Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Well...tomorrow I have an exam. A subject called journalism and public opinion. Most of the topics that we have are obviously current affairs. Iraq war also figures in it. Well I was surfing the net for some stuff when I came across this.........

Thank you tony Blair

The most incredible piece of Bullshit......AHHAHAHAHA! I thought jingoistic nonsense existed only in India. Oh well, its the same everywhere. (Well I tend to generalise at times) I am just very amused by the way people justify the disaster in Iraq.

This is just
This takes the cake!!! This is the way they justify the war. Holycrap! Dohhhhhhhh!!!!!
Bush and Blair need to be

This sucks.... These arseholes should read this. But I doubt if sense would prevail. HUH!

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

hey shobha,

gud luck for ur exams… Guess after voicing your opinions sooo many times on ur blog, n also reading so many different voices, i dont think u would have any trouble with dealing with "opinions"…

As for Tony Blair, and his ilk, therez nothing that can be done… and as for the site, there will be an incredibly large number thrashing him… so one site which supports him doesn't make much difference… give him some support also, otherwise he will probably be the first prime minister of britain committing suicide in office… all the shame!!!

ok gud luck once again… and i have to rush to class!!!


PS: keep checking http://lordofthel… …

2004-10-07 04:51

Before Iraq war, there were deadly claws of Saddam and after this so called war of freedom,its american troops and local militia.Amidst all this the only entity who suffered are CIVILIANS..

2004-10-07 06:35

all the best for u r exams…Do well…

2004-10-07 06:35

all the best for your exams.. and a pretty interesting topic I would say to study …

2004-10-07 07:41

Frogman's blog is wow.. that guy has done a lot of work.. .. pleasure to read all the french too

2004-10-07 07:51

Unfortunaltely on such ocassions(after such readings) my vocab runs out and i have nothing but only this to say. wtf????

2004-10-07 12:37

U must see Fahreinheit 9/11 for more on misdoings of Bush's administration. Also, it is very interesting to note the wars in 20th century which took place because of US, check out this page http://odur.let.r…

2004-10-07 22:00
well wisher:

"These arseholes should read"….
Lady pls use better language. Doesnt give Shobha to anyone particularly a woman with the name Shobha. Dil pe math le…teek hai?

2004-10-07 23:31

Kpower: yea U r right, but well as I said, it just amuses me to no end to see people justifying the war. That sucks….Thanks for the wishes.

Gaurav: Thanks Gaurav :)

Pallavi: Hey, Hows you doing? Yea, it is of course a very interesting topic to study. Frogman's blog? Well..I will have to check out. But if its in french then not my cup of tea :)

Shodz: That was precisely my reaction when I came across such nonsense :|

Aditya: I have seen Farenheit 9/11. Also I am unable to open the link.

Well Wisher: Ummmmm……Don't you think I have used the least offensive language against scumheads like these? According to me they deserve no respect and no respect would be accorded.

2004-10-08 02:14

Link is http://odur.let.r…

2004-10-08 11:51

war is the dumbest solution to anything.
frogman's site is totally cool…he be fotugrapher:).
Best of Luck:D:D.
maine da vinci code padha:D.

2004-10-08 15:48

btw did u get the RSS stuff that u asked me???

2004-10-08 18:18

They who said so many things, do not know that The B-brigade@ buffoonery is just a reflection of how ignorant the rest of the world is. If the world were awake then it would be king and the B-brigade would be in the right place: The Court Jester:) But then the World is too busy being awed and overawed and bedazzled by The Simpson family!

PS: Good for ur War (EXams)…hope u wage it well and score well…no casualities at all okay!!!…luv ya

2004-10-08 18:26

All the best for your exam!

2004-10-09 02:45
Ashish Hanwadikar:

After all said and done, this is how Iraq and Afghanistan will look 50 years from now.

2004-10-09 11:02

Aditya: I will check it out :)

Reiya: Arrey reiya, he's a pro-war supporter. his justifications seem so hollow :|

Shodz: Thanks for explaining it to me. I got it lekin thodasa. Such things take time to get inside my head..ehheheee!

Deeps: Oh yea, true. Ignorance!!!! BTW howwie u re?

Khushee: Thanks Khush :D

Ashish: Well….all I hope that what you say will happen 50 yrs. from now. But the cynic in me refuses to let me believe the claim. Anyways…….:) Glad you dropped by….keep visiting :)

2004-10-10 07:19

wot i care. he be dumb:P. but nice snaps he clicks:D.

2004-10-10 15:57

Reiya: :P :P :P

2004-10-10 16:32


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