Monday, March 29, 2004

Taklu MOI!!!

Hey people, my exams are going on....but I am so bored, So decided to post anyways. :D I read Kiruba's latest post (permalink unavailable). The post talks about how he's gonna miss her daughter's hairlocks coz it is the tonsure time again. In the Hindu religion it is imperative that a child have a "mundan" (tonsure) at least once. After a lil' bit of googling I got some info on the significance of this event. (scroll down)

The process is called Chudakarma.
First time cutting of hair, 1st year or 3rd year
This ceremony of the first tonsure is to be performed in the first or third year of the child. The hair is consecrated and offered to the respective family deities. Celebrations or chanting of mantras are not involved.

Even my parents had had my head tonsured when I was barely one. (Well if u a Tam-Bram, U just can't avoid it!) I was taken to Pazhani for the tonsure. It was during the month of November I believe. My parents say that i was pretty excited seeing the new place. Hils, temple, noise, that place fascinated the little me! But I had no inkling that the sole reason that I had come there was to make me mottai (bald). Well....the day dawned and I was taken to the person who was supposed to tonsure my head. I was made to sit down in front of that man. Initially I was a bit cool but later I became restless (that's what Attai says to me). I just couldn't understand y the hell was I made to sit in front of this strange looking man with dad holding me tight and mom looking at the entire thing as if some comedy is happening....Ok .not comedy but was an amusing sight! After some fuss they put thanda thanda cold water on me! OOOOOOOO! That was it! I was very irritated. Somehow at the time Appa's hold over me loosened and well..... I simply ran. Amma Appa couldn't comprehend what was happening and it took it took like 2-3 seconds for them to register that her daughter is actually running away from the the spot. Then Appa ran behind me followed by Amma. HAHAHAHAHA.......Hilarious....Pity I dont remember the incident properly but my Attai describes it so well, that it makes up for it! Well I ran merrily but to my dismay I was caught immediately. Appa caught me and then gave me one whack and then took a bawling me to the barber. :(((. Later my tonsure took place without any hitch. This time appa made sure he held me tight! ;) But I wonder now how funny the scene must have been..with me running away In Pazhani, with so many people around, and appa running after me and amma running behind appa......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and I crack up! But I look so cute when i was mottai as a child. awwwwww! I look the cutest. I think I should go back to my books now! hm.......and I am very angry with Haloscan, my commenting tool. All my comments of my archived posts have disappeared, I fail to understand why! If u guyz know any remedy for this, Plz tell me! If not well...plz. suggest some good commenting tool which wudnt eat up my archived posts ka comments! Chalo then......ciao........:D

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