Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Moi Back

Heyllo ppl! Yea.....I am very much alive. Sorry, I cudnt update at all. I am just so caught with my internship, that I just did not get any time and most importantly the will to update. Sorry again coz I have not been replying to ur comments properly.....Sachi sorry...will reply yo them soon....plz check! :D

I should confess that I am lucky to be interning during election time. Got to see so much of campaigning, rallies, slogans, etc. etc. Its no wonder that Indian politics is regarded as The GREAT TAMASHA. Its weird....but so fascinating. I sometimes just wonder what kind of culture shock this would be to the foreign correspondents covering it. hehehehheee!

Indians are over-emotional people and the politicians take maximum advantage of this fact and Boy.........How! The political rallies can be classified as a classic case of stupidity and opportunism combined together. One also gets to see an overdose of much chamchagiri can one bear to see...Shesssssssh! The biggies (I mean the big ministers) are almost regarded as Gods. Sheeesssssh again!

Also, one can hear the most amusing slogans. Sample this one.....

During a Mulayam Singh rally....people started screaming when he descended from his helicopter.
Hullabol , Hulla Bol, Mulayam Singh Hulla bol.....
Hullabol , Hulla Bol, Mulayam Singh Hulla bol!!!!!!

I really found it very funny.....Well if any of u bloggers are from UP and understand the word, Hulla Bol, please enlighten me.

During a Manohar Joshi Rally.....

Maushi, Kaki, Akka Tai...
Dhanush Baan var button daaba...
shiva senyacha (wotever) karava.... {I forgot the word}

(Did u guys note the word Akka?)
The shiv Sena has convieniently ignored the Mee Mumbaikar and mee Maharashtrain thingy and now goes full on to garner votes from the minorities by such stupid slogans. Plzzzzzzz.......double dholki all the way....huh!
and now Uddhav Thackerey goes on to release an album which has songs singing praises about the plurality of Maharastra. Sad....

The other day I was watching 'follow the leader' in NDTV. This programme is all about following the campaign trail of any politician. The leader (?) in question was the loudmouth Mani Shanker Aiyer. He's apparently contesting from the constituency of Myladudurai.

The first thing Mr. Aiyer does is visit a church and then on spotting a nun, immediately falls on her feet and asks for her blessings and I thought she was considerably younger to him.. Well...tht's not the point. I remember his famous declaration of being an atheist on Barkha Dutt talkshow. That shot just flashed by my eyes and as if reading my mind, Nupur Basu (reporter) asked him the question, "Butarent u supposed to be a atheist?"
Aiyer replies, Yea I am an atheist but at the same time I am a secularist. So i respect all relegions. I was like wot shit....does he know the meaning of atheist or simply goes on painting the town red by talking shit as per the demands of the situation. he changes the definition of atheism, secularism as per his whims and fancies and talks rubbish on the televison making a complete ass of himself. Well....when has he not made an ass of himself is another question altogether! He also went tot he temple, prayed, did abhishekhams and all. Blah.........!

Then he goes and plays cricket with the children shouting hee hoo haaa and crap. Even kirit somaiyya did that and famously decalred I am a man of masses. I know, if u bowl a ball or bat for an over then U r a man of masses. (plzzzzzzzz)

After sometime, Aiyer goes dorr to door canvassing. At a house he's thrust a new born baby and he's asked to name the baby. He names the baby RAJIV! :|........and then proudly goes to state, there are many priyankas, rahuls, Rajivs, Indiras in this locality. People keep coming to me asking me to name their child. Bloody sychophant. I dont understand Y shud all the Congress campaigns have posters of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi.!!!!! Priyanka Gandhi hasnt even fought an election and Rahul Gandhi is a newbie. Y their posters! Such things seriously irritates when u keep seeing them all the while.

POLITICIANS SUCK.....but the elction drama is fun! total fun! :D

Also, I even came on NDTV, participated in the hindi version of We, the people and was an audience member in BIG FIGHT. I met Rajdeep Sardesai..........yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I went upto him and like a total fool told him how he's one of my favourite journo and shook hands with him. I dinno wotelse to say. Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!! Well I also saw Harsha Bhogle......I love him.....he's so cute!!!!!!! Ok, I am shutting my trap here. But Yayyyyyyy! again :D :D :D :D

Anyways sayonaara for now. seeya laterz! :D

P.S. : I VOTED.......YAYYYYYY!first time zindagi mein vote kiya and I am so proud of myself. The black mark on my index finger looks gross but I am so proud of myself..........:D :D :D.....yayyyy...hope u guyz voted too...if not sachi....Shame on u! (conditions apply)

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