situation. The kid was so adept at her art that she maintained her cool inspite of the presence of so many people on the road. And here i was walking real fast with my eyes totally fixed on the bus stop searching for my bus. I dunno how but suddenly amidst all these chaos i just happened to glance at my right where this young girl is coolly attempting to flick something. Seeing her at work i screamed. On hearing my scream the girl looked at me with a glint in her eye ( note: no fear at all) and befor anything could be done she coolly dispersed off in the crowd. It was then i noticed that all this was happening with her mother's guidance. Then i proceeded towards the college girl and told her what happened and asked her to check her bag. She freaked cause the compartemnt which the girl was fiddling with was the place where she had kept her mobile phone. She thanked me profusely on seeing her mobile safe and sound.

OK........ so the start to my morning was not too bad but it really pained me too see these little kids indulge in theft and that too under their parent's supervision. But i guess poverty makes one do all nasty things in life. Maybe she might have needed money for her ailing brother, maybe she might have needed money for paying off the mortagage, maybe............. and the list goes on...... and thus i saw another case of "Death of innocence".