Monday, March 29, 2004

Taklu MOI!!!

Hey people, my exams are going on....but I am so bored, So decided to post anyways. :D I read Kiruba's latest post (permalink unavailable). The post talks about how he's gonna miss her daughter's hairlocks coz it is the tonsure time again. In the Hindu religion it is imperative that a child have a "mundan" (tonsure) at least once. After a lil' bit of googling I got some info on the significance of this event. (scroll down)

The process is called Chudakarma.
First time cutting of hair, 1st year or 3rd year
This ceremony of the first tonsure is to be performed in the first or third year of the child. The hair is consecrated and offered to the respective family deities. Celebrations or chanting of mantras are not involved.

Even my parents had had my head tonsured when I was barely one. (Well if u a Tam-Bram, U just can't avoid it!) I was taken to Pazhani for the tonsure. It was during the month of November I believe. My parents say that i was pretty excited seeing the new place. Hils, temple, noise, that place fascinated the little me! But I had no inkling that the sole reason that I had come there was to make me mottai (bald). Well....the day dawned and I was taken to the person who was supposed to tonsure my head. I was made to sit down in front of that man. Initially I was a bit cool but later I became restless (that's what Attai says to me). I just couldn't understand y the hell was I made to sit in front of this strange looking man with dad holding me tight and mom looking at the entire thing as if some comedy is happening....Ok .not comedy but was an amusing sight! After some fuss they put thanda thanda cold water on me! OOOOOOOO! That was it! I was very irritated. Somehow at the time Appa's hold over me loosened and well..... I simply ran. Amma Appa couldn't comprehend what was happening and it took it took like 2-3 seconds for them to register that her daughter is actually running away from the the spot. Then Appa ran behind me followed by Amma. HAHAHAHAHA.......Hilarious....Pity I dont remember the incident properly but my Attai describes it so well, that it makes up for it! Well I ran merrily but to my dismay I was caught immediately. Appa caught me and then gave me one whack and then took a bawling me to the barber. :(((. Later my tonsure took place without any hitch. This time appa made sure he held me tight! ;) But I wonder now how funny the scene must have been..with me running away In Pazhani, with so many people around, and appa running after me and amma running behind appa......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and I crack up! But I look so cute when i was mottai as a child. awwwwww! I look the cutest. I think I should go back to my books now! hm.......and I am very angry with Haloscan, my commenting tool. All my comments of my archived posts have disappeared, I fail to understand why! If u guyz know any remedy for this, Plz tell me! If not well...plz. suggest some good commenting tool which wudnt eat up my archived posts ka comments! Chalo then......ciao........:D

Friday, March 19, 2004

Happy B'day DUM DUM----19th March

To be sung in happy b'day tune......
Happy B'day to u...
Happy B'day to u.......
Happy B'day dear DUM DUM,
Happy B'day to u..........

U were born in the zoo
U were born in the zooo....
with Monkeys, and Donkeys and dumbos like u.......

We want sweets from u......
We want $100 from u....We want scrunchies from u.........
Happy B'day , Happy B'day, Happy b'day to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.........!

Well in case u still wondering who the hell is DUM DUM......well...Happy B'day again Ashwin! I know that it aint 19th in USA yet...but wat da heck.........Here's wishing u a gr8 day and year ahead........*hugs*......have fun dear!

Monday, March 15, 2004

Watta day!

EggJham time and My college xerox fella does brisk business. So manyyy stuff to be photocopied.....My entire morning was spent in doing just that. I was thoroughly hassled seeing so many papers. I am in such a situation that I don't know where to start and where to end.......Well lets leave it at that, otherwise this post of mine will become a whine-board! Ok.......I leave my college throughly puzzled and confused looking at the photocopies and I head towards my bus-stop. Now the frequency of my bus is not all that great.........Therefore the sight of people pouncing towards my bus on its arrival is not uncommon. It was afternoon and it was so hot.......I am sick of the heat..........Its so bloody hot! Therefore to stand at the bus-stop is like a total pain. So you can imagine how relieved I was when I saw my bus coming and Like everybody else urs truly also ran towards the bus.

