Saturday, November 26, 2005

Satyendra Dubey- Part II

This is sad. Death of Indian Oil Corporation's employee and an IIM-Lucknow's graduate, Manjunathan is simply depressing to say the least. I don't know what else to say because I am just speechless.

This is just a replay of what happened to Satyendra Dubey, an honest man who lost his life to the mafia during Vajpayee's tenure. I had blogged about it, never did I think I would blog about something similar again. Che....

For me patriotism was a value. I don't think it is any longer. Don't take me wrongly but well, I have become cynical. I have to keep reminding myself that i lvie in a democracy. When Satyendra Dubey died, i felt bad. I wanted him to be treated like a martyr. He was treated like a Martyr, but so what? Who knows what's happening to his killers? The last I know is that one of them escapes from the police na.....What a treatment to someone who died for something that was just.... He died for us....He died protesting against irregularities for a project which was funded by OUR money and would have been beneficial to ALL of us. But what happens. Nothing....we all, including me remember only when another honest Indian dies in a similar fashion. As if one Satyendra Dubey was not enough, we now have another.....just the name changes, but another honest citizen dies. Why? I simply don't think it is worth it, losing one's life for this country, for this country's citizens.

I know each and everyone of us has felt bad after these deaths. But why is it that there is nothing being done apart from constant cribbing about the state's indifference....if the collective angst of citizens is so strong, why doesn't it result in the accused being nabbed or being given a harsh punishment. Simply because, I have come to realise NOBODY CARES. NOBODY FUCKING GIVES A DAMN. NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE and this includes me too. SAD. Coz had we, the citizens of India really cared, there wouldn't have been a repeat of Satyendra Dubey- Part II. Rather than sitting here and cribbing and protesting about an innocent man's murder, a pro active action by the government would have prevented another innocent death. This would have been possible had we cared, had the citizens been pro active and exerted pressure on the concerned authorities. I am saying citizens since my faith in governance has long gone....only WE THE PEOPLE can do something, concrete if we really wanna. For the MSM also, this is just a piece of news. But when, even a piece of news doesn't manage to evoke public outrage in a large scale manner, then whom are we to blame? That's another story that MSM simply did not care for a few days before it reported about the news....but well.....that's another story in itself. In this country, deaths are easily forgotten. We the citizens of India deserve this and much worse.... No one should loose their lives for a country that doesn't care, for a government that doesn't care. Why, simply why should someone become martyrs for a lost cause? I am not negating the efforts of those people who have not forgotten Satyendra Dubey. but the fact remains that nothing concrete has come out of it which is very sad.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I wanna blog about so many things. if only I get the time and the energy. Should be blogging about many things soon. Will reply to the comments also soon. Che...I am so irritated....

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Expectations cause sorrow, stop expecting things....ultimate path to happiness....


If you can tell me how to stop expecting things, tell me NOW. Tell me how to go about it. Don't give me faltu ka sermons....As if it is so easy living life like a saint. I am a normal mortal boss.... Anyone who gives me I do not expect things from others and therefore I am content and stuff, I am gonna beat them to pulp....

Saturday, October 15, 2005


I was recently talking to a friend of mine and he just told me how useless he feels now that he is in his final year of graduation. "The whole degree is useless", he told me. And I replied, "You feel just three years were a waste, I feel the whole education system in India is a waste." Yup, that sums up my feelings towards the education system in India, a system I literally abhor and I really do not subscribe to.

..........and then I read This article in TOI. It really made me think.

MUMBAI: Three-and-a-half year old Annapurni is a bundle of life and energy who prattles away in four languages and loves reciting her favourite folk tale about a farmer who spills ghee on the grass. Her parents, die-hard environmentalists Ganesh Subramanium and Sarita Pungaliya, have not sent her to school.

Like a small but growing number of parents in the city, they have decided to skip the process of formal education, avoiding the paranoia of school admissions, college entrances and the education rat race. Sampat and Vidya Shetty, parents of a bright four-year-old girl, Sanskriti, are also staunch believers in home-schooling.

"The current education system is more about stress, pressure and rote learning, less about knowledge," says Sampat. "Education today is all about mass-producing clones. With the high level of competition children lose their originality altogether."

The Shettys have both been journalists who in the course of their careers discovered how corrupt the institutions of higher education actually are. Yashodhara Kundaji and Kanwarjit Nagi read up extensively on various systems of education before deciding against putting their six-year-old son Anant in uniform.

"I remember how traumatic my initial years at school were because I didn't want to be separated from my parents," says Yashodhara. "I didn't want to put Anant through it." Outside the structured confines of the classroom these parents have much more freedom to explore other means of education, such as travel.

This article talks about how few set of parents in Mumbai who do not believe in the mainstream education system do not send their children to school and prefer schooling them from Home. They echo similar sentiments that I have in mind against the education system in India. They walk their talk, they practise what they preach.

I suddenly began wondering would I be ever as courageous as them. Disgust and contempt towards the current education system not withstanding, is it a right decision to not send your kid to school altogether? Will the child be psychologically affected if s/he doesn't undergo the traditional schooling method? I mean, I am all for alternative schooling and education methods. But is pulling the child out of school totally recommended?

I think whatever said and done, school is one of the most important areas of socialisation for a kid. Howbeneficial it would be for a child? I am just wondering.... There is a quote in the article which talks about how the current education system is a all about massproducing clones and how children loose their originality all together. Well, I believe when you subscribe to a particular system, one does tend to loose the orginality to a certain extent, not completely. It takes lot of guts to do something which goes against the tide but which is something you believe completely. I do not know. I salute these parents coz they are following a path that they believe in despite the obvious opposition. Just makes me glad that ideals still work in this world. However I have my doubts. Can a child be taught about various other things, skills in life while going to a regular school? if not, is taking a child off school completely a right thing to do? I don't know. In future, the child has to survive in this society. Would lack of schooling mean lack of development of social skills? There are just loads of questions inside my mind.

I am all for alternative methods of schooling. But I feel uncomfortable when I think about a child being schooled at home. Coz, the child then misses an important part of his/her socialisation, which is very very important.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hey Hey hey

Oh well, hello guys. I am back. Yes, I am very much alive. It's just that work has taken so much precedence over my life that blogging is the last thing in my mind. Anyways, my stupid faulty net connection also did not help matters.

Anyways, I am just wondering what to post. I suddenly realised that tomorrow is Saturday, my weekly off. Yayyy...But I would be working this Sunday, like I have been working for the past many Sundays. :( Man, that can be depressing sometimes. Especially when I ahve Sunday morning blues......Sounds funny na? I remember having written this post Nowadays I crib when a sunday approaches coz it means work after my saturday chutti. Booo hoo...My Saturday also gets over so soon. But for now, I am excited coz I am gonna attend my first catholic wedding, in church and all. What's life if there is nothing to look forward to? So a big, huge reason to cheer and hereby I retire to bed.

Dammit, my most useless post till date, I swear..

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Reality shows

There are way too many reality shows happening on the Indian television scene, isn't it? Way to many I guess....Sony entertainment television introduced Fame Gurukul immediately after the widely watched Indian Idol ended. (Apparently Indian Idol is stated to make a comeback during October, round about the same time fame gurukul is supposed to end....not a good idea I think, viewers would be saturated with similar kind of shows...but well, that's besides the point!)

I was watching Zee TV's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. There's another talent hunt show happening there. Interesting concept, of pitting contestants affiliated to various Gharanas headed by popular music directors from the Hindi Music fraternity. I am not a regular viewer. I just happened to catch it while surfing channels. One girl Rakhtima from the Adesh Srivastava's team won yesterday. Despite the fact that she won, she started crying. The she confessed on the show that her mom was in the nursing home because she had suffered from an Heart Attack. Poor girl, had to perform under trying circumstances. However what she said later shocked me to the core. Apparently in the last episode which was an R D Burman special, she lost the contest. Her mother could not bear to see her daughter losing and SUFFERED AN ATTACK BECAUSE OF THAT.

