Tuesday, February 08, 2005

They have arrived

Yayyyyy! I am really happy. Ok, I have been busy like hell since the past few days with loads of college projects, assignments and the works. But well one more thing which tied me up was the Indo-Pak thing that I am a part of. For the uninitiated I am a part of this informal group called Indo Pak Youth Forum for Peace. Well, they were supposed to come during December, 2004. But due to visa hassles, they couldn't come. But guess what, THEY ARE HERE!!!!! Yayyyyy! Me so happy.......They are a lovely group and the first day just got over so quickly...I am really very tired but this is a kind of tiredness I think i like. You know the feeling of being involved in something which you like and enjoy and then getting exhausted ! Aaaaaaaaaah! nothing like it! Anyways, will blog more about this later..now off I go, a submission awaits me.......Tadah!


Anonymous said...

That's cool :) Enjoy :) 

Posted by Khushee

Anonymous said...

Hey nice to see you after a reallly long time.

All the best for your initiatives.


Posted by Alex

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

stop samaj seva n complete assignment frst.. btw were the pakis alvoe @ the end of the day .:)) buhaha

2005-02-08 20:14

Aa gaye kya finally?
Do post about it..

2005-02-09 12:16

hope you have fun with them :)

2005-02-09 14:43

u dirty rat :P

2005-02-10 12:47

paki gurls anne de anne de

2005-02-10 14:58

You certainly seem to be very busy and enjoying what you do.

Way to go.

2005-02-10 17:48

Hope you guys had fun :)

2005-02-11 18:06

aahh..thts a great news.

i know how the feeling is…blissful tiredness!

2005-02-12 11:13

now that they've gone…somebody sleeps 24x7 i see:P wake up my dear!

2005-02-14 04:17

no comments … Mr. Recluse(tm)

2005-02-16 14:53

that's some wonderful work u r trying to do !!! keep it up !!!

and u have been blogging pretty sporadically of late … kya ho gaya?

write more about ur experiences …

best of luck with the assignments !

2005-02-17 14:17

Nice to see u busy and happy abt it!! :) What does the indo-pak youth forum do exactly ?? I'd like to know more!!

Abt Black: Yeah, I guess I am the odd one out. Almost every person n critic seemed to like it. But, as u urself said, the movie left u emotionally drained. I don't like movies which do that. Yes, they should make me sad n feel for the characters but not drained!!

2005-02-17 15:46

Hey that's a good job u are doing !! keep up the good work :)

2005-02-17 23:33

iNDO PAK YOUTH FORUM FOR PEACE…!!! hmmm..u might really be a pain in the ass!!

2005-02-21 05:22

They have arrived and DEPARTED as well !!! :-|
where is update!!!!!!??????

2005-02-21 21:45

Hi…how r u doing?

2005-02-27 15:22

Thats realy great 2 know about the visit by them finally taking place…..After all the problems you had to face the last time around (acco. to your previous posts…?) What did u ppl do? You just said abt the so called "first day"…..Uske baad kya kiya memsaahib???????? Do let us all know…..abt all the stuff u did….all the fun u had……the Indo side of the story….the Paki side of the story……C'mon re….All are waiting for your update!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-02-27 15:37


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