Monday, July 25, 2005


Aaaah, that's my pathetic attempt to con a word. But well, what the hell. Hello people...How have you all been doing? Life's become hectic for me but well, I met Ridhish and Bhai the other day :D

Ridhish and me started blogging about the same time. We both have known each other for the past 2 years. So I was all excited and looked forward to meeting him. When I started blogging, we belonged to a small coterie of bloggers (aint that a nice collective noun?) who had all started blogging round the same time. Me, Vidya, Ashwin, Ridhish (dumbo, doesn't blog anymore..grrr), Shonu etc. etc. Infact it quite funny. I got acquainted to Mumbai bloggers only after I started visiting Ridhish and Vidya's blogs. And they both reside in Australia. So well, to cut the story short, we both go a long way Also Ridhish is the one who is responsible for the template that I have currently, he designed it for me :D

Pranshu....It was so much fun meeting him too :D An absolute sweetheart :D So, myself, Ridhish, Bhai and BBC decided to meet up and what a meet up it was! As usual, I started my budbud......but I had someone here who just about overtook me as far my chatterbox skills are concerned. Ridhish, I bow to thee....Kitna bolta hain yaar....Hahahahaha! As we both competed as to who spoke the maximum, Poor Bhai and BBC were left with no chance but to keep mum :p But well, this just happened only for 15-20 minutes :p Bhai gave a polite excuse of a sore throat for not talking, but well, we know it better, don't we, Ridhish? ;) hehehhee!

It was just meeting old pals and catching up! I had great fun. Of course, we spoke endlessly...had pav bhaji, coffee, Mayonnaise roll outside my college......Boy, it was one fun day :D You will find masaledar spicy gossip added versions of blogmeet at Bhai and Ridhish's blog (he promised me that he will blog) Don't believe it I say..:p Also, thank you for the books Bhai :D You da best >:D


Wig-nes said...

bataya bhi nahi!

Vidya said...


satosphere said...

Was the title an attempt at punning? It works, for a while.

Seems that you have had a whale of a meat (now, that is a pun :) )

Miss blogmeets nowadays.
Do not know many other bloggers here.

Anonymous said...

sniff snifff///ise kahte hai jale pe namak chidknaa... meet ke saath saath khaane kee baat bhee kartee hain!!!! sob sob!

yeah i still remember wht masti we alll used to ve on the blog conferences...jhakaaas! Ridhish...visit my blog sometimes baba n say a baar bhee u gave me dhokhaa...!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wah kya scene hai. It was great to see you. Jassa socha tha wassi hi nikili.

Pranshu was quiet, and BBC didnt really get a chance to speak, I got to know her more during our Rikshah journey home then the whole meet :P. Aur pranshu se agle din milna nahi a suprise visit from couldnt get time of to go see him

Wasse Miss sonali ji (i hope you are reading this), I tried calling you 3 times, but twice you didnt answer and once the phone was switched off, busy banne ki koshish?? :P

I'm proud of the fact that i almost overtook you in the chatterbox department, I'll quote you and put it on my resume ...;)

Bakki sab khushal mangal..enjoying my stay in qatar, I hope you are fine after those floods in mumbai...

take care and hope you become a bus conductor sooner rather then later...what say pranshu??

- Ridhish

Vaibhav said...

wow! suchha nice event to hear about. Ridhi boy came and went and I never came to know:(. man! you forgot about the lunch at which you had invited yourself at my place?? not good....grrrr

Shobha said...

Gundu: maine bataya tha.....grr

Vidya: Come soon ;) We will have Paani puri at the Mumbai streets...majja will come :D (Psst....Co-ordinate with dumdum :D)

Sat: Am sure thr wud be many....Indians are everywhr! Am sure there would be Indian bloggers in ur campus!

Shonu: We missed u re :p BTW I told them about the RJ incident :p hehehe

Ridhish: Jyaada have mein ud mat, next time, I will beat you....This time, wasn;t expecting this chatter avalanche :p

Vaibhav: There's always a next time :)

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

sahi hai..:)
but dieeeeee you are too busy to meet rest of us basturds.even me who comes to DOM n thane all da time…..
>:P dieeeeee working ammales dieeeee

2005-07-25 19:08

Rishish will blog? I'll believe it when I see it! ;)

2005-07-29 08:02

I too had plans to meet two of my fellow Mumbai bloggers in Marine Drive today. But damn to Mumbai monsoon…grrrrrrrr..

I hate em :(

Anyway…nice template and blog is kewl too.


2005-07-30 05:28

That Mayo Roll was one muaah thing ;) I'll come up with my version of the meet soon :) n I doubt bigtime that dadda will update :P

2005-07-30 08:04

Andy: DHUTh darpok, bhag gaya aaj :p

Khushee: U said it!

Zoonie: I never thought I will say this, but I am beginning to hate this incessant rains too. Damn brought Mumbai to a standstill, but well, its futile to blame the rains, its our administration. Oh well…..Thanks for visiting…keep dropping by :)

Bhai: Waiting for the post!

2005-07-31 17:28


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