Holy crap! I was stunned beyond belief. Shessssssh.....poor girl, so much pressure. I just thought how important it would have been for her to win today. But the point is....I am just plain irritated. The whole thing was dramatised completely as is the Indian style. What might be traumatic to the poor girl would be increasing TRPs for the channel. Sick! In their quest to attain quick stardom, I think the participants fail to realise that the channels are just playing with their emotions. Simply because live drama would just bring in more moolah. There is a singing talent hunt happening in every television channel these days. What happens to those who don't win? They are in the spotlight only for that specific period of time. Post-show, it is struggle time for them again. I don't understand why do they have to subject themselves to such ridiculous scrutinies with a camera looming around them 24/7? Why is there a glaring need to succeed instantly? I don't know, speaks a lot about us, the youth of my generation. Speaks a lot about me too. I think we have just missed the point somewhere. Only a selective few get to the TOP. Otherwise they are just mere pawns to get more TRPs. Sad reality! *Sigh*

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Acha...I have a question. How does it feel after confiding into someone? Do you feel oops....s/he knows everything now or do you feel light? (s/he maybe close friend/relative/sibling etc) I am curious to know about the state of mind as such. Do you ever feel bad? Have you ever felt that you have done a mistake as such? Well...well...well...lots to answer...So...long comments awaited :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I am just irritated with certain people. People whom you love, you accept them for what they are. However there are certain things I cannot accept anymore. Funniest thing I have told them what's bothering me. But well...DUUUHUHHHHHHHHH! I hate stingy people....people who have all the money on earth but WON'T SPEND. Paisa, hain, nahi hain, ek hi baat hain....kanjoos they will be.all their fucking lives!

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Well...much has been said about rains. One must have heard countless stories of bravery, tolerance, mishaps etc. etc. courtesy the media, friends, blogs, magazines and so on. Some of the stories I have heard are chilling. I was fortunate enough to have a relative staying nearby. Things were so bad that my family couldn't go back to our home for 3 whole days. Fortunately Amma, Appa and me were together at my relative's place. However I do have a little experience to share with you. On my way back to my workplace, I hopped into the train which happened to one of the last trains which plied on tracks that day. Suddenly it halted in middle of nowhere with the rains lashing heavily outside. I waited patiently for 15-20 minutes in a hope that the train will start moving. Much to my dismay, I saw other trains also halting abruptly in middle of nowhere. It was then I realised.....Oh oh...I AM STUCK. Gradually ladies in my compartment started getting down. Well getting down isn't very easy because in absence of a railway platform, the distance between the compartment and the tracks below is huge. The ladies started getting down with the help of the chotu ladder installed below. The tracks were full of water. If unlucky, one would just land up inside a naala. Also, some years back amma had done a little bit of jumping from the train and had broken her ankle into 3 pieces. The imaginary warnings of Appa kept ringing inside my head. I tell you, when you left to fend for yourself also, parents' warnings and Dos and Donts don't leave you! So there I was busy contemplating whether should I jump....well not technically jump, hop out of the train.....hehehe! But then I finally decided that instead of staying inside the train and rotting away the time, I might as well hop down and walk my way to the station. I positioned myself properly and was all geared upto get down, but my legs couldn't find the stairs and I chickened out. I was way too afraid tog et down. Also when you are scared of heights, it doesn't help matters. I stood there looking like a fool. Gradually the number of ladies began to dwindle which prompted me to think about it again. I decided that I would try for a second time. Again I chickened out. Feeling like an absolute loser, I came inside the train . I was all drenched with all my stupid histrionics. (How irritating. Got all drenched but still did not get down.) I enviously looked at the ladies who were all down and walking their way. Then I saw this 60-yr old lady getting down. That was it! Now my ego was hurt. I had to get down. I had a point to myself. So I mustered all the courage and decided, ok....I am getting down. Suddenly one gujju lady who had got down, took the initiative of supervision of the remaining ladies' climbdown. My legs again started searching for the stairs and I again panicked. However, this lady grabbed my leg and placed it over the ladder. Thank god, bless her! Finally I got down and I walked up to my way to the station. I finished my work and then went to my relative's place who stayed closeby.

I should confess that this has been one of the most disastrous rains ever faced. It's the not the magnitude of the rains which is alarming, it is the way the infrastructure has literally crumbled is a cause of major worry. In my 20 years of my existence I have never seen the infrastructure crumble like this. Take the railways for example. The lifelines of Mumbai. Heavy rains are not unusual in Mumbai. Neither are the stalling of trains. However usually, the train services resume the next day after an event of a downpour. The torrential rains hit Mumbai on July 26th. The railways have not yet resumed their services properly and there exists only skeleton service for the time being. This is worrying because for the first time I am seeing the city being brought to a halt. No matter what, Mumbai has always bounced back, that's the unique feature of the city. However this time, I see schools, colleges closed. Many people have not been reporting for work. I am afraid that the undaunting spirit which Mumbai is known for has been hit badly. Not because that Mumbaiites have suddenly chickened out. It's because the infrastructure has just tumbled like a pack of cards.

It's the biggest irony that after raining COWS AND BUFFALOES AND HIPPOES, there is an alarming water shortage. I mean isn't it's the biggest joke. My house has not received water for the past4 days. We received water only today only for 10 minutes :| There are power cuts galore.

There is anger, there is frustration. The administration did not come and help anyone. The people helped each other and that is the real story of the disaster. The feel good factor of the tolerance of Mumbai shouldn't be taken for granted and I am afraid that's what has been happening now. If care is not taken to rectify the situation, I really don't know, it would escalate into something really disastrous.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Aaaah, that's my pathetic attempt to con a word. But well, what the hell. Hello people...How have you all been doing? Life's become hectic for me but well, I met Ridhish and Bhai the other day :D

Ridhish and me started blogging about the same time. We both have known each other for the past 2 years. So I was all excited and looked forward to meeting him. When I started blogging, we belonged to a small coterie of bloggers (aint that a nice collective noun?) who had all started blogging round the same time. Me, Vidya, Ashwin, Ridhish (dumbo, doesn't blog anymore..grrr), Shonu etc. etc. Infact it quite funny. I got acquainted to Mumbai bloggers only after I started visiting Ridhish and Vidya's blogs. And they both reside in Australia. So well, to cut the story short, we both go a long way Also Ridhish is the one who is responsible for the template that I have currently, he designed it for me :D

Pranshu....It was so much fun meeting him too :D An absolute sweetheart :D So, myself, Ridhish, Bhai and BBC decided to meet up and what a meet up it was! As usual, I started my budbud......but I had someone here who just about overtook me as far my chatterbox skills are concerned. Ridhish, I bow to thee....Kitna bolta hain yaar....Hahahahaha! As we both competed as to who spoke the maximum, Poor Bhai and BBC were left with no chance but to keep mum :p But well, this just happened only for 15-20 minutes :p Bhai gave a polite excuse of a sore throat for not talking, but well, we know it better, don't we, Ridhish? ;) hehehhee!

