Saturday, January 10, 2004

Building Parties

As I am writing this there is a building party going on in the neighbouring housing society. This is something very typical to people who live in apartments in Mumbai, Guess its popular everywhere else too. Every new yearmany housing societies have a get-together. they have their own typical idiosyncrasies.

A party is incomplete without musical chairs. Its so much fun seeing moti ladies running to grab the chairs. heheheheee!

There has to be an antakshari. Goodness! it then becomes gathering of all besuraas.........even as i am writing this, there is an antakshari going on.......and trust me I wanna run away from my place. They are murdering the songs. But there will exist one person who will sing well and He/She would be irritated to death coz s/he are supposed to oblige everybody by singing. Poor souls....are bored to death. But some of them enjoy every moment of their brief period of limelight and so they oblige requests from everybody.

Whats a building party without naach gaana! So this year, its Kal Ho Naa Ho all the way. Its the time to disco................Its must-have song. Previously it was Dil chahta hain........Koi was there everywhere. Children over here take centerstage. Non-stop practice, endless rehearsals, costumes, make up, everything is managed by children and the teens!

Also how can I forget Housie, the number game. There would be one Patil uncle from every building who would compere the show in his own inimitable style. He would occupy the centerstage with others surround him anticipating every number.

There would also be sports. Running race, relay, lemon 'n' spoon, Book Balance etc. etc. for the kids. Parents are the most excited during this event. One should see the way they come and cheer their children. Its a matter of pride if your daughter defeated your neighbour's son, pappu.......

Now who can forget the food. There are some losers in every hsg soc. They would turn up only when the dinner is served.

I used to love building parties, infact I still do. I used to take part in all dances (filmi). It used to be so much of fun. One thing I used to love was rehearsals. All the friends used to gather together and have so much of fun. There used to be this empty house always, so all our dance practice would go on there. All our Christmas vacations used to be spent rehearsing the dance steps.

Our building parties were so popular that other building residents would queue up in their terrace to watch us perform. I remember we used to have loads of Christmas vacation homework in school........but wat da heck! Nobody cared! We were too busy with our dances, drama etc. Parties like this have their own unique character. Some memories I will always cherish! :)

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