Monday, March 15, 2004

Watta day!

EggJham time and My college xerox fella does brisk business. So manyyy stuff to be photocopied.....My entire morning was spent in doing just that. I was thoroughly hassled seeing so many papers. I am in such a situation that I don't know where to start and where to end.......Well lets leave it at that, otherwise this post of mine will become a whine-board! Ok.......I leave my college throughly puzzled and confused looking at the photocopies and I head towards my bus-stop. Now the frequency of my bus is not all that great.........Therefore the sight of people pouncing towards my bus on its arrival is not uncommon. It was afternoon and it was so hot.......I am sick of the heat..........Its so bloody hot! Therefore to stand at the bus-stop is like a total pain. So you can imagine how relieved I was when I saw my bus coming and Like everybody else urs truly also ran towards the bus.

Now, I enter the bus with the agility of a long-distance runner! (Well I have to compliment myself coz I was so thoroughly tired coz of the sweltering heat....but still managed to make it.*grin*) Now as I entered the bus I felt there was this man who also rushed in exactly the same manner as I did......hell no....even more faster than I did and he brushed me aside and caught a seat. Now my curiousity took over and instead of searching for seats I looked behind to check who the hell that man is! I saw this man scampering for a seat with a wallet in his hand. I was about to turn back but I was like.....Hell....wait a minute..that wallet looked similar! and I quickly checked and to my shock it realised that my wallet was missing. I screamed at him and asked for my wallet. Now see haaan, he has the nerves to say that it is his wallet, a ladies wallet as his wallet. (Duhhhhh!!!!! He was an old man, 60+ probably, dirty clothes, long beard, but what agile running! As i started screaming for my wallet, he suddenly changes his statement saying that he saw my wallet down and ran in to give me.....duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... and I felt like grabbing him and throwing out of the damn runing bus. and then he has the cheek to tell me, U can check ur wallet, which I promptly did!
Suddenly Flashback:
I remembered I was with "K" at the same bus stop and I had heard her screaming about someone grabbing her purse to remove her wallet. But I did not see the man!

I also remembered "M" telling me that she caught someone opening her college bag. and that he was an old man!

Well...well..... It all flashed one by one. So he is actually an bus-stop regular! By now I was so irritated that i really wanted to slap him tight hard. But he was an old man, I could never bring myself do that. So I kept referring him as "AAP", I still don't believe I did that and I made him get down off the bus. Should have handed him to the police.....but I didn't do that! *sigh* I freaked coz the wallet contained everything, My college i-card, decent cash, BCL library card, my railway pass, my creidt card....freak!

Well all's well that ends well! But two things to note........
1) I am not taking that bag again to college coz its really easy for pickpockets to steal. Appa had warned me often but I really liked the bag so much that I always ended up taking it to college. Its a hard fact to digest that Appa always knows best......huh!

2) And I am never fighting with Amma in the morning.....again a stupid argument to begin my day. if u wud remeber, I got caught by the ticket collector on the day when I had a silly fight with amma. Well....

Anyways eventful day to say the least. Seeya guys and take care. I might not update often coz its *curse* exam time........byeeeeee! Seeya soon! :D

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