It was just meeting old pals and catching up! I had great fun. Of course, we spoke endlessly...had pav bhaji, coffee, Mayonnaise roll outside my college......Boy, it was one fun day :D You will find masaledar spicy gossip added versions of blogmeet at Bhai and Ridhish's blog (he promised me that he will blog) Don't believe it I say..:p Also, thank you for the books Bhai :D You da best >:D

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Reporter's diary--Part 2

Hmm...So I finally reached the area where the actual family stayed. This family stays in one of the numerous slums Mumbai has. I was directed by a small girl to the house of that family. I am really amazed as to how these people live. It was like a bhool-bhullaiya, by the time I reached the family's house, I was completely lost. I mean the distance between two houses is so small that I can't walk's like I am walking on a narrow bridge and if someone comes opposite to me, then we both are stranded. I don't know if I am describing the whole scene properly...But well, that's another post altogether. (I really wanna visit the slums of Dharavi, I am wondering when would the visit happen...hmmm) Ok, I went to the house and inside there were two ladies sitting. I thought they were Rajasthanis. Well, when I introduced myself, I could actually see them tremble. I was shocked to see that. I wasn't intimidating, I didn't speak anything wrong. But well, I was prepared for a negative reaction, so did not really mull over it. I tried convincing them once but well, I came out on the main road. I was talking to the little girl when the little girl suggested to me that she will take me to the family's friends' houses. I agreed. I went to another family's house. I began just talking to them about idhar-udhar ki baatein and then broached about the family's topic. Suddenly they started talking in hushed tones. The interaction went something like this....
Family Member (FM): That guy died of AIDs na?
Me: Umm...welll.....ummm........errr... (I wasn't sure whether to open my mouth here) How did you arrive at this decision?
FM: Arrey, it came in the newspaper...
Me: WHAT? (absolutely shocked)

Well, newspapers normally never mention the names, addreses or anything related to the victim. So I was shocked to know how they came to know about it?

FM: Arrey, it came in the XYZ Marathi paper. His name also was mentioned. That's how we all know.
Me: WTF! Do you have the copy of the paper.
FM: Oh it is..(he removed the paper out of his pant pocket and showed it to me)

I stood staring at the paper, completely shocked beyond my wits. The reporter had not only mentioned the victim's name, he had also mentioned his address. SICKOS! Now I knew why the family trembled. I can visualise how people around them would have subjected them to thousands of questions, simply cause AIDS is such a taboo topic. I shudder to think what the family must be going through. The lady has 3 kids. The kids will surely be mocked at. DAMN!

I kept telling myself...ETHICS OF JOURNALISM.....whr did it go? all for a toss.... Now the entire galli, mohalla knew about the incident. Ironically I felt really powerful that day. But you know, alongwith power comes responsibility. I think many journos forget that. The kind of effect media has on people, is amazing. A small report in 4th page could bring about such a huge difference....This incident was an eye-opener for me as a journalist. I think i would take extra pains now to see if I am not hurting people's sentiments. I know I have to be more aware now.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Reporter's diary

Reporting is a fun job though I repeat again that it could be very tiring. Travelling from anywhere to anywhere in Mumbai is so tiresome and takes a minimum of an hour. That can be pissing off but well, all part and parcel of the job. Reporting gives me a chance to meet new and very interesting people. In this one month, I have learnt lot of things. I have some amusing experiences to share with you.

However recently, there was a suicide case in JJ hospital. The person had AIDS and he committed suicide jumping from the third floor of the hospital. To know more read..

I was asked by my editor to hunt down the family of the suicide victim and do a human-interest story on them. I immediately agreed. I had to first trace the address of the family. Now I called up the police to find out the address. Hmmm..After few attempts I finally got hold of the police-in-charge who gave me the required address. Surprisingly the place turned out to be somewhere close to the area I stay.

The person who died was Abhimanyu Rane and I had to meet his wife, Naina Abhimanyu Rane. The next day I left home early and went about hunting for that place. I realised it was not all that close either, but it was ok. In process I reached a slum area. I began hunting for Abhimanyu Rane. Now it was really odd that people couldn’t really figure out whom I was searching for. Normally when you go to slums, everyone knows everyone. I felt really odd. Nevertheless I kept asking around. Finally I landed up at the Rane residence. The people who were giving me directions kept asking me what work I have with them. Damn, some people, they have so many questions to ask! It was raining cats and dogs. I felt very weird. How to approach them in a moment of grief like this? One of the disadvantages of my profession is that it can land you in the most awkward situation possible. Also, I was doing something like this for the first time. I was supposed to sensitive too. I was just tongue tied and I can tell you it not the best situation to be in after you have landed up at the your subject’s house and knocked the door too. I knocked and man in his early thirties answered the door. (All the conversation that ensued happened in Marathi. I am speaking sexy Marathi now, I am proud of myself, Yayyy!)
He : Whom do you want.
Me: I wanted to meet Naina Abhimanyu Rane.
He: Oh, she is my brother-in-law’s wife. What work you have with her?
Me: (In a fix. How to tell him, that I wanted to meet her coz I want to talk about her hubby who died committing suicide coz of AIDS ) Well, I had some work with her (All I could mumble)
He: But she doesn’t stay here.
Me: Oh Damn… (I didn’t want to delay my article.) Where does she stay then?
He: Don’t worry, she stays nearby only. I will take you there.
Me: Oh, ok, great.
He: But she’s gone for work.
Me: Eh, work? (Goodness, her hubby died and she’s gone for work?) Where does she work?
He: She works in J J, she’s an attendant there.
Me: Eh? (An attendant in the same hospital where her hubby committed suicide? Oh my! this is amusing. ) Oh well….when will she be back from work?
He: She will come a bit late. In the evening only.
Me: Oh damn! (and I was there by noon. It would be late)
He: By the way what work you have?
Me: I wanted some information.
He: what you want, I know everything about her. I will give all the information.
Me: Well..err….I am from the press. I wanted to meet for some information.
He: Oh, press….hmmm
(He suddenly goes in to show photographs)
He: This is Naina. (Her marriage photos they were.) This is her husband. They used to stay here before. But she shifted to another place two years back. She used to stay here only.
Me: But the information I got was to meet her on this address.
He: Ohh…she stays at a different place now.
Me: Where’s her husband?
He: Well, he expired.
Me: Oh…how come?
He: HIV (in hushed tones)
Me: (All surprised. This chap doesn’t have any qualms admitting it. WOW) Ohh…sad.
He: Yea and Naina did not even marry you know.
Me: Does Naina have AIDS?
He: No. I did a proper check up. Neither does she nor does her son who is 6 years old.
Me: Oh, great. (Just for clarification) When did he die?
He: Some 4 years ago.
He: yea…
Me: Did he not die some 4-5 days back by committing suicide?
He: No, he died a natural death and he dies four years ago.
Me: But how can it be possible? There was a suicide few days ago in JJ of a patient who had AIDS. Isn’t he the same? Isn’t he Abhimanyu Rane?
He: Arrey, But he died four years ago and He did not commit suicide.
Me: Oh Damn
He: You don’t trust me? Ask my neighbour.
(Neighbour nods in assent)
Me: (Shit shit shit) Sorry, Sorry I wasted you time. I seem to have got wrong information. (Freaking stupid arsehole police.)
He: (laughing) Arrey na, no problem.
Me: Thank you haan, bye!

Now I know how she can go to work inspite of her husband’s death. Well, he died 4 years back, she can’t be mourning for four years na. I was all confused. Why did the police give my wrong address? Damn it. I felt so stupid. Then the first thing I did was to go to JJ Marg police station. I went there and asked the police who made me wait for almost an hour. Finally when they gave me the address, I realised I had a different address. I was so angry. I told them that I was given the wrong address. But well, they were too busy to even pay any heed. I think the attendant’s address was used to accept the body for some official purpose. I am not all that sure. It still remains a mystery to me as to why that Naina’s name was present.

Lesson number 2: You still won’t ever get your details properly. I had to again call up at 12 in the NIGHT to get the proper details because the concerned officer was available only in the night shift. Bloody….grrrr……^%$%^$%$^%

Finally I got the correct address only when the clock struck 12 night, the next day. WEIRD!! WEIRD!!!
Just imagine if the family didn’t have any death due to AIDS, I WOULD HAVE BEEN STONED TO DEATH…. HOLY CRAP! Shesssh…..God saved my life, atleast there was a death due to AIDS. (I can’t believe I am saying this) Nahi toh, I would have been dead by now. I can visualise people running behind me throwing stones and trust me it’s not a happy sight. K

I finally tracked the REAL family Well, that’s another story.

to be continued...

