Monday, January 24, 2005

Death and hypocrisy

Premchand's KAFAN is so relevant even today. Take for example Hindi Film actress Parveen Babi's death.
People ignored her like plague when she was alive on the account of her mental illness. But scores of them coming to take the responsibility of her cremation. If at all little care was showered when she was alive, well, things would probably have been different! Its funny, when you are alive people just ignore you but the same person gets all the importance in the world post-death. It's as if they are being so magnanimous about the whole thing. The rituals hold so much importance. NONSENSE! Hypocrisy RULES! 21st century did someone say? Duhhhhh! Some things don't change! HUH! Also, Don't even want to get into the inheritance issues that willa rise now.

Premchand rocks, his stories are still so relevant to the social mileau.


Anonymous said...

I take your point and its valid and very true to reality too. But there is another perspective which shouldn't be ignored.
Not all people come to pay their last respects just because they care for rituals or their interest in inheritance of property.
As I see it, they might be stuck by guilt of ignoring someone when he needed support, when he was alive they were so busy living their own lives that they never cared for him. But, death - which is the final and eternal truth - occurs, they realize their mistake and in someway to overcome this guilt visit the deceased.

Might sound too optimistic to you...but i also found your views too pessimistic! :-) 

Posted by Anuraag

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

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Premchand Who?

2005-01-25 05:51
The Hissing Saint:

Hypocrisy has always ruled…

From the common man on the street to the hallowed priest in the temple…all are hypocrites.

In the case of Parveen Babi…..well one must also take into account the fact that she had chosen to alienate herself.

I dont know if you recall her silly claims of a conspiracy to kill her …..I mean it made no sense…..her claims were ridiculous

She was beautiful and a talented …….but she was also paranoid!!

2005-01-25 10:46

remember tht hindi lesson.. dunno if u had it too… about the funeral…. AUPchariktavash!!!..
its one word from school i will never forget !!
sheeesh and i didnt even know parveen babi was alive until i heard of her death :| .. i kinda liked her. :X

2005-01-26 01:11

even i had this notion she wasn alive. its very sad the way she died. ppl ignoring her ..that i didnt know. i thot she went into reclusion or something.

2005-01-26 03:20

True,,Premchand seemed to tell strories thats gonna rule tthe world till a long time…beautiful human emotions ethched out in his creations….i recently completed reading one of his great works "GODAN"….amazing.

Parveen…as reported waz a loner from alwasy…true…whtever u toldddd….!
and i happend to update something on that too..u may check out shobzeee…

2005-01-26 07:35

hindi short stories have a poignance which i have never felt in the english ones … perhaps its because i am better able to identify with these …

and yes ! hypocrisy and shallow knowledge (i cant recall the word for it right now!) are what rule this world now! it rules every conceivable industry today !

2005-01-26 09:34

totally agree with the karamchand comment..
regarding parveen babi…its a sad story but I think she wrote the story herself.

2005-01-26 23:27

oh god…what a dumb mistake.. i meant "premchand" of course.

2005-01-26 23:28

Remember Shobhi.. 12th standard hindi textbook first lesson..
kafan by premchand

2005-01-27 10:26

Speaking of Hindi literature …… I remember this one about Judwa bhai …. hilarious!! Ohhhh ….. That was not ur point …………… um ……. well all id say now is that Babi didnt live upto half of that song "jeete hai shaan se …. marte hai shaaaaaaannn seeeeeee!!!!"


2005-01-27 14:36

Even I thought she was dead till I read about her death!Remember drooling over her as a kid in one of amitabhs movies!:D:P

2005-01-28 07:52

How true, shobha…but this is how it is, right? We generally don't remember most people till they're dead. And the classic irony of the situation is that a person has to die for the world to know how important (or otherwise) the person was in the first place.

2005-01-29 13:59

she went crazy cause of bastard kabir bedi ##&%&^ #&%*^ #&&%

2005-01-31 07:18

i know wt u mean Shobha……our society is hypocritical in every which way…….a person is more valuable dead than alive……thats wt it projects, which in itself is a sad thought.

2005-02-01 18:51

reminds me of Lalita pawar's and Meena Kumari's Death.. SIGH

2005-02-02 06:17

Money has a lotta power over ppl with no conscience…..

2005-02-02 08:13

I had to copy ur anne franke quote. thought i'd say hi and thanks

2005-02-07 12:50


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