Friday, January 27, 2006

Republic Day

First of all a very happy Republic Day to all of you :)

I got the following message from my friend on Jan 26.

“By sending this message to you, I am wasting 2 bucks when we all know that in the other side of the border, Re 1 can avail a roti. So, let’s take a pledge on our republic day…Let’s keep sending messages to each other and starve the PAKIS”

When I read the message, I just started at the screen for some time since the absolute inanity of the message took some time to sink. I mean, nothing in the message makes sense. I wouldn’t have taken this message seriously if not for the last line. It completely put me off.

How does Pak bashing justify our patriotism? I fail to understand it completely. Sending stupid messages like these just spoil the mood of Republic day. People don’t really understand the significance of republic day. For many of us patriotism is aroused only during an Indo-Pak war or worse during Indo-Pak match. Che, whoever is the originator of the message is an absolute waste mind.

Also, seriously do we really need the republic day parade? The show of the military might on the occasion of republic day bothers me. What kind of message are we sending to the world? What are we sending it to our countrymen? If the government needs to display its military might, there can be another day for it? But please stop doing this on a republic day.

I think there are other wonderful ways to celebrate the republic day. In further years to come, I am afraid that republic day will be relegated to just another formal occasion and a holiday for the commonfolk in India. I think we really need to think out of the box in order to celebrate the republic day so that more and more youth who have been born decades after the freedom struggle relate to it, symbolically. Also, I think display of the arm power is unnecessary during a republic day. Rather than showcasing our arms strength, why can’t we showcase people’s power? India is one of the biggest and healthiest democracies. India is also one of the most populous countries in the world. Why not celebrate the great human resource that we have?

We have community festivals like Mumbai festival, Celebrate Bandra, Juhu harama etc. Why can’t we have similar such festivals all over India on Jan 26? I mean we could have all the schools in India coming together with something creative. The youth of India can redefine Indianness. I mean all we need is to toss some ideas, think out of the box and well, we could celebrate republic day in a real better way. I am sure loads of you reading this post might have ideas brimming. Please do share it with me. I think a change is long overdue.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I wonder about life....

Well, off late I am talking a lot about my career. I really have a choice, especially when I spend more than 12 hrs a day at work. Not that I am complaining...I am enjoying every bit of it. But well...I am gonna talk about something related to work only.

Few days ago one friend of mine told me, I think journos are more grounded than people from any other field. I nodded in affirmation. She then proceeded to narrate her experience as an intern in an ad agency where the prime concern for the people after a hard day's work would be where to party....well, that's not bad, I am not generalising out here. But she just felt it was more of a shallow existence. Anyways, I just began reflecting at our lives in general and over here I mean, a journalists' life in general.

We lead different lives. Every single day is different. One day I could be in a slum, the other day i could be in a highrise apartment. I am some of the very few ones who actually see life very closely. I am happy about the fact. However every day poses to me a new challenge. Some days I meet an AIDS victim, other day an AIDS victim's family. One day I meet an artist, one day I meet a pauper. One day I get a chance to go to a discotheque, another day i go to a municipal school. Still there are days when I go a little beyond Mumbai and I feel, shit, how restricted is my reporting....There are thousands of worlds which live here in Mumbai and lakhs beyond it. Not many report about that, including me. I wonder when I will do day I shall. There are days I meet a mother who has lost a baby, there are days I meet a mother whose son who tops a race. I see pride and grief in a matter of few hours. Sometimes I wonder how to cope up with such myriad situations I inadvertantly become a part of. Sometimes I wonder what it does to me emotionally. In the past few days I have met two wherein one member committed suicide and one who lost her one day old baby. When i listen to them talk, I am sometimes numb. Most of the times numb infact. I think that's the key to survival. Otherwise we species come across so many problems that we would simply die if we aren't numb. but sometimes I wonder if this numbness would lead to indifference. i hope not coz that's a day I will cease to be a human being :|

I remember one day my colleague told me that he's doing a story about a boy who was spanked so hard by his teacher that he had to be admitted to the hospital. Immediately on hearing the story I went like....Oh shit, poor chap, split second later I go like....Super story man :| Typical journo talk I tell you. I sometimes wonder how insensitive I have become. All in the business I think....every thing is a story. As they say, the system has a way to co-opt u....hmmmmm. Finally I pacify myself saying..."Shobha.....thankfully you didn't go Super story and then poor chap....atleast you had the empathy to say poor chap first...."