*Important Disclaimer*: Names, locations used above are changed.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

2nd B'day, Mumbai bloggers meet and a Big Hello!

OMIGOD, I just realised that it's been exactly two years since I started blogging. Whoa Baby.......Happy birthday to my blog :D Thank you to all for frequenting it. It's been a pleasurable journey to say the least :)


Oh no, This ain't my last post and I am not thinking of quitting blogging so soon. This is a hobby I aim to continue as long as I can. I just want to thank all my friends and the silent readers (am sure there would be some) for reading my blog inspite of the fact it is so miserably updated! Also Happy b'day Alkoo dear!


Ok, back to posting! Helloooooooooo everybody. Yea...I am alive, very much alive! Just way tooooooo busy to even think about blogging. It's a weird feeling now that I am blogging. I dunno, but it feels like the time I posted for the first time. hehee! Don't ask me why...probably, I haven't blogged for a looooooooooong time! My visit to Tsunami affected villages was super awesome! I eman, I couldn't have had a better time. I learnt so much and I had infinite amounts of fun. More details about that later, sure sure! I don't know where to start. So much is happening currently that I seriously don't have the time to sit aaraamse and think.

WHOA! For starters.....I WORE LENS :D Yayyy!!!! I feel so liberated....ehhehee! All thsoe people who have met me and have known me also know that I wear specs and that we both are inseperable. But now....yayyy! I have started wearing contact lens. I wore it for the first time yesterday. Well, technically not for the first time, I have worn it before also. I was in my final year that time. But I got disillusioned in first 2-3 days. So i stopped wearing it. This time, its for keeps. The doc is damn cool, she taught me a supakk technique of putting the lens and I am not bored also. Lets see, how long my sluggishness allows me to continue with my lens habit. But for now...I am happy..yayy! But this is no tata bye bye to my specs, coz I am way too dependent on it. Hehee! But I tell you, the feeling of liberation is something. I COULD SEE EVERYTHING CLEARLY WITHOUT ANY EXTERNAL HELP.....WHICH IS MY SPECTACLES! WHOA BABY! I had reached the point where my specs had become a part of my anatomy. Sometimes I feel a little handicapped. It's weird. I am sure all the people who wear specs would perfectly understand with what I say. hehehe! YAYYY!!!!

Also, I am a working woman now! :D :D My life has taken a 360 degree turn. I mean life's become very busy. Suddenly I feel more responsible. I mean it has an affect on every single thing in your life. Hmmm....To be a journalist has been my high school dream. To see it getting fulfilled now is a different feeling. I sometimes think I am very lucky and that god's been overtly kind to me. Not many are fortunate enough to do what they have always wanted to do. Thank you god, I love you *muah*

Ok....I have been asked to do publicity of Mumbai blog meet which would be happening next saturday i.e. 25th of June! So ladies and gentlemen.....*drumrolls please*

Here's presenting...

Mumbai Bloggers meet on 25th June, 2005 @ (cafe coffee day or Barista)Bandstand, Bandra!

I would be there, most probably (95%). Please all the Mumbaikars and non-mumbaikars, if you are in Mumbai on 25th, please do come. It would nice meeting you all. I hope to see you guys there! Do come :D For more details go to here

Ok...its meme time! So Lakku, Gundu, Ashwin and all have tagged me! Ok, So here's the meme.....

- Shobha
- Shobhu (my dad calls me and I don't like it if someone else calls me by that name, i dunno, its weird, but that's the way it is)
- Amma :| (It's cute haan but >:D< buhahas)


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- simplyshobha

- Eyes.....I have got huge humungous eyes, they are thoda droopy, one classmate had once asked me if I am on dope coz my eyes apparently looked like that :| I dinno how to react. But nevertheless I love the same.......My eyes they are :p
- My smile....:)
- My wavy hair

- My height...ama shortie
- with reiya here!
- I dunno wot else....I am happy with the way I am

- Procrastination, Impatience and I can go on and on...
- I am sincere...I make a good friend :p
- I am a chatterbox but there are times when I can be really quiet! People don't believe this but I can be incredibly quiet at times!

- Cockroaches :|
- Loneliness
- Heights

THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS: (This is a weird section to write about coz there aren't many everyday interesting mandatory things I do apart from the usual mundane things. But still after wracking my brains I came up with this.)
- I have to read Indian Express
- One glass moru i.e. buttermilk :D
- checking mails...

- A big, huge T-shirt
- A watch
- Specs :p

- Loads of wonderful conversations :D, thodusa arguments n fights too, nahi toh wot fun!
- Trust and Honesty
- Loads of laugh and fun :D

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order):
- I am extremely uncomfortable while lying....I just can't lie!
- I hate ice creams
- I can't live without my curds rice!

- Intelligence.....that's a major turn on.....can't handle dumbos :|
- A Good Sense of Humour (I dunno if both the above things can qualify in "physical things")
- A good height..tall men are such a turn on!

- Watch Bunty aur babli and Parineeta
- Go out shopping for clothes, sketchers and all that blah!
- Go back to Pondy.......I am in love with that place :D

THREE CAREERS YOU'RE CONSIDERING: considering? ummm....apart from journalism i wouldn't mind being the following!
- Social Worker, I really wanna do an MSW i.e. Masters in Social Work!
- Teacher
- Vada Pav stall owner :D

- Sikkim and poora north east
- Venice....My dream place...I don't know, whenever i see pics of venice, I feel home or I just get the feeling that I have been there before.Weird!
- Kerala

Ananya, Aditi, Arjun, Kabir, Tara
( I like so many names...not fair to ask only 3)

- Travel Rural India on a shoe string budget :D So cool it would be!
- Trek in Himalayas........Please if anybody has plans, please do tell me!
- Secret wish to write a book :D

Dayan, ANDA-man, Vidya, Kishore, and I might just add to the keep watching this space!


Sunday, May 08, 2005


I am at Karaikal Pondicherry (thanks Anon for pointing my mistake) which is a small town in Tamil Nadu. Shesssh, wanted tot ype so much. the connection is a pain. I am at a cyber cafe which has 5 computers running on a single dialup connection :| The weather is NOT HOT. Its extremely humid but the evening has some sexy breeze.

From tomorrow, I start visiting the temporary shelters. Should be an interesting experience. Also I go to beach tmrw. Yayyyy! hehehee! So much more to come....bubyeee all!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Here I am...

Ok, people...I am alive and not dead, hehe! Again I went through the "too bored to blog" phase. I am going through this phase quite often now. Hmmm...wonder why... Also, what was different this time was that I stopped checking out different blogs as well. Hmmm....I don't know! Well anyways, am back.

My exams got over by the first week of April itself. These were my final examinations. I am a graduate now (yea, I know am waiting for my results...but still) It's a weird feeling you know. When I finished writing my last paper, I exulted in joy that it was over but the next second it stuck me OH LORD, IT'S OVER! I mean my grads are over, done, finished! Trust me it was a mixed feeling. I was desperately waiting for my exams to get over. But when it did, I was left with mixed feelings. Again I realised that I dislike changes. I am not the adaptible sorts. I take lot of time to adjust. Now that my college is over, I know it's gonna be different. Everything is gonna be different. I am not trying to think too much coz I am taking each day as it comes and trust me it helps a lot.

