Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bloggie Birthday

Hey hey hey....My blog is three today. I never thought that I will actually continue blogging for three years. It's been a cool experience. I have loved every bit of it and I intend to continue blogging for a long time to come :D This is fun :D

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Being judgemental

I have always thought of myself as a non-judgemental person. I take my own sweet time to form opinions, they are not instant. However, few days back it just hit me how I have been judgemental in subtle ways, in ways I have not necessarily thought earlier. It hit me hard. I have always thought being judgemental is one of the most saddest trait one can possess. It hit me hard to realise that I have been judgemental too. Worst was when i realised that I have judged my loved ones. It's not a nice feeling.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I just realise how I have altered some decisions due to the constant pressure of being judged. Also, sometimes there is a small fear of being judged lurking around in the backgroundwhich prevents you from being completely open even to your closest friends. It's not a nice feeling. Damn....

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rains n me

Finally the rains have hit Mumbai a good 15 days earlier. Cool, I like it. I was anyways getting roasted in the heat. I tell you, reporting in the hot sun is no cakewalk. It is extremely draining physically. However the irony is, reporting in rains is not an easy thing either. I like to be a homebody especially during monsoons. I love sitting by the window sill watching kids play, splish splashing in the puddles. I love to sit by the window sill with a hot cup of coffee and just watching the rains lashing the surface.

Couple of days back I enjoyed a rainy day. It was just perfect, just the way I had wanted. I stood by the window sill and enjoyed the rains alongwith my filter kaapi made by Amma {best thing it is}. Then I slept in the afternoon. Now, sleeping in the afternoon curled up inside a blanket, when its raining heavily outside with the fan turned on in full speed is an awesomest thing. I loved my afternoon siesta :D Then I woke up and was chatting with my friend with FM radio in the background...ALL Kishore Kumar Numbers.....WOWIEE :D I loveeeeeeeeee it. Then I went for a walk when it was drizzling outside. By the time I came back home, it started pouring cats and dogs. My friend ran off upstairs to the terrace. I followed her only to see her blissfully getting wet in the rains. Usually I don't like getting wet in rains. But something spurred me to get drenched completely.

Well to say i loved getting wet in rains would be an understatement. It was so much fun. Majja Came :D :D

Recently I attended a Bhajan recital by the famous Manjapra Mohan. I love his bhajan troupe. They are just so amazing. Their sessions can be absolutely electrifying to say the least. Amidst the performance, I noticed a small kid clapping her hands. What was amazing was, the kid was all of 6-8 months old and it was actually enjoying the music and the rhythm. Usually small kids do not like noise and start crying soon. However this child continued clapping for couple of hours completely in tune with the rhythm. Great music sense at such a young age....WOW