Monday, January 05, 2004

Somethings I love doing

Hmm......I just loving moon gazing. I can do that for hours together and just not get bored. I simply loveee it.

I love balloons. I always like to buy gas ballons...loads of them and then go to my terrace and then just let it the blue sky and just watch them. Wow! can anything be more better!

I just love watching kids play. they are so adorable. Especially toddlers.....they are amazing. The way they speak, the way they walk........everything is fascinating.

I love nature. I love going for long walks where there is ample greenary. I would never get tired walking. Obviously Mumbai does not offer me such luxuries.....But am always on hunt for such locations.

Love reading a book near a window, sitting on a comfy couch, when it is raining outside with a amma's hot filter coffee. Wow! nothing like it.........haina!

Meeting up with friends and yapping non-stop! Total timepass......

Going to my school. I miss those days ya.....

Talking on phone with friends.

I love elephants. They are my favourite animal. They are so cute, the best actually. A ride on an elephant wud be so amazing. hehehehehe! not crazy...but I love it!

Hrishikesh Mukherjee's films and RK narayan's novels! love them!!!!!!!!!

Love beaches and can gaze the sea for hours on end.

Visiting my patti......mean my gramma......she is an absolute sweetheart!
many more......

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