The moment this vacation started, I made myself busy by doing absolutely NOTHING! Man, that was something.....I loved doing NOTHING AT ALL I can be incredibly lazy. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Ok...right now I am more kicked about going to Nagapattinam. Yeaa, I am going to Nagapattinam in a couple of days and would be working with an NGO there. I hope it's gonna be a good experience. Last time I had gone to Gujarat and the experience was awesome. I have never been to a disaster prone area and I really don't know what to expect. I am going with a blank mind. The one thign that comforts me is that here I know the language and I hope I would be able to help in some way or the other. Last time I went to an absolute adivasi village. But this time I would be in a small town or soemthing. There should be internet. I would try to update my blog from there. promises though!

This time I would be gone for 3 weeks or so. So it's a long time for me personally. But this is a challenge. It's back to the "I have to take care of myself" mode. Well...well...well..keeping fingers crossed. Wish me luck guys Chalo, bye for now....wanna say so much but this post will become so dreadfully long. More in next post.....bubyeeee!

Ok...before I leave, I have to make certain announcements.

You have professors and then YOU HAVE PROFESSORS....All my life I have my share of good, bad and crappy professors. But I guess there are very few people who influence you postively to a great extent. One of them is Sridhar Sir. He's one person who is not only a good professor but also one of the nicesthuman being I have known. He holds the distinction of being one of the very few professors who was loved by every member of our class......unanimous appreciation and admiration it was (Now that is quite a feat I tell you!) He's genuinely a wonderful person! So here's presenting Sridhar Sir's blog *drumrolls please* His blog is very interesting, DO VISIT IT EVERYBODY (and I do take the credit of the fact that he started blogging....think am being pompous? read this )

Now I say good bye....hope to blog soon

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh my!

This is very creepy. First I post this entry on Radio and then I see that Indian Express carries couple of articles on the same topic. And today guess what, I had a 9 mark question on Community Radio for my exam........Ha Ha Ha! hehehee! So funny....

Anyways, yesterday I had a very eventful day as such. My exams started yesterday. Nooooooo....that didn't have anything to do with my day being eventful. Ok, so yesterday I had Press Law and Ethics. I boarded the train early in the morning. I had decided that I will read up Official Secrets Act in the train. Now there's this Mallu lady sitting next to me jabbering away and here I am desperately trying to understand the god forsaken act :| I tried to show my displeasure as much as possible but then she was such a thickhead that she just didn't get it. Later aadat se majboor, I dosed off. Then suddenly I woke up only to see the Mallu lady catching 40 winks.......Arghhhhhhhh! I was soooooo angry, Couldn't she have slept earlier? I would have read up Official secrets Acts then......Stupid female!

The train was very crowded(an understatement). I had great difficulty getting down the station. I started walking but I thought something was weird. This doesn't look like Kurla Station :-s But well....I still kept walking......then I realised THIS AINT KURLA, THIS IS VIDYAVIHAR.....ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thankfully I didn't go very far and came back to the station to take the next train. This time though I got off at the proper station. I had to go to Kurla, west. But I am so clueless as far as directions as concerned, that sometimes I think there is a serious defect in my brain coz I just don't understand directions. Well I think you would be getting the drift, I went to Kurla East and wasted almost 10 minutes in process. Ok, one man whom I asked for directions guided me wrongly, stupid man! I came to kurla west, took a rick and finally reched my exam centre.

ARGHHHHHHHHHH! These things don't really bother me but when such things happen less an hour before your exam is about to begin, then damn, freaked me out completely! I thought mine was a sad case till a girl in my class came 1 hr late for the exam. She went to another college assuming that, that's her exam centre. BUHAHAHAHAHAHA! Idyut! Aren't you supposed to check where your exam centre is before the exams begin as such......idyut!

Finally after the day's ordeal, I reached home when I got a call from one of my schoolmate with whom I had completely lost in touch with after my school. (Not someone whom I particularly wanted to keep in touch also as such, but well, that's another story) Now this dude, starts talking to me in this weird accented English. Only then did it strike me that he was working in a call centre earlier. EOWWWWWWWWWWW! What was that! I mean that was a cocktail of god knows what all accents, it sounded so funny! Shessssssh! By all means work in a call centre, but don't incorporate that American Accent in your daily lingo thinking that it is cool when you are not good at it. You end up looking like a dumbfuck. Imagine a guy with whom I was in Kya re Kaisa hain re terms, suddenly speaking to me in a STUPID COCKTAIL ACCENT! Even if you wanna put on an accent, make sure you are good at it na, idyuts.......fools!

I somehow ended up not studying the whole day yesterday. I thought I will wake up early in the morning and study. Also, the fact that I had a bad body ache also prompted me to sleep soon. So I had a compliform. NOW GUESS WHAT, I FOUND OUT THAT I COULDN'T SLEEP. I couldn't quite figure out the reason. I kept tossing and turning. Now I know in a small way what it is to have insomnia. It was so funny, my whole body was aching but hard as I try, I can't get one wink of sleep. HUh! So I slept late, woke up late and I GOT LESS TIME TO STUDY..........ARGHHHHH! Plus it was so fuckin hot. 38 degrees, what the hell.......and its only April........I was so angry that I could have beaten up anyone had I got the chance. But well, I am all calm now. So off I go to sleep and then back to books.

On second thoughts....
This caught my attention.
It says it all I wanted to say but well couldn't because well I was confused. I didn't like the way sting operation happened nor was casting couch acceptable for me. I was riddled with confusions. But she sums it up just apt:) Thank you :)

"Do public people have a right to a private life? Of course they do. But at the same time, let's not get holier-than-thou about privacy to the extent that we're defending the casting couch. It's a sick thing, whether it happens in the film world or outside."

Thursday, March 31, 2005


Update: Yeahieeeeeee! Days after I post this, I read this report in Indian Express and this (this one's recent). Whoa! Got this link via CSF. This is just so coooooool! The coincidence is cool or what! (Just hope that the Govt. lives up to its word, damn, the cynic in me will never die!)

Read on ...

I was just reading about Radio in India. I think the government monopoly on the airwaves is so unjust and is a criminal waste of talent, opportunity which a radio boom can bring upon. Radio in India is monopolised with the sole presence of the state broadcaster, All India Radio. Of course we have the emergence of FM radio stations, but I am talking about the total absense of radio channels in the current affairs genre. The boom of FM radio stations is a sign enough that the time to write the obituary of radio as a medium is not come as yet. I foresee a sad possibility not because the medium will become redundant but because of our government attitude towards Radio which will only result into its imminent death.

I don't know how long these stations will survive given the exhorbitant license fees that the broadcasters have to pay every year. C'mon a license fees of 11-13 crores per year is ridiculously expensive for a fledgeling business enterprise in India. Most of the radio stations are still functioning because of the backing of their successful parent media organisations. However many like Mid-day's GO-92.5 (which caters to a niche audience in Mumbai) are thinking about a closure in case of a status quo.

There is something about Radio which makes it so personal, homely in a very cocoonish kind of a way. I feel Radio and local go hand in hand. Again I repeat the example of FM stations. Logistically, FM stations are bound to be local. Their success just goes on to show that how successful Radio as a medium can be in the local sphere of things. As of now we have only FM stations which are prohibited from mentioning the word "News" as well.

The success of radio lies in the fact that it is one of the cheapest medium of communication. It's reach is massive, radio reaches at places where none of the other mediums of communication even manage a peekaboo. The beauty of Radio is that it complements all other mediums. One can listen to radio while doing their household chores, driving, gardening, etc. The impact that radio has considering the fact that it is purely an audio medium doesn't make it any less potent than other mediums. The fact that it is purely an audio medium is its biggest strength I believe because Radio as a medium works at a subconcious level. Radio sets are cheap. Since it is local, it can easily cross the barriers of language and communicate with the people in their lingo. Radio is also perhaps the only medium which can easily overcomes the literacy barrier.

