Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Conscience Call

Fighting in Iraq, Anderson had it enough.

"I joined the Army to serve my country," says Anderson. "I joined knowing there's a fact that we could fight wars. But the war in Iraq is an illegal war. There's no reason for these kids to be over there doing this, and thousands of innocent Iraqis are being killed.

"I started thinking about the insurgency they're fighting. And I remember seeing their faces and I remember being in combat against them. These were just regular people, there were elderly men, young men. And then I remember looking around Baghdad and seeing the blown up buildings, the people on crutches, the dismembered people, and thinking that these are just their family members. If someone blew up your house and killed a couple of your family, you're going to pick up a weapon and you're going to fight a war for it."

"So there's no way I could go back. It's my human right to choose not to kill innocent people," he says. "And there's no way I could go die for money and oil, rich people's investments. That's when I decided I couldn't go back."

Anderson made the decision of not going back to Iraq while home on leave this last Christmas.
Read the full story here.

Now Anderson seeks refuge in another country, Canada as he can be prosecuted in USA. I really feel sad at the soldiers' predicament. The more I read such stories the more angry I become and I just wonder how with all the wrongdoings in his kitty, someone can become a President again. HUH!

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

That was really something…..Putting personal ethics before Bosses' orders….and choosing to hear his Conscience….and bravely taking the decision…not bothered about the consequences…and taking refuge elsewhere as he clearly knows there's no place for a person like him in the country where he came from….(Seriously….) A real story of grit, determination, and of a person with an "ethically and humanitarianally sound mind" - from a country where I thought people with "such" values were extinct…….That was really something…..

2005-03-30 11:10

True…well…on second thoughts……If Bush comes behind him with a @#$%%%&&&%$##…….all the way into Canada…..then God save the poor soldier…..(and possibly Canada too???)

2005-03-30 11:14

*these american are crazy……*taps his head!!!..
may the sky fall on their heads……and menhirs fall on their dicks …..
by toutatis

2005-03-30 13:34

GK: Yes, it indeed made a great read. He is man of integrity and someone who listened his conscience.

Howwazat: I hope such a situation doesn't arise.

Andy: I think Americans are plain stupid, if not all of them, majority of them are. No wonder Bush came to power! grr…..

2005-03-31 06:15


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