Now, I enter the bus with the agility of a long-distance runner! (Well I have to compliment myself coz I was so thoroughly tired coz of the sweltering heat....but still managed to make it.*grin*) Now as I entered the bus I felt there was this man who also rushed in exactly the same manner as I did......hell no....even more faster than I did and he brushed me aside and caught a seat. Now my curiousity took over and instead of searching for seats I looked behind to check who the hell that man is! I saw this man scampering for a seat with a wallet in his hand. I was about to turn back but I was like.....Hell....wait a minute..that wallet looked similar! and I quickly checked and to my shock it realised that my wallet was missing. I screamed at him and asked for my wallet. Now see haaan, he has the nerves to say that it is his wallet, a ladies wallet as his wallet. (Duhhhhh!!!!! He was an old man, 60+ probably, dirty clothes, long beard, but what agile running! As i started screaming for my wallet, he suddenly changes his statement saying that he saw my wallet down and ran in to give me.....duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... and I felt like grabbing him and throwing out of the damn runing bus. and then he has the cheek to tell me, U can check ur wallet, which I promptly did!
Suddenly Flashback:
I remembered I was with "K" at the same bus stop and I had heard her screaming about someone grabbing her purse to remove her wallet. But I did not see the man!

I also remembered "M" telling me that she caught someone opening her college bag. and that he was an old man!

Well...well..... It all flashed one by one. So he is actually an bus-stop regular! By now I was so irritated that i really wanted to slap him tight hard. But he was an old man, I could never bring myself do that. So I kept referring him as "AAP", I still don't believe I did that and I made him get down off the bus. Should have handed him to the police.....but I didn't do that! *sigh* I freaked coz the wallet contained everything, My college i-card, decent cash, BCL library card, my railway pass, my creidt card....freak!

Well all's well that ends well! But two things to note........
1) I am not taking that bag again to college coz its really easy for pickpockets to steal. Appa had warned me often but I really liked the bag so much that I always ended up taking it to college. Its a hard fact to digest that Appa always knows best......huh!

2) And I am never fighting with Amma in the morning.....again a stupid argument to begin my day. if u wud remeber, I got caught by the ticket collector on the day when I had a silly fight with amma. Well....

Anyways eventful day to say the least. Seeya guys and take care. I might not update often coz its *curse* exam time........byeeeeee! Seeya soon! :D

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

News travels really fast here

Well was chatting with a buddy of mine and she just retorted to a comment of mine saying that, "News travels fast here". Well.....this sentence was enough to take me b 5-6 years back (Total philmy ishtyle haan). I was in standard 8th then. when i first came to know that tadaaaa!!!!!! I have specs. Specs, which I will have to wear for the rest of my life. *pity, pity* *Sob Sob* I was in a miserable state that time. Actually I always had an inkling that something's wrong with my eye power. But never really went ahead and told appa that I think we should get my eyes checked. Firstly I was sooooo afraid of his reactions. "Nee day fulla TV parthindru.... soda bottle aa irrukim and all shit! " (Just go on watching TV all the time. U will get a big fat number as ur eye power and blah blah.....) Also I did not want to face it that I had specs. So I kept postponing it. I thought getting specs with a number was a worst thing that could happen to anyone. (Ok...ppl don't laugh, I was a kid back then)

Well a day dawned when I couldn't see stuff from the last bench. (I was a last bencher in class) My friends could see everything and I could not. I was like that's it! Now I would have to go to the doc. *sigh*....Somehow mustered courage and told appa. Appa was surprsingly cool.(Yea.this always happens to me.....whenever I get scared anticipating Appa's reactions.......nothing happens......absolutely nothing happens. But the day I am carefree about something, he would come and burst on me.....arghhhhhh.......all the mental trauma and anticipation drowned the drain...huh) Infact the difficult part was convincing myself and mentally preparing myself to go to the Doc.