Just imagine what kind of ripples radio will create if the government were to open the reportage of Current Affairs Radio sector to private players. I am just wondering what amazing variety of content generation that can come up if Government opens up the Radio sector in a justified way reducing the exhorbitant license fees. I fail to understant the Government's insecure behaviour towards Radio as such. I am plain puzzled. The massive reach of the Radio and the inability on the part of the government to regulate it is one of the prime reasons for the non show out here. I fail to understand such a myopic attitude of the Government.

Endless possibilites beckon us in the communciation arena if the government attitude towards radio changed. If the current affairs genre is given the freedom it so deserves, Radio journalism will develop in this country like no tomorrow. There would be tons of jobs which can be created. I just imagine a time wherein I would be able to tune into Radio and listen to innumerable radio programmes (which are not always entertainment based)

Currently there is a stagnation in the current affairs genre given the monopoly of All India Radio. I mean everybody is aware that of thedull and drab their news programmes, their endless discussion sessions and total lack of new programming content. One can bring about so much variety in programming content pertaining to performing arts, current affairs etc. The scope is immense and I can go on and on. We are in dire need of novelty, spunk in Radio programming which is so sadly missing. I for one love Radio and I feel this is so unfair. I wonder why none of our ministers in parliament take up this issue. When we can tons of newspapers, TV Channels, why can't we have tons of Radio channels and original programming content in India?

Community Radio is a very revolutionary concept.

Community Radio serves a local community or a community of interest. The emphasis is on the democratisation of media, that it should be accessible to the community, both in terms of ownership, decision making and programme output.

Programming is produced by the community, with an emphasis on local concerns and issues, the difference being that rather than merely talking about the community, the people themselves make the programmes. This strengthens local culture with the recognition that this is their station, it becomes a forum for a wide diversity of local opinions and views and rather that trying to continue this into a homogenous station ‘image’ usually adopted by mainstream stations, this diversity can be respected and encouraged.

The station as a whole can still have an ‘identity’, but this can be only acceptance, diversity and in short pluralism.

[Definition of community Radio is courtesy this site]

Community Radio has an social impact which the mainstream media are unable to bring about considering their lack of reach. Community Radio is thriving in other parts of the world. Considering the fact that 70% of our population lives in Rural Areas, Community Radio can do wonders.

The presence of Community radio could have easily reduced the number of deaths caused mainly due to the lack of information about the deadly Tsunami. So many people could have been evacuated and in rpocess we could have saved so many lives.

Community Radio is a great agent for social change but unfortunately there aren't many community radios in the country. The government has started giving licenses to reputed educational institutions to start their own campus radio and community radio initiatives.It's a welcome move. However many applications are still lying in pipeline with just one educational institution i.e. Anna University of Chennai which has become the first educational institution in the country to have started a community radio.

I am glad that in a small way government attitude is changing but I fail to realise the logic behind granting licenses to educational instituions in urban areas with limited reach. I mean community radio is more effective and is more needed in rural areas wherein the communities are more close knit and are in dire need of developmental initiatives. Community radio has enormous potential to bring about loads of changes for the better. Someone should just exploit the potential or rather the government should allow someone to exploit the potential.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Conscience Call

Fighting in Iraq, Anderson had it enough.

"I joined the Army to serve my country," says Anderson. "I joined knowing there's a fact that we could fight wars. But the war in Iraq is an illegal war. There's no reason for these kids to be over there doing this, and thousands of innocent Iraqis are being killed.

"I started thinking about the insurgency they're fighting. And I remember seeing their faces and I remember being in combat against them. These were just regular people, there were elderly men, young men. And then I remember looking around Baghdad and seeing the blown up buildings, the people on crutches, the dismembered people, and thinking that these are just their family members. If someone blew up your house and killed a couple of your family, you're going to pick up a weapon and you're going to fight a war for it."

"So there's no way I could go back. It's my human right to choose not to kill innocent people," he says. "And there's no way I could go die for money and oil, rich people's investments. That's when I decided I couldn't go back."

Anderson made the decision of not going back to Iraq while home on leave this last Christmas.
Read the full story here.

Now Anderson seeks refuge in another country, Canada as he can be prosecuted in USA. I really feel sad at the soldiers' predicament. The more I read such stories the more angry I become and I just wonder how with all the wrongdoings in his kitty, someone can become a President again. HUH!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Happy Holi

Happy holi to everybody.
Image: courtesy


When I finished reading this article, my immediate reaction was WOW! The article is about a writer who lived among slum dwellers in various countries and then wrote a book called,"Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, A New Urban World".

"For his book Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, A New Urban World (Routledge), author Robert Neuwirth lived in places that many of us strive to avoid — slums, or squatter colonies of some of the world's largest cities.

From the Rocinha neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro to Kibera in Nairobi and Sanjay Gandhi Nagar a slum in north Mumbai, Neuwirth, an investigative reporter whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsday and The Nation, examines how squatters — people whose urban settlements are not legally recognised — build colonies in the face of daunting commercial and political pressure.

While providing its readers a window into the grittier aspects of squatter life, Shadow Cities — which Publishers Weekly called a 'superbly probing book' — takes note of squatter pleasures. Some friends he makes along his journey enjoy what would be considered middle class comforts in much of the developing world.

Continue reading here....

I personally feel such assignments are absolutely awesome! Such stories give a kick like no others can. It's amazing that this writer lived amongst the slum dwellers to write his book which is commendable and also necesary for gaining a perspective. I think it would have been impossible for him to be honest about the issues they are facing if he wouldn't have stayed with them. Kudos to that man who actually went about living with the slum dwellers. I mean it's not an easy task. Adjusting, adapting to new situations, language, poverty, damn there are thousand things to take care of and he ain't even a desi! Whoa! As a journalist such kind of stories, assignments give tremendous amount of job satisfaction and I hope in future as a journalist I get a chance to do such challenging stories :D

Friday, March 25, 2005

Finally error rectified

Finally Indiatimes corrects the error.


The crap continues at HA HA HA! This is amazing! This is reference to the previous post below. Just have a look at this...

It's a brand new day, it's a brand new headline but the same old intro as day before yesterday. HA HA HA! (Please refer to my previous post below)

This is how the actual article looks like....

You can also find the article here

It beats me that they have not corrected their mistake as yet!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Only TOI can afford to make blunders like these and get away with it also. Crappy and completely unprofessional!

What's the connection between headline and the intro? huh!
Well....this is how the article looks....

You can also find it by clicking here.

P.S.There is a new post below :)

Train tales

It is not often that I meet interesting characters in the train. It is weird when I say that because trains are the places where one gets to meet the weird, interesting and basically all kinds of people. But all thanks to my amazing sleeping skills, I end up neither talking nor observing people as such. Yea, I have now mastered the art of sleeping in the trains so much so that I sometimes wonder if it is a inborn trait. It is very rare that I dont sleep in the train and even rarer is the scene when I do happen to meet interesting people. Yesterday was one such day.

I was in the train reading Indian Express when this cute little girl came and sat next to me. She was probably around 8-9 years old and was in her school uniform. I couldn't help but wondering how cute the girl looked with the malli poo(mogra flowers or jasmine)tuck in her hair with the help of a hairpin. I went back to reading my newspaper. Suddenly I overheard other lady asking her about her school. The little girl said,"I study in Balmohan Vidya Mandir in Dader". The lady looked at the girl in marvel and said,"So you daily travel from Thane to Dader to attend school?" The girl nodded in approval. I think the girl had a smug look after seeing the lady's reaction. It's quite a feat travelling daily in train for a girl who is all of eight years old. I began talking to her.