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I hate patriarchy.....I hate it. i hate it that I live in a society seeped in patriarchal values. Hate it. Yup, i agree, I have full freedom to live the life as I please, but well.....I do not have absolute freedom either and patriarchy is just so immense that one doesn't even know how it has made an impact in our lifestyle, thoughts, beliefs etc.

Some time back, I was at some party wherein there was ample booze. Now there's this acquaintance who offers me a drink which I refused saying that I don't drink. He looked at me with a smile and said, "Acha hain, ladkiyon ko peena bhi nahi chahiye." {Girls should not drink} I was aghast. I asked him the reason behind such a statement. He looked at me with a look that said, 'How dumb, I am suprised that you are even asking that question :|' There was an awkward silence and then he looks at me and says, "Well, acha nahi lagta na...." What do you mean bya cha nahi lagta? Aur kisko acha nahi lagta? I sometimes don't get it. My being a teetotaller has got nothing to do with the fact that I am a woman. I personally do not like it. and I have lot of problems with men or even women for that matter who think I don't drink because of values, culture and all bull shit. This is not the first time I am coming across reactions like these. But still I am appalled everytime I hear reactions likewise.

This article surely sets me thinking.

She was furious about the reported statement of some senior police officers that she should not have gone to the pub alone or had drinks. “Girls who drink are not necessarily of loose character,” she snapped. “We drink to relax, not to get drunk. It does not give a guy the licence to rape.”

Precisely the point I wanted to make across. It is sad that in our country, even the socalled educated lot harbour thoughts like this. The very notion that women boozing is bad, unmoralistic is what promtps these stupid men to make statements like these when they themselves have no qualms in getting drunk to glory. Blooody arseholes....

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine when I casually asked him if he misses having a sister in his life {he doesn't have any}. He replied in an affirmative. But later added that, having a sister would have meant lot of tensions in his life. I wondered how and asked him. he said that well, I would have been over-protective about her. I personally wouldn't like if she had a boyfriend......I went saying.....How hypocritical :| "You can be a casanova, but she can't have a boyfriend?" He coolly replied yes and walked away. He's a nice chap but I just wondered at the varied thought processes and beliefs people have. In India, over-protectiveness is glorified. I think over-protectiveness is just a masked verion of hypocrisy, it just reeks of it. Being over-protective doesn't mean denying freedom and basic rights to your sister. What applies to you applies to her as well. But some people don't understand it and suprisingly some girls understand it neither.

Well, I have to rush now.....I just had to type this out. But more to follow later, in the next post.

Remembering 2005....

A Very happy and a prosperous new year to one and all.....Oh well, 2005 just flew by. But I think this has been one of the best years of my life with so many things that happened in my life. To share a few with you guys....
  • Spent one of my best new year eve nightouts with a bunch of cool buds of mine
  • My Pakistani friends finally came to India, got to meet them. Got myself involved in tons of activities. It was a whole lot of fun.
  • I GRADUATED. That's a small landmark of my life.
  • I visited the tsunami affected areas, a trip that will remain etched in my memory. A life-changing experience for sure. Also made couple of friends, life-long friends for that matter.
  • GOT MY FIRST JOB. Yayyyyyy.......It was my high school dream to be a journalist. I have not yet reached the place I aspire to be. However I am content about the fact that I have begun my journey. I like the sound of it :D
  • Almost made to Pakistan....well some how did's fine....great experiences.....better luck next time for me....
  • Met most of my favourite bloggers. Met Ridhish, Vidya, Bhai >:D<
This year has been one of the best for me personally. So many things happened, so many enw developments took place that sometimes when i sit back and think, I freak out at the fast pace at which things have been happening. My first job has changed a lot of things in my life. Sometimes I feel freaky when I think, Oh my god.....I actually am working, i actually am responsible and that certain people have certain expectations from me and I HAV E TO BE SUPER RESPONSIBLE SINCE I AM PAID FOR ALL's a schizhoprenic feeling since am considered as this total kid and an irresponsible one at that at home whilst outside at the professional front, i can be anything but that. Sometimes I wonder where do i I an irreponsible brat like my parents think I am or am I the so-called responsible person.......oh well.....Let me not even get into it. I have my few resolutions for this year. Well, those are private ones. Lets see if they are fulfilled. I will surely blog about them when I have succeeded achieving them. But now, have to rush coz I am all sleepy. Chalo bye.....