Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Control freakin

WOW, its so much fun being in CONTROL. Umm....I envy CONTROL FREAKS. What fun, control your life, control some other lives, play around with them, manipulate and then sit back and have fun...WHOA! Its like directing a play, film....only you directing characters for real! HA!

God would be the biggest control freak I know. Hmmmm......It would be nice playing God I think....

P.S. This post was written when the blogger was in an absolute demented state of mind!

Sunday, November 28, 2004


Life is so much more easier when we accept some hard facts of life.
Life is more easier when we try not to change things which we have no control over at all.

Friday, November 26, 2004


Today is Karthigai. Another festival of lights, Aren't we southies lucky? :D Well, for all who are wondering what karthigai is, Karthigai is a festival whioch we celebrate. This day denotes the occurrence of the Karthigai Nakshatram every month, as per the Tamil Calendar. Karthigai Deepam falls in the Tamil month of Karthigai when the star Krithigai is on the ascendant and usually occurs on a full moon day. This festival is also called as "the Festival of Lights". This festival is also considered as the extension of the Deepavali festival. In some houses, they double the number of lamps every day from the day of Deepavali and this way, they end up with a number of lamps on the day of Karthigai Deepam. On this day, people clean their houses and draw 'Kolams' (Rangoli) in front of the house and also place some lamps on it.

Dayan's pic, taken at a temple Posted by Hello

Lakku's pic of her house! :D Posted by Hello

(Thanks Lakku and Dayan)

To know more go here...

Also Karthigai is also a tamil equivalent of Raksha Bandhan except that there is no typing of rakhis involved. Sisters pray for the brothers and brothers make it a point to send gifts to their sisters (So all you guys, have you given gifts to your sisters?)

Amma has made vella pori, Nai appam, Payasam etc...I wanna have them but she says i can have it only after Naivediyam. Huh! Like everyone, I have always been tempted by all the delicious stuff Amma used to prepare in the event of any festival. How ever mouth watering it maybe, I was only given after the naivediyam was done. When I asked amma, why I was not given the sweets, I remember Amma had told me once that God comes and eats a portion of food when we do the naivediyam. So we cannot eat before that. I used to sincerely believe it and used to wait in anticipation for the naivediyam tog et over and would never touch the sweets before that. Its all symbolic, but its amazing how somethings are followed to the "T". Amma is busy making the yummy poris and I so wanna eat it.....but well, I will have to wait till the evening....*sigh*
Somethings don't change at all!

Happy Karthigai everybody :D Have fun eating sweets and if you aren't a southie, drop in at the nearest tam bram friend's place, am sure you will get yummy food to eat! :D

P.S.: All you non blogspot users can also use the new blogging commenting system now! :D Its cool and easy!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

New , modified blogger commenting system!

Yayyy! I have installed the new and modified commenting system of blogger. Check it out, its damn cool! All courtesy, Bloggerhacks

Monday, November 22, 2004


Discovery of the day:

"Procrastination is more tempting than Chocolate fudge and if I may add more addictive than nicotine!"


However, sometimes, WORDS are important.

Sometimes some WORDS need to be told
Sometimes some WORDS need to be heard
Sometimes some WORDS need to be felt, need to be experienced
Sometimes WORDS make all the difference.....

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Prejudice and Bias

"You would sure be a member of some schedule tribe!" {mocking tone}

"I might be from a schedule tribe but you surely look like one." {Very Angry and a defiant tone}

This was a conversation I overheard today between people who are both upwardly mobile and educated. What stuck me was that CASTE/BACKWARD tribes etc. are still used to MOCK at people and people do consider it condesendingly. It is used and considered as an insult. I think it's sad. I don't blame anybody, the prejudices are ingrained in us for a long time now. So what if we are in 21st century. Old prejudices die hard..........some things just don't seem to change.

What I actually wanted to portray through this post was the prevalence of age-old prejudices with reference to caste system. I guess after going through the comments, I thought the discussion went a bit off-track as I didn't want to touch upon Reservations. But I guess one tends to associate Reservations on hearing the very word, SC/ST. RESERVATION is a different point of debate altogether. But well, I think we really can't divorce the two terms now.


Never has any book drained me emotionally so much like Fountainhead has and all that I have finished reading is 200 pages. I have 400-odd more pages to go.....SHIT! But I'm sure this is one book I'm gonna read again, again and again.......

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Irritating things!

I can be extremely careless and irresponsible. Have you ever heard of buying a railway ticket and forgetting it at the ticket counter itself? Well, yours truly has done that. What was an icing on the cake was when the ticket checker caught me :| I realised that I had forgotten my ticket on reaching dadar station itself. I prayed hard that the TC doesn't catch me at the bridge which I'm supposed to cross. But well as luck would have it there came an old man and asked me "ticket please". I wanted to disappear at that moment. HUH! After searching or well... pretending to search my bag I meekly said," Main apna ticket, ticket counter par bhool ayee." (I forgot my ticket at the ticket counter) He had a hearty laugh, I guess never must have anyone come up with such an excuse. Oh well....but he let me off with a 50 bucks fine after confirming that I am a college student. Hehehee! "These people charge too much as fine, who will pay 264 bucks? Definitely not college students. Next time take care haan beta." I didn't know what to say, ehehehhee, it was so amusing!

I don't like Anu Malik in Indian idol. Huh! I don't understand why some people blindly copy the west? I seriously don't understand. Being rude to the participants by telling you can never become a singer, or that you don't deserve to come to Mumbai, what is the point is he trying to prove? Dohhhhhh! He sings like a donkey brays, he should know that before pronouncing judgement on others. So what if you have composed hit numbers in your kitty, you suck as a singer. Huh! I HATE RUDE PEOPLE! and then he goes on to say what an humbling experience it has been! Dohhhhhhh.....ass!

I also dislike the stupid show 'Love ke liye' on MTV. I don't understand how can drinking gross liquids can prove your undying love for someone. OH C'mon grow up! Shessssssssh! Some people resort to life-threatening antics too like walking on hot coal, swiming in ice cold water..........just coz they wanted to profess their undying love....... please, give me a break! HUH!

This is my new blog that I have made for recording my Gujarat chronicles. But it won't be restricted to my experiences in Gujarat alone. So, do check it out!

P.S.: This is serious and hilarious at the same time.....ehehehheeee!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

14th Nov

Today is World Diabetes Day..........

......Amma celebrated it by having



P.S. For the uninitiated, my mom's a diabetic.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Oh well....

Hello everybody. I am back after my brief stay in Mozda, Gujarat. It was an action packed trip (more on it later) Exploring real india was the name of this programme....but there is just so much to explore and I realise how very ignorant I am. I am back a changed person....for the better though :) I have loads of stuff to share with you. But that would be in subsequent posts.

Happy Diwali to all of you. I celebrated my first cracker-free Diwali this time. Felt nice :) I think hencforth all my diwali days would be spent likewise :)

In the meanwhile....I turned 20 yesterday. I tell you, turning 20 is very funny. You are no longer a teenager and you still not considered an adult (atleast in India though). Thanks a ton for all the wishes....Very sweet of all of you guys, really meant a lot to me :)

Also, Happy Birthday Gundu :D. Hope you have a great year ahead.