Friday, October 29, 2004

Adventure beckons....

I have been selected for a 'Exploring real India' programme. This is a student programme organised by a Mumbai-based NGO called Initiative in the association with NAPM, National Association of Public Movements. I would be going to Mozda village in Gujarat and working with Paryavaran Surkasha Samiti (PSS) there. I am very excited about this trip. I would be staying in the village and assisting PSS. I have never been to the extreme rural parts of India and this is gonna be very exciting. It won't be easy as I am just not used to a rural life. It would be a totally new experience and for 10 whole days!!!! HAHAHAHA! I am ready for the challenge I would be leaving on 31st morning and would be back by 10th. Till then Sayonaara people! Bubyeeeee!

But before I leave, I just have to share this hilarious conversation I over heard. My neighbour's son is getting married. Their house is like a mini-chatram (marriage hall in tamil), so manyyyyyyyyy relatives. I over heard one of them telling everybody in the room,"

Nammalodu Kalayanam ellam vandootu romba SACREDLY DIVINE aakim."

Translation: "Our Tam-Bram marriages are so SACREDLY DIVINE!"

My god.......ROFLLLLLLL! ahhahahahahaaa......SACREDLY DIVINE..... heehehehheee!



You have a great day and all the best for everything in life.

Ciao guys! Tadah!

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

speakin about tamil marriages…saw one in the movie 'ROJA'+"hum hain rahi pyaar ke"(…know my film sense sucks!)….Couple acting all bhola-bhala…winking,tabla and classical music in bckground….egging them to go on…and I still don't believe they sit and garland each other…..but the food is jhakaas…idli,vada,unlimited…i wish all my pals turn south indian and get married tomorow itself…….namalodu kalyanam Saapa very tasty aakim aakim!(tam-bram marriage food is so very tasty..if i am nt wrong)

2004-10-29 20:02

Dhinchak: Not bad Dhinchak, not bad at all. Its Kalayana Saapadu, just a small typo! hehee! cool!

2004-10-29 20:14

the pictures are actually of pretty high resolution… just save them to ur disk and u can see… in my IMG tag i have reduced height and width by 50 % to maintain the aesthetics

n good luck for the trip… hopefully u will be seeing some "real india"

n by the way… a wedding in the neighbourhood shd be fun ;-)

2004-10-30 03:30

All the best Shobha. Your chance to discover the idea called India. Have fun and get some insights. Jot them down here. best,

2004-10-30 05:51

Wat a nice experience its going to be…a great opportunity to talk to guys who comprises 65% of india…
Have been to rural places many times but never had the opportunity to work with them…
All the best…
and update us with all the details after coming back…

2004-10-30 08:48

Awesome news girl…..u so rock! take ur camera along wid ya and when ya come back post pis……be safe….bye

2004-10-30 09:19

poor gujrat .. first earthquke .. then riots .. now u :)) buhahaha

2004-10-30 15:11

LOL @Gundee….*wink*

2004-10-30 19:38

having phun on Narmada Highway:P. come back with lots of stories…and click lotsa snaps!!

2004-11-01 11:26

hope u r having a gr8 time in gujju land!! :)

and do get hold of ESSM.. it really is cant-miss movie!! am sure u'll appreciate the story if not anything else


2004-11-01 20:14

Enjoy :)

2004-11-02 03:42

listen everyone me and my lover vignes are gonna be busy.pls dont disturb us.We are going to Mount Hump :D

2004-11-03 08:36

lol @ viggy

have fun :D. dont forget the present + the world record thing we talked about ;o)

2004-11-03 09:01

and who ever says such stuff anymore?

2004-11-03 19:28

Hey that's great .. do let us know about ur trip when u come back ok and also pls lemme know where is this village situated in Gujrat. ?

take care :)


2004-11-05 13:30

Hey… wthats going to be some tough trip…

I hope u make it through the ten days.. ;)

2004-11-06 14:21

seems to nbe really interesting.. waiting to read about the adventure !!

2004-11-08 10:39

Hi!….howz u shobs??

2004-11-08 18:44

so how was your trip?

2004-11-11 06:03


The "real" India can be quite a transformational experience!
Incidentally, how does one get in touch with NAPM regarding this programme?
Lemme know please.

2004-11-12 05:46

I wanted to sing Happy birthday to you! in tamil…tried watchin SS music whole day…cudnt figure it out…so here's it in english"Happy Birthday to You…….."…I have one question though on ur b'day Why do People call u Amma?…any relation to Jayalalitha??? :D

2004-11-12 14:06

hey shobha…belated wishes…

2004-11-12 15:08

Kpower: hehehe, yea it was whole lot of fun :D

Josh: Have jotted down things and will blog about it fast :)

Gaurav: i guess everyone should se for themselves what rural India is all about…

Candy: I rock…hehehee! oh yea..ehehe!

Gundu: Main bhi wahi soch rahi thi….then I said….BUHAHAHAHA! :p

Dhinchak: :P

Reiya: Yea clicked :D

2004-11-12 18:32

Shreyas: I sure will try to watch the movie.

Khushee: i did :)

Vishag: heheheeeee!

Dee: Dhuh to ur world record….

Sat: Oh sat, u dunno, loads of ppl say that…..

Bhargav: Will post soon Bhargav :)

2004-11-12 18:38

Diablo: It was a tough trip no doubt, but a great trip at that :) Glad you dropped by :)

Pallavi: hiee…you will read it soon :)

Gans: hie Ganesh….I am good re.howwie u?

kpower: Post would be put up soon :) trip was great!

Ronald : Dya wanna take part in the same programme? If yes, then it is the NGo Initiative you should contact and not NAPM. Leave behind your email id, I will mail the telephone numbers to you :) Glad you dropped by, keep visiting:)

Dhinchak: Aww….thanks Dhinchak :) Oh well…lambi kahaani hain…..all coz of the one of the buhaha ka brainwave……

Ron: hey Thanks! Glad you dropped by :)

2004-11-12 18:44


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