Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh my!

This is very creepy. First I post this entry on Radio and then I see that Indian Express carries couple of articles on the same topic. And today guess what, I had a 9 mark question on Community Radio for my exam........Ha Ha Ha! hehehee! So funny....

Anyways, yesterday I had a very eventful day as such. My exams started yesterday. Nooooooo....that didn't have anything to do with my day being eventful. Ok, so yesterday I had Press Law and Ethics. I boarded the train early in the morning. I had decided that I will read up Official Secrets Act in the train. Now there's this Mallu lady sitting next to me jabbering away and here I am desperately trying to understand the god forsaken act :| I tried to show my displeasure as much as possible but then she was such a thickhead that she just didn't get it. Later aadat se majboor, I dosed off. Then suddenly I woke up only to see the Mallu lady catching 40 winks.......Arghhhhhhhh! I was soooooo angry, Couldn't she have slept earlier? I would have read up Official secrets Acts then......Stupid female!

The train was very crowded(an understatement). I had great difficulty getting down the station. I started walking but I thought something was weird. This doesn't look like Kurla Station :-s But well....I still kept walking......then I realised THIS AINT KURLA, THIS IS VIDYAVIHAR.....ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thankfully I didn't go very far and came back to the station to take the next train. This time though I got off at the proper station. I had to go to Kurla, west. But I am so clueless as far as directions as concerned, that sometimes I think there is a serious defect in my brain coz I just don't understand directions. Well I think you would be getting the drift, I went to Kurla East and wasted almost 10 minutes in process. Ok, one man whom I asked for directions guided me wrongly, stupid man! I came to kurla west, took a rick and finally reched my exam centre.

ARGHHHHHHHHHH! These things don't really bother me but when such things happen less an hour before your exam is about to begin, then damn, freaked me out completely! I thought mine was a sad case till a girl in my class came 1 hr late for the exam. She went to another college assuming that, that's her exam centre. BUHAHAHAHAHAHA! Idyut! Aren't you supposed to check where your exam centre is before the exams begin as such......idyut!

Finally after the day's ordeal, I reached home when I got a call from one of my schoolmate with whom I had completely lost in touch with after my school. (Not someone whom I particularly wanted to keep in touch also as such, but well, that's another story) Now this dude, starts talking to me in this weird accented English. Only then did it strike me that he was working in a call centre earlier. EOWWWWWWWWWWW! What was that! I mean that was a cocktail of god knows what all accents, it sounded so funny! Shessssssh! By all means work in a call centre, but don't incorporate that American Accent in your daily lingo thinking that it is cool when you are not good at it. You end up looking like a dumbfuck. Imagine a guy with whom I was in Kya re Kaisa hain re terms, suddenly speaking to me in a STUPID COCKTAIL ACCENT! Even if you wanna put on an accent, make sure you are good at it na, idyuts.......fools!

I somehow ended up not studying the whole day yesterday. I thought I will wake up early in the morning and study. Also, the fact that I had a bad body ache also prompted me to sleep soon. So I had a compliform. NOW GUESS WHAT, I FOUND OUT THAT I COULDN'T SLEEP. I couldn't quite figure out the reason. I kept tossing and turning. Now I know in a small way what it is to have insomnia. It was so funny, my whole body was aching but hard as I try, I can't get one wink of sleep. HUh! So I slept late, woke up late and I GOT LESS TIME TO STUDY..........ARGHHHHH! Plus it was so fuckin hot. 38 degrees, what the hell.......and its only April........I was so angry that I could have beaten up anyone had I got the chance. But well, I am all calm now. So off I go to sleep and then back to books.

On second thoughts....
This caught my attention.
It says it all I wanted to say but well couldn't because well I was confused. I didn't like the way sting operation happened nor was casting couch acceptable for me. I was riddled with confusions. But she sums it up just apt:) Thank you :)

"Do public people have a right to a private life? Of course they do. But at the same time, let's not get holier-than-thou about privacy to the extent that we're defending the casting couch. It's a sick thing, whether it happens in the film world or outside."