I got to know that her school timings were from 1 to 5 pm. Now trains are usually very crowded in the evenings, its the rush hour. I asked her,"Why do you travel so much? There are so many good schools in Thane too." Then she told me how they earlier lived in Dadar. She's been with this school right from the beginning. I could see that she loved her school and didn't regard train travelling as a bother at all. All through the time I was talking to her, I couldn't help but marvel at the fact that she was so sure about what she wanted. She was quite a social kid and started telling me tales about her friends in her apartment in Thane. "Don't you feel like going to the same school as your Thane friends do?" I asked. She had a ready answer, NO! She proceeded to tell me that she was more close to her school friends in Dadar than her building friends and that she doesn't feel like quitting the school for that reason.

Children more often than not are clear about what they want. The school is an important area of socialisation for a kid. I often wonder how children of parents with tranferable jobs cope up. I mean, schools bring a sense of permamnency, the 12-14 year schooling experience that a child goes through is very important. No wonder some of our best friends are from school. I have couple of cousins who have changed schools frequently because of their fathers' transferable jobs. In a way I think its great as it gives such children an opportunity to make new friends everywhere. but I can't help but wondering at the sadness that might engulf them when they its time to move out. I remember one cousin of mine telling me,"We had just settled down here, made all new friends and now it is time to move out" and then burst into tears. I therefore maintain a certain kind of stability is essential for a child in its growing years. There is obviously lies a difference having memories about a place where one has studied for 12 years as compared to studying in a place for 2 years. Somehow a sense of belonging is lost.

Speaking about trains, today much to my misfortune, I got into a very crowded train. I had a hellish time getting off at Dadar. doesn;t need a workout if one travels in crowded trains like these everyday. I got out of the train gasping for fresh air when I saw this lady who too was in a similar condition like mine. But then I noticed that she was pregnant. She just went and sat in the bench cluthcing her stomach. Holy Shit, I almost freaked out looking at her condition. I mean who in her right mind will board a crowded train like this in such a condition. Thankfully she had her husband alongwith her. Poor thing, really felt sad for that lady. I hope she's fine....:(

P.S: I forgot to add, the girl was accompanied by her mother :)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday ASHWIN

Have a great day wishes :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Musings, Black, etc...

Hello everybody! I am back. Thatw as quite a break I took. But this ain't new for me coz I keep taking breaks often. Funnily enough all these days, I just didn't feel like posting at all. The thought of quitting blogging also came into my mind. Well, it was just not a thought. I gave it a good deal of thought. Then decided against it because this is a hobby I really enjoy and that I don't think I will ever quit it as such. Blogging is an integral part of my life now and that expressing my thoughts, opinions over here really matter a lot to me. So there would be extended breaks taken by me now and then just when I feel a little bit bored about it.

Ok, I HAVE SOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY THINGS TO DISCUSS ABOUT OVER HERE. Ok, I know many of you want to know about my Indo Pak experiences. Well, sorry guys, I dont think I would be posting anything major in this post. Will sure have a decent write up written by mid of April. Nevertheless I still have tons to say. Ok, I had my final submission today. It felt a bit weird that this was my last assignment that I would ever submit. 3 years of assignments, projects, submissions, presentation........ALL DONE, OVER, KHATAM, Finished. In a few days I would be graduating also. Things are changing in a speed that is really tough to fathom. Sometimes, I am like, hey life, wait a minute, let it sink in! But I guess from now onwards it is all about adapting oneself quickly because I know for sure the one thing that is going to be constant is change and I better get adjusted to it. Oh well...enough of my rambling.

Ok, now what prompted me to post here was Reiya's post on Black. She has reflected upon her thoughts on Black. I thought I will add my two cents too. I saw Black twice. First time it was with the Pakistani delegation. They were all dying to see a Hindi Movie in a THEATRE in MUMBAI. So we booked tickets for Black in Liberty. Black got me hooked on right from scene 1. I remember I didn't speak a word with my friend who was sitting next to me. Poor thing, she had loads to say about the movie but well i was engrossed. I was engrossed to such an extent that the scenes in the movie had an effect on me emotionally. I remember during the break, I just wanted to be alone, with myself. The movie drained me completely. The emotions were probably too much for me to handle. During the second half of the movie, I cried buckets. I simply let go of myself during the end. Oh well, it's another story altogether as to how everybody (my Paki friends included) ragged me to death coz I was the only sole person crying over there. :P:P

I have always maintained in this blog that when I see a movie, I see like any normal viewer. I really don't sit and analyse, "Wow, what an awesome shot, what a great camera angle" and the works. Whenever I watch a movie for the first time, I get completely involved with it. I allow the movie to take me for a ride. It is only during the second or third time that I watch the movie, can I be completely objective about it and can only then form opinions. Therefore I have always wondered how critics rate a movie immediately after watching it. I take time to form opinions. Or maybe this has got to do with the fact that I don't watch too many movies as such. I am sure a movie like Black might have left majority of the audience emotionally drained, confused or whatever. I wonder how one can really evaluate a movie like Black just by watching it once. Emotions tend to cloud proper decision-making and this applies to everything in life. Therefore I wonder how do movie critics rate, critique a movie just by watching it once? I think they are programmed to watch a movie in a certain way and that is what helps them. Hmmm....

But nevertheless, I went to watch Black for the second time. I was and still am to a great extent completely enamoured by the movie. I wondered if I would cry again. But surprisingly I didn't. Maybe it had to do with the fact that the last time I watched the movie wasn't a long time ago. This time however I came out oft he movie with mixed feelings. I think this has got to do with the fact that both my friends didnt like the movie the way I did. It never really occurred to me that the acting of Amitabh Bachchan went over the top. I still don’t think so. Yea, there were scenes wherein his acting was animated. But never once did he come across as irritating. What would be over the top acting would be Hrithik’s performance in Main Prem ki Deewani Hoon. I am not trying to compare Hrithik and Amitabh’s performance. Hell, No! I am just giving a reference to what irritating over the top acting would be like. There are eccentric characters like Amitabh’s character in real life too. If you see in India, almost all the art forms are mostly synonymous with over dramatisation. It is a genre in itself. If you see Bharatnatyam for example, a simplest of emotion or a reaction would be over dramatised. It has always been the case. But dramatisation I feel is ok if done in a proper way and not in an irritating way. Irritating would be the eye-brow twitching dramatisation in Saas-Bahu serials. But then, it sells. People love it. Melodrama is in the psyche of majority of the Indians if I can add. Most of us being the urban audiences and being exposed to a lot of Hollywood movies where subtlety rules, we might pan Black down. But I think this is our style just as subtlety is theirs.

Also, I think Melodrama was used to convey the anguish of the child who can’t see, can’t hear and hence can’t talk. To communicate is an inherent need of every human being. I can’t even fathom the anguish and the pain that a child like this might go through in real life. How many of us actually sit and think about what it might be like being Michelle. Melodrama was effectively used a tool. The film forces you to think so.

I thought the kissing scene between Amitabh and Rani was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever watched. Michelle is like any normal teenager if one would discount the disabled side of hers. I thought it was but natural for her to fall in love with someone who was her sole link to the real world for a long time. He was the only male friend in a lonely world of hers. It was but natural for her to fall in love with him. The vulnerability was beautifully shown. I guess never has such a topic been broached by any Indian movie as such. It is challenging enough to portray the emotions of people who can’t speak, talk and hear. It is quite an effort to translate those emotions on screen and for that Bhansali deserves an ovation.

Also the scene wherein the child regards her mother “Ma” and her father as “Pa” is another lovely scene of the movie. I get goose bumps even thinking about the scene. And yea, Shernaz Patel was awesome. She was the perfect mom. Also the wonderkid Ayesha Kapoor, great find.

