Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh my!

This is very creepy. First I post this entry on Radio and then I see that Indian Express carries couple of articles on the same topic. And today guess what, I had a 9 mark question on Community Radio for my exam........Ha Ha Ha! hehehee! So funny....

Anyways, yesterday I had a very eventful day as such. My exams started yesterday. Nooooooo....that didn't have anything to do with my day being eventful. Ok, so yesterday I had Press Law and Ethics. I boarded the train early in the morning. I had decided that I will read up Official Secrets Act in the train. Now there's this Mallu lady sitting next to me jabbering away and here I am desperately trying to understand the god forsaken act :| I tried to show my displeasure as much as possible but then she was such a thickhead that she just didn't get it. Later aadat se majboor, I dosed off. Then suddenly I woke up only to see the Mallu lady catching 40 winks.......Arghhhhhhhh! I was soooooo angry, Couldn't she have slept earlier? I would have read up Official secrets Acts then......Stupid female!

The train was very crowded(an understatement). I had great difficulty getting down the station. I started walking but I thought something was weird. This doesn't look like Kurla Station :-s But well....I still kept walking......then I realised THIS AINT KURLA, THIS IS VIDYAVIHAR.....ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thankfully I didn't go very far and came back to the station to take the next train. This time though I got off at the proper station. I had to go to Kurla, west. But I am so clueless as far as directions as concerned, that sometimes I think there is a serious defect in my brain coz I just don't understand directions. Well I think you would be getting the drift, I went to Kurla East and wasted almost 10 minutes in process. Ok, one man whom I asked for directions guided me wrongly, stupid man! I came to kurla west, took a rick and finally reched my exam centre.

ARGHHHHHHHHHH! These things don't really bother me but when such things happen less an hour before your exam is about to begin, then damn, freaked me out completely! I thought mine was a sad case till a girl in my class came 1 hr late for the exam. She went to another college assuming that, that's her exam centre. BUHAHAHAHAHAHA! Idyut! Aren't you supposed to check where your exam centre is before the exams begin as such......idyut!

Finally after the day's ordeal, I reached home when I got a call from one of my schoolmate with whom I had completely lost in touch with after my school. (Not someone whom I particularly wanted to keep in touch also as such, but well, that's another story) Now this dude, starts talking to me in this weird accented English. Only then did it strike me that he was working in a call centre earlier. EOWWWWWWWWWWW! What was that! I mean that was a cocktail of god knows what all accents, it sounded so funny! Shessssssh! By all means work in a call centre, but don't incorporate that American Accent in your daily lingo thinking that it is cool when you are not good at it. You end up looking like a dumbfuck. Imagine a guy with whom I was in Kya re Kaisa hain re terms, suddenly speaking to me in a STUPID COCKTAIL ACCENT! Even if you wanna put on an accent, make sure you are good at it na, idyuts.......fools!

I somehow ended up not studying the whole day yesterday. I thought I will wake up early in the morning and study. Also, the fact that I had a bad body ache also prompted me to sleep soon. So I had a compliform. NOW GUESS WHAT, I FOUND OUT THAT I COULDN'T SLEEP. I couldn't quite figure out the reason. I kept tossing and turning. Now I know in a small way what it is to have insomnia. It was so funny, my whole body was aching but hard as I try, I can't get one wink of sleep. HUh! So I slept late, woke up late and I GOT LESS TIME TO STUDY..........ARGHHHHH! Plus it was so fuckin hot. 38 degrees, what the hell.......and its only April........I was so angry that I could have beaten up anyone had I got the chance. But well, I am all calm now. So off I go to sleep and then back to books.

On second thoughts....
This caught my attention.
It says it all I wanted to say but well couldn't because well I was confused. I didn't like the way sting operation happened nor was casting couch acceptable for me. I was riddled with confusions. But she sums it up just apt:) Thank you :)

"Do public people have a right to a private life? Of course they do. But at the same time, let's not get holier-than-thou about privacy to the extent that we're defending the casting couch. It's a sick thing, whether it happens in the film world or outside."

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

Poor Shobhi
exam fever and the sweltering heat has taken its toll on you!
Just focus on exams ull be fine

2005-04-05 12:17

ROFL@getting down at Vidyavihar and thinking its kurla…Dear read the Signboards:P…& me too got friends wid weird "masala accents"(*DARN!)…dunno why they do tht…but i have a simple way…keep saying "Pardon!" again and again…everybody comes back on track! Idyuts !;)

2005-04-06 06:28

Living in Bombay, for heaven knows how-many-years, and still dis-oriented. C'mon. Dont pull my leg!!!!.

