Saturday, November 26, 2005

Satyendra Dubey- Part II

This is sad. Death of Indian Oil Corporation's employee and an IIM-Lucknow's graduate, Manjunathan is simply depressing to say the least. I don't know what else to say because I am just speechless.

This is just a replay of what happened to Satyendra Dubey, an honest man who lost his life to the mafia during Vajpayee's tenure. I had blogged about it, never did I think I would blog about something similar again. Che....

For me patriotism was a value. I don't think it is any longer. Don't take me wrongly but well, I have become cynical. I have to keep reminding myself that i lvie in a democracy. When Satyendra Dubey died, i felt bad. I wanted him to be treated like a martyr. He was treated like a Martyr, but so what? Who knows what's happening to his killers? The last I know is that one of them escapes from the police na.....What a treatment to someone who died for something that was just.... He died for us....He died protesting against irregularities for a project which was funded by OUR money and would have been beneficial to ALL of us. But what happens. Nothing....we all, including me remember only when another honest Indian dies in a similar fashion. As if one Satyendra Dubey was not enough, we now have another.....just the name changes, but another honest citizen dies. Why? I simply don't think it is worth it, losing one's life for this country, for this country's citizens.

I know each and everyone of us has felt bad after these deaths. But why is it that there is nothing being done apart from constant cribbing about the state's indifference....if the collective angst of citizens is so strong, why doesn't it result in the accused being nabbed or being given a harsh punishment. Simply because, I have come to realise NOBODY CARES. NOBODY FUCKING GIVES A DAMN. NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE and this includes me too. SAD. Coz had we, the citizens of India really cared, there wouldn't have been a repeat of Satyendra Dubey- Part II. Rather than sitting here and cribbing and protesting about an innocent man's murder, a pro active action by the government would have prevented another innocent death. This would have been possible had we cared, had the citizens been pro active and exerted pressure on the concerned authorities. I am saying citizens since my faith in governance has long gone....only WE THE PEOPLE can do something, concrete if we really wanna. For the MSM also, this is just a piece of news. But when, even a piece of news doesn't manage to evoke public outrage in a large scale manner, then whom are we to blame? That's another story that MSM simply did not care for a few days before it reported about the news....but well.....that's another story in itself. In this country, deaths are easily forgotten. We the citizens of India deserve this and much worse.... No one should loose their lives for a country that doesn't care, for a government that doesn't care. Why, simply why should someone become martyrs for a lost cause? I am not negating the efforts of those people who have not forgotten Satyendra Dubey. but the fact remains that nothing concrete has come out of it which is very sad.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I wanna blog about so many things. if only I get the time and the energy. Should be blogging about many things soon. Will reply to the comments also soon. Che...I am so irritated....

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Expectations cause sorrow, stop expecting things....ultimate path to happiness....


If you can tell me how to stop expecting things, tell me NOW. Tell me how to go about it. Don't give me faltu ka sermons....As if it is so easy living life like a saint. I am a normal mortal boss.... Anyone who gives me I do not expect things from others and therefore I am content and stuff, I am gonna beat them to pulp....