However one thing did trouble me when I watched the movie for the second time. I really didn’t like it when Amitabh hits the child. I agree the child was obstinate to the core. But still hitting a child is not the right way to go about it. I am firmly against hitting and spanking children. I am shocked at myself as to how this thing didn’t trouble me when I watched the movie the first time. I don’t know but is this a norm with the children who are visually challenged and mentally impaired? If no, then how do they deal with the kids. Hmm....

Also one of my very good friend Dodo starts blogging. YAYYYY! for that (drumrolls please:P:P) Do check her blog out, she surely does write well. Dodo, you really did surprise me :)

Dya guys remember this post of mine on Meena Mami? Well, guess what, I met her a week back. More on that in my next post. :)
Bye for now :)

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Yiipeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ok, I am just so happy. I am right in middle of typing my submission when I recieve a mail after reading which, I just had to post about it. Ok, people, all you Chennaities out there, please read your MAGAZINE supplement of The Hindu. it contains a write up on Indo Pak Youth Forum for Peace. Yes, the same informal group that I am a part of. One can also check it out


Yohoooooooo! Now I'm off to finish off my project. Will post something veryyyyyy soon. Yayyyyy!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

They have arrived

Yayyyyy! I am really happy. Ok, I have been busy like hell since the past few days with loads of college projects, assignments and the works. But well one more thing which tied me up was the Indo-Pak thing that I am a part of. For the uninitiated I am a part of this informal group called Indo Pak Youth Forum for Peace. Well, they were supposed to come during December, 2004. But due to visa hassles, they couldn't come. But guess what, THEY ARE HERE!!!!! Yayyyyy! Me so happy.......They are a lovely group and the first day just got over so quickly...I am really very tired but this is a kind of tiredness I think i like. You know the feeling of being involved in something which you like and enjoy and then getting exhausted ! Aaaaaaaaaah! nothing like it! Anyways, will blog more about this off I go, a submission awaits me.......Tadah!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Death and hypocrisy

Premchand's KAFAN is so relevant even today. Take for example Hindi Film actress Parveen Babi's death.
People ignored her like plague when she was alive on the account of her mental illness. But scores of them coming to take the responsibility of her cremation. If at all little care was showered when she was alive, well, things would probably have been different! Its funny, when you are alive people just ignore you but the same person gets all the importance in the world post-death. It's as if they are being so magnanimous about the whole thing. The rituals hold so much importance. NONSENSE! Hypocrisy RULES! 21st century did someone say? Duhhhhh! Some things don't change! HUH! Also, Don't even want to get into the inheritance issues that willa rise now.

Premchand rocks, his stories are still so relevant to the social mileau.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Joke time

I was in process of clearing out the clutter from my inbox, I stumbled upon this forward that my friend mailed to me. HILARIOUS! Have a read....

There was a World wide survey of "Most Embarrassing Moment in human life "
and the final three incidents are ....

Third Place
It was the day before my eighteenth birthday. I was living at home, but my
parents had gone out for the evening, so I invited my girlfriend over for
a romantic night alone. As we lay in bed after making love, we heard the
telephone ringing downstairs. I suggested to my girlfriend that I give her
a piggy-back ride to the phone. Since we didn't want to miss the call, we
didn't have time to get dressed. When we got to the bottom of the stairs,
the lights suddenly came on and a whole crowd of people yelled

My entire family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and all of my
friends were standing there ! My girlfriend and I were frozen to the spot
in a state of shock and embarrassment ! for what seemed like an eternity.
Since then, no-one in my family has planned a surprise party again.

Second Place (a lady)
While in line at the bank one afternoon, my kid decided to release
some pent-up energy and started to run amuck. I was finally able to grab
hold of her after receiving looks of disgust and annoyance from other
patrons. I told her that if she didn't start behaving herself right now,
she would be punished. To my horror, she looked me in the eye and said in
a voice just as threatening, "If you don't let me go right now, I will
tell Grandma that I saw you kissing Daddy's pee-pee(dick) last night!".
The silence was deafening after this enlightening exchange. Even the
tellers stopped what they were doing ! I mustered the last of my dignity
and walked out of the bank with my daughter in tow. The last thing that I
heard as the door closed behind me were the screams of laughter.

And the Winner Is.....

This one actually happened at Harvard University in October last year. In
a biology class, the professor was discussing the high glucose levels
found in semen. A young female (freshman), raised her hand and asked, "If
I understand what you are saying, there is a lot of glucose in male semen,
as in sugar?" "That's correct." responded the professor, going on to add
much statistical data. Raising her hand again, the sweet young thing
asked, "Then why doesn't it taste sweet?". After a stunned silence, the
whole class burst out laughing, the poor girl turned bright red and as
she realized exactly what she had inadvertently said (or rather implied),
she picked up her books without a word and walked out of the class, and
never returned.
However, as she was going out of the door, the professor's reply was a
classic. Totally straight-faced, he answered her question, "It doesn't
taste sweet because the taste-buds for sweetness are on the tip of your
tongue and not in the back of your throat!


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What's worse

I don't know what's worse....
To be ignorant, completely be ill-informed about a certain issue and yet be opinionated

To be a fence sitter and confused despite the proper knowledge of facts regarding the same?


Monday, January 10, 2005

Calvin says it all

I happened to drop by this site, Deesha and I read this post. and I had to, had to post this comic strip.

I love Calvin, he simply says it all! Ain't he absolutely adorable?
For better viewing go here

Also, I am very sorry, I have been miserable with the comments. i will reply to all of them soon. Some people have liked the layout design of my blog. Alex, this site was done by Ridhish (doesn't blog anymore). All credit to him, I bugged him so much. But Mr.Nice guy that he is, bore with all my tantrums. Heehehe! But well I selected the candle pic :D Also thanks to Dee, who did a little bit of html tweaking when there were some problems with my blog. So I conclude that it was a team effort! ehehehheee! :P

Also check out Indibloggies. Nice effort! Kishore's blog has been nominated. His blog has got some amazing pictures. Also, Dubukku has been nominated for his excellent posts in Tamil. Pity, my Tamil is so bad....*sigh* But do check them out and vote :D

Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Problem

Hmmmmm! Well we all know about the natural disaster caused by the deadly Tsunami waves and the immense loss of human lives and property that it has caused. I don't think I need to add more about it, frankly speaking it depresses me. There is something weird I have noticed about myself....ummmm, I don't know whther to call it weird as I think I have a problem out here.

I have noticed that whenever such disasters happen, I tend to run away from the entire thing. Normally I am an avid newspaper reader, but during such times, I avoid reading news, I avoid watching news, I avoid everything that is to do with anything related to the disaster. I know it is sheer escapism, sheer cowardice on my part, but well, that's the fact. I find it very tough to come to terms with the depressing facts, pictures and accounts that surround me. I remember very vividly that when the Gujarat riots happened, I somehow stopped watching enws, even if I would come across a news item, I would change channels. Ultimately it so happened that I was to a large extent ignorant about the riots. I noticed that I couldn't participate in any debates-discussions cocnerning the riots because I didn't know the facts. In a weird manner, I liked it that way, it was a perfect adjustment for me. It is only months later, I started to read upon some old news items, surf archives etc.

This time though when the tsunami happened, my house was flooded with relatives. This time around also it was the same, I avoided watching TV news, avoided reading anything related to it. Earlier, I acknowledged the problem months after the disaster happened. I mean, i wasn't aware that I was running away especially during the event of the disaster. However this time, I know it is a problem. It is funny noticing yourself like a third party would, in an objective manner.

I don't know why I do it. Maybe I am running away as i know it is tough for me to deal with it. The pain, human loss, suffering etc. I am a coward, a chicken. But I am trying hard, I want a solution to this problem, to my escapism. I want to do something and running away like this won't help. I am gonna deal with this, no more running away for me for sure! Enough of it!

P.S. This year has started on a bad and a sombre note. Anyways, wishing all you guys a very happy and a prosperous 2005!