See, thats why I dont sleep on trains (I unfortunately can't. Lucky you. )

2005-04-06 08:57

ammagiri :))

u shud have given that mallu lady one tight slap :P

2005-04-06 11:31

COCKTAIL accent..haven't heard that term before ..LOL!!!

2005-04-06 16:52

Indian call centre employees are finding it difficult to converse in their native language and this has attracted the attention of the international media.

For more info read this article http://news.com.c…

2005-04-07 10:15

heheeh! chillax i can imagine u telling me all dis when we meet next. NAHI. all d best 4 remaining exams. muah.

2005-04-07 11:35

When I worked, I used to get asked if I had been trained in a call centre… My english doesn't sound "Aussie"… but I think it must be all the American and English TV I watched as Kid, and therefore my accent is probably as much of a cocktail as that guys! Why was he calling you anyway???? :P

2005-04-07 12:06

aiyyo! kanna! take care ma….:)…and dont u worry no one remembers the ethics or the act once u get into the profession anyways!:)…all the bhest!

2005-04-07 15:22
Partha krishnaswamy:

dear shobaji:I am sorry over ur plight but the problem or the solution do not lie elsewhere.The 'Mallu' ,is only an interlude.U were so confused in mind(not due to lack of sleep alone)that U got down at 'Vidya vihar' instead of 'Kurla'.'Vigs has put it succinctly in 2 sentences,I strongly disagree with'Vighy'.It will ,only land U in Police station.I also do not think like 'Sat' that U R pulling a fast one .Do U?
Allthe best. Partha Krish

2005-04-07 16:55
partha krishnaswamy:

Shobaji: May I add something?When U have such bouts of confusion or depression or anxiety , go to a bio-chemist or combined Homeo shop and get"ASPEN" globules and "RESCUE REMEDY" drops or pellets or inhaler and take.They are absolutely harmless,cheap and effective.Rescue remedy is a Bach flower medicine.
All the best and success in exam.

2005-04-07 17:00

Partha thatha: Naan ungla thatha koopadlaama? I hope you don't mind… :) Anyways, thatha, they are all my friends and don't take their comments so seriously….all in good humour only :) That's so sweet of you. I don't think I was so depressed or that I got an anxiety attack. This post is just a reflection of my frustration, hehe! Take care…and thanks again for your good wishes.

Vigs: Heat has sure taken a toll on me!

dhinchak: I tried the pardon trick too…..but no avail :|

Sat: I am clueless as far as directions are cocnerned. arrey this is the first time that am getting down at a wron station…umm.maybe not the first time, but I don't make mistakes like theser all the while!

2005-04-07 18:38

Gundu: That lady was so huge that she would have crushed me….:|

Kaps: Hmm…interersting observation, but I think the report is a solid case of generalisation. I know that guy, when he has to speak in Hindi na, he will speak properly….total put on and a fake accent that was!Thanks for sharing the link though :)

Dodo: All this n more ;)

Vidya: Oh well….he had some work with me….no casual call as such….:P

Deeps: I know! Such an irony na….maybe after a few eyars in the profession if I read this post, I will be laughing my ass out! hehe!

2005-04-07 18:44

lol, you are a nanhi si jaan ne ways,but again u got the ultimate tool for such ppl, start yapping :-@ buhaha

2005-04-07 18:50

hehe Partha thatha seems to be very serious about what we posting in here!…LOL@prescription!

2005-04-07 19:17

Gratisgab: U have to hear the accent to believe it! Shessssssssh, too much! (Somehow forgot to reply u….) Glad you visited, keep visiting :)

2005-04-07 23:42

rubbish! An idiot can write such foolish things

2005-04-08 09:14

Rohan: Excuse me? What?

2005-04-08 10:36

am with u on the whole directions thing…even i cant rem them for nuts and mumbai must hot as hell now coz Pune definitely is with all the power cuts here!

Do well in ur Exams and Stay safe.

2005-04-08 12:17

Awww, buhaha.

Fikr not. just 2 days to go. and about determining which side is west, simple rule:

1. Determine if you are moving North or South.
- Southern bound trains read Churchgate, CST, etc.
- Northern bound read Borivali, Kalyan, Virar, etc

2. If you are moving North, west is to your left. If moving South, west is to your right.

2005-04-09 11:20

Yeah. I know you make mistakes.
Like going in the suburban without your purse (or was it ur pass) and getting caught by the police and all!!!

2005-04-10 19:03

Sat: Police? Excuse me? When have I ever mentioned that I have been caught by police….yea I have ben caught by Ticket Checkers, but by no stretch of imagination can they be equated to police……Haven't you ever committed bloopers in life? am sure, living alone in USA might have resulted into many mini-disasters, probably something you might not have even blogged about!

