Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Random musings

**Before I start writing my new post just wanted to inform that my previous post was not about the forward that I received. It was about the thought provoking response I received for that forward. So, please scroll down and make it a point to read it. **


I read this and I felt sad. I don't know Sowmya personally. Neither do i know her as a