Sunday, February 27, 2005


Yiipeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ok, I am just so happy. I am right in middle of typing my submission when I recieve a mail after reading which, I just had to post about it. Ok, people, all you Chennaities out there, please read your MAGAZINE supplement of The Hindu. it contains a write up on Indo Pak Youth Forum for Peace. Yes, the same informal group that I am a part of. One can also check it out


Yohoooooooo! Now I'm off to finish off my project. Will post something veryyyyyy soon. Yayyyyy!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

They have arrived

Yayyyyy! I am really happy. Ok, I have been busy like hell since the past few days with loads of college projects, assignments and the works. But well one more thing which tied me up was the Indo-Pak thing that I am a part of. For the uninitiated I am a part of this informal group called Indo Pak Youth Forum for Peace. Well, they were supposed to come during December, 2004. But due to visa hassles, they couldn't come. But guess what, THEY ARE HERE!!!!! Yayyyyy! Me so happy.......They are a lovely group and the first day just got over so quickly...I am really very tired but this is a kind of tiredness I think i like. You know the feeling of being involved in something which you like and enjoy and then getting exhausted ! Aaaaaaaaaah! nothing like it! Anyways, will blog more about this off I go, a submission awaits me.......Tadah!