2005-04-11 01:30

Vintage Shobha…words, words, words…I like it. :)

2005-04-11 10:28

Candy: Oh god, it's damn hot over here! But I guess Pune must be worse…

Dee: Hey, thanks ya, that little piece of info I should programme it inside my head….seems helpful….

Ramana: Heyaaaa! How are you? Long time….:) and thank u…:)heehe

2005-04-12 09:34

Ramana: On second thoughts, brevity and me……..nnaaaah! ehehhee

2005-04-12 09:45

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2005-04-13 05:12

Hi sweetheart
Looks like the exams have frayed your nerves. I agree that 1 hour before the exam, any kind of plan alteration is like confusion on the plate. Like ur friends' comments…. ah ha ha

So next time any fat woman comes along, remember the mumbai train experience we had, put it into act. Till this day i ll never forget the astonished look i had plastered on my face when u screamed ur balls out…. freaked me out as to what people have to bear everyday to travel.

And i guess ur charm has worked its way to old classmates as well so much so that ur being hunted down n caught offhand. ha ha

I wish u all the best in this colourful life of ur's…. Do well in the exams dear

2005-04-13 05:28

Vaibahv: Will chk that out….

Soms: HAHHAHAAHA! That incident….well, that is just one-off.What you think, everyday I scream at people? :p :p…..that stupid woman would have risked chitti's life…..neways…oh well…..charms on old classmates…Oh puhleeze :| Sad he was…useless, wanted to get some work done! Neways, mail me back soon….tadah! :D

2005-04-13 05:49

hi first time here…it is irritating when u get distracted nad cant study. i usually dont get sleep the night before exams. have been up all night sometimes….anyway all the best for ur exams…

2005-04-14 12:41

Krishna: Oh god, I guess one has to have a sound sleep before exam. Nahi toh, it just is impossible to write an exam properly without feeling sleepy. Glad that you dropped by….Do you blog?

2005-04-14 13:49

Hey Shobha Iniya puthandu nal vaalthukal !! :p

2005-04-14 15:36

Keshav: New year wishes ku miga nanri :p (Hows my cocktail Tamil?:p) Wish you the same… :)

2005-04-14 18:07
Tam Bhram:

Why are you swearing? Cant you write without swearing?

2005-04-16 03:31

Mini - bloopers? Yes. Mostly minor cooking disasters. But never like taking the wrong train and ending up somewhere. Not even while exploring the urban sprawl of New York City, and Washington DC.
I do get oriented quite easily and keep track of where I go.

I have committed some really stupid blunders - like going for my TOEFL exam an hour and a half late!!!. But no way equalling you getting caught by the ticket examiners. (Twice, was it? )

2005-04-16 03:44


nice post - but why the fuck are there are so many fucks in this entry ? hmmm some dumbfuck tried to impress u with his english and u call him dumbfuck :)

2005-04-17 08:33

Tam Brahm: Hmmm……..my blog, my space…..

Sat: Ummm…..wots life without bloopers…urs wud be boring :P

Reena: I didn't get you…wots da big deal if I swear…

2005-04-17 10:43

Bloopers committed by me - are definitely NOT enjoyable by me. I like watching them, and laugh at others committing them, but definitely would not like to be in one!!!.
You know it - you have been in many yourself. Surely you wouldnt laugh at yourself for getting caught by Ticket Checkers.

2005-04-19 03:20

Sat: I can easily laugh at it now. I did so then too…and trust me, it ain't a big deal getting caught by Ticket Checkers in Mumbai, not that I travel ticketless all the time….and I guess I end my argument here…over n out!

2005-04-19 05:14

Hey Shobha,
Thanks for your comments at my blog, I am proud et al when I read your blog and found that you were a journalism student!! You should be good at what you do - what with you recognising talent…..

2005-04-19 17:22

Quite an eventful day, I must say … pretty stressful for just before an exam… i am so thankful that i have to just walk a couple of hundred metres to get to the exam hall !!!

Btw, did u have to understand the law. I had tht u only mug up such stuff :D

As for the accent, its not very difficult to locate ppl with completely developed accents … even if they never went abroad or even worked in a call centre … but that must have been surprising … u shd have said something like "i found ur earlier accent much better" that wud have swept him off his feet and wud have been back at the old stuff in mins … and wud prove if he was really trying to do it to impress u !

2005-04-21 15:53

Shobhi its high time to update ur blog ! Vacation matlab poora time sone ka nahi.we need a new post cmaon.

2005-04-26 09:41

What, no new post?? Whatever happened to 'no brevity', girl?? ehehe…just kidding, you must be busy with exams, hmm? Do well in the rest..

2005-04-26 12:02


2005-04-28 13:34

yeah creppy… but you should really update now:P

2005-04-29 16:08


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