Ok the d-day arrived and I go to the doc. At the doc there was a long queue. An excruciatingly painful wait! Atlast after what seemed like an eternity my turn came. The doc was cute with a paunch. (Don't all docs have that?) All the formalities were completed and the doc came out with a result. Ur daughter has power ........-1.25 on both her eyes. My jaw dad was :OOOOOO.......So much for starters......He said u shud have come earlier and i was already to assault appa that time. Only bcoz of appa i did not say..huh! ........Now i was petrified......I did not want such a biiiiiig number......I cud have burst into tears any moment. But i controlled. Then Appa asked him is it because of watching too much TV. And guess what the doc replied noooooooo...yiipppeeeeeeee, I wanted to hug him tight now. Coz now appa won't blame my bada number attributing that reason. Then the doc said maybe it is hereditary....and I was ready to hug him tighter with a peck on his cheek. Coz amma has specs... Infact whole of amma's family has specs. Yiipppeeeeeeeee...! So Appa has absolutely no reason to blame me. hheheheheheeheeeeee *relieved *

We both went home. It was such a biiiiiiiiiig event in my life (Ok ppl, no laughs here, when I was 12 this indeed was a major thing) I was quiet. I was silent the whole day. (quite unusal of me I should say) Then suddenly I went to my parents. I told them in no uncertain terms that the news of me wearing spectacles should not reach Bangalore (the place where all my maternal relatives stay.) I was probably the first amongst my cousins to get such a distinction. And I wasn't too proud about it either. Prestige ka sawaal hain yaar! So No ways are they gonna know about it! Amma, appa started laughing at my weird demand. I was dead serious though. No ways are they gonna know about it. Also I have 3 Mamas (maternal uncles)...who will tease me to death about the whole thing which I definitely did not want. I made amma, appa say a yes! And life went on...

3-4 months later... Having being adjusted to the totally new addition in my life my life was going on smooth. One day I get a call from my one of my mama. He said he was coming to Mumbai and would drop in home. I was like yippeeee...yaayyyyy! (My mamas are sweethearts!) But as I kept down the receiver I was like O no! He would now come to know that I have specs. Now that definitely can't happen. I went to amma and started complaining to her. Amma just asked me to stop acting foolish. But I was hyper (I still am) started to devise methods to stay away from my house. Hm...what to do... go to my friends house..and say I had tuitions...hmmmm..good idea! Gr8! I settled on this plan. But after someytime mama's call came back again. He spoke for sometime with appa and then to me. We spoke the usual things when he suddenly told me that he knew that I had specs. I was like what...!?!?!?!?!?! "How did you know?" was my first question of disbelief. I couldn't believe that my full proof plan could go haywire like this. I only wore specs in school and tuitions and at home. Never when I was out. How could he know? Everybody knew. My patti knew, my chitti (aunt) knew, My other mamas knew, my cousins knew....EVERYBODY KNEW.... I kept on asking him and he kept on laughing, that sinister laugh I tell you! Huh! I was so irritated and so disgusted. I told amma and she started laughing too. I screamed at my parents, how could u guys betray me, my trust? (O god....what over reacting...goodness) Amma started laughing, Appa also joined the fun. They kept denying vehemently that they were the ones who informed them. But I did not trust them.

Mama came with his wife and my cutie cousins. All came and looked at me as if I was some specimen piece, as if they have never sen a girl with specs. Goddddddd...I wanted to hit everybody at that time. My cousin comes and asks me...So u got specs aa! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh! Mama knew I was curious as hell to know how he came to know about the news! And he kept teasing me all the time. Amma laughed at my predicament and retorted... "news travels fast here!"

And the saddest part is I still don't know how they came to know and I strongly suspect my parents' hand at this....gaddar party! huh