Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I am just irritated with certain people. People whom you love, you accept them for what they are. However there are certain things I cannot accept anymore. Funniest thing I have told them what's bothering me. But well...DUUUHUHHHHHHHHH! I hate stingy people....people who have all the money on earth but WON'T SPEND. Paisa, hain, nahi hain, ek hi baat hain....kanjoos they will be.all their fucking lives!


andy said...

ya allah!!.. what have we done?!!??..:| she is starting to sound like us.. she says chutya n all :| ..
yay >:D< harami buhahas..:P

Shrinivas said...

Dont generalise people by saying they are not sending look at the canadian guy in chat have sent soo soo much for Asin..(Asin make over) I feel there's all in the way we approach.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Russ: 1st andy changed with his steam inhalation talks now amma :(( nahi......what next.vighy listening 2 Boy/gay zone & BSB =))
help !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sam here:

Wat happened gal...Alls well? You sound really really pissed...

Btw, am comin back ! :D check da blog..

alak said...

this seems like my mindspeak rite here.

Shobha said...

Andaman: What's the connection between this post and me saying chutya haan! Kuch bhi...beats me.u gone total loco wonly!

Karan: Dont generalise people by saying they are not sending look at the canadian guy in chat have sent soo soo much for Asin..(Asin make over)
I didn't get a word of what you said. What canadian guy are you talking about? Please explain! :-s

Moonie: Hey...you smiling at my predicament? grr...hehe! Do you blog by any chance?

Russ: ROFl....gundu listening to Boy bands...BUHAHAHAHAHA....that would be something...HAHAHAAHA!

Sam: Aaah...well! Jaane do..good ya you coming during the ganpati season :D Majja!

Alku: Lot of arseholes out here Alku :| No wonder deja vu hain!

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.
Rohan Verma:

Hi Shobha,

I am a student at Stanford University, and passed out of DPS, in New Delhi.

I was hoping to send you an email regarding a map site for India I have been working on, MapmyIndia.com

Could you email me back, so I can send you details.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,
Warm Regards,

2005-08-24 08:48

Shaant amma shaant….:P:P

2005-08-25 15:57

What happened that makes you say this?
They wont spend for ur lunch or something?

2005-08-26 15:58

cool down will not be apt now as you already might have… :)
hope its not your relatives :P

2005-08-27 20:35

Rohan: Hey…my email id is in the sidebar of my blog. You can mail me there.

Buckwas: Shaant only I am……grr…

Sat: Do you think I would be angry just coz some close friend of mine didn't offer me lunch? :| U gotta be kidding dude…i am definitely not angry over such a flimsy reason.

Dubukku: OMYGOD! Dubukku….how are you? It's been such a long time :) I have cooled down but well I am still angry!

2005-08-28 06:23

Its hard with people you really care about… because you cant simply ignore them and I think its harder to accept it…

But with time I think we learn to either understand them and if not, then atleast learn to live with it.

In the meanwhile, can I offer you some chocolate??? :D (Ofcourse you will have to share them with me :P)

2005-08-28 12:10

What was it then?

2005-08-29 04:20

Sat: I am not gonna tell it here ;)

2005-08-29 05:11

I had to spend three years .. with my roomate who was as stingy as they came.. went crazy… then accepted it.. SIGH

2005-08-30 13:26


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