Monday, May 03, 2004


I love kids, I love being with them. U can say that they are my glucon-d, they can pep me up in an instant. I might be low and down in dumps, but a glimpse of a child smiling is enough for my mood to change.

Today I got a window seat again to sit :D :D :D. I was there reading my Indian Express when this kid suddenly comes and just stands by the window. All I can say that if the kid in my last post had laddoo-cheeks, then this one had double laddoo cheeks. She was beautiful. She was taklu (Bald) too.......Such an adorable bundle of joy :D :D and I easily forgot my newspaper and began observing her.

Suddenly, she turned to her mother who was standing right behind her and asked for "kurmure" (its a kind of eatable people, I dunno what u call it in English though! ) Her mom replied that she doesn't have them. Now this kid started screaming at her....."I told you to take the packet, why didn't u take?, Now i want them now, I want it NOW!" The mother calmly told her that she doesn't have it now and that she would give it to her after going home. But the kid wanted it right then and there.

The kid then started screaming. Mind u people, the way she screamed, was frightening. Then she started hitting her mom. She was violent, very violent I should add. She was a bulky kid and pretty healthy and strong too. And she hit her mom with full strength to show her frustration. I was very shocked because I could see that the kid was veryyyyyyyyy angry. An anger which i thought was uncommon among kids of her age, she was all of 3. No amount of pacifying could make any difference. Her mom tried to distract her in everyway possible, but she was just not ready for it. Her mom even told that they would get down in the next station and buy a packet for her, but the kid didn't budge. Seeing the commotion, many ladies volunteered to pacidfy the kid, but the kid was adamant and screamed at everybody. A few ladies sitting nearby even got hit the same weay her mom got hit. (I thought that was very bad behaviour)

Many women present there volunteered to give her chocolates, peppermint, water, juice or whatever eatable they could lay their hands upon. But she remained adamant. Suddenly her behaviour grew even more violent and she started slapping her mom, punching her eyes and it was no baby hitting, it sure hurt her mother. It was a sad sight. I tried my level best to control that kid because I couldn't bear the way the lady was taking all the ebatings. But well, I was unsuccesful.

The mother had a total helpess look on her face. She hit her daughter once in a bid to keep her quiet but that didn't help. After sometime everytime her daughter hit her, she hugged her, tried to divert her attention but to no avail. She was totaly embarassed by the whole situation. I really felt sorry for her, I really did. The kid kept thrwoing tantrums and screaming her lungs out. The atmosphere in the whole compartment was edgy. In the meanwhile my station came and all I did was mutter a take care to the lady and left.

I was really affected by the incident. I felt very bad for the lady and I was so angry at the kid. I really wanted to throw her out. Mind you people u r hearing such words from a person who goes goo-goo gaga over kids. I think I can handle tantrums to a certain extent, but this was just too much. I think it reflected poor upbringing,(I may be wrong). the kid was 3.5 years old, an age where kids understand simple things. But I must also say that lady had infinite patience. She was calm throughout, did not shriek at the kid and did not hit the kid.

But I realised how tough it is being a parent. Well I have always regarded that parenting is a diffiuclt job, but this was a small glimpse for me of how it can be. For many it can be an insignificant incident, something happening in the neighbourhood, something which they have are used to seeing everywhere. but well, it still sort of saddened me.

Amma, I know I have had my share of tantrums when I was a kid (but none this bad, am sure) and I know it might have been difficult for you. But you are wonderful for the infinite amount of patience you have possessed. Thank you Amma and sorry! I love you.......!

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