Saturday, September 03, 2005

Reality shows

There are way too many reality shows happening on the Indian television scene, isn't it? Way to many I guess....Sony entertainment television introduced Fame Gurukul immediately after the widely watched Indian Idol ended. (Apparently Indian Idol is stated to make a comeback during October, round about the same time fame gurukul is supposed to end....not a good idea I think, viewers would be saturated with similar kind of shows...but well, that's besides the point!)

I was watching Zee TV's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. There's another talent hunt show happening there. Interesting concept, of pitting contestants affiliated to various Gharanas headed by popular music directors from the Hindi Music fraternity. I am not a regular viewer. I just happened to catch it while surfing channels. One girl Rakhtima from the Adesh Srivastava's team won yesterday. Despite the fact that she won, she started crying. The she confessed on the show that her mom was in the nursing home because she had suffered from an Heart Attack. Poor girl, had to perform under trying circumstances. However what she said later shocked me to the core. Apparently in the last episode which was an R D Burman special, she lost the contest. Her mother could not bear to see her daughter losing and SUFFERED AN ATTACK BECAUSE OF THAT.

Holy crap! I was stunned beyond belief. Shessssssh.....poor girl, so much pressure. I just thought how important it would have been for her to win today. But the point is....I am just plain irritated. The whole thing was dramatised completely as is the Indian style. What might be traumatic to the poor girl would be increasing TRPs for the channel. Sick! In their quest to attain quick stardom, I think the participants fail to realise that the channels are just playing with their emotions. Simply because live drama would just bring in more moolah. There is a singing talent hunt happening in every television channel these days. What happens to those who don't win? They are in the spotlight only for that specific period of time. Post-show, it is struggle time for them again. I don't understand why do they have to subject themselves to such ridiculous scrutinies with a camera looming around them 24/7? Why is there a glaring need to succeed instantly? I don't know, speaks a lot about us, the youth of my generation. Speaks a lot about me too. I think we have just missed the point somewhere. Only a selective few get to the TOP. Otherwise they are just mere pawns to get more TRPs. Sad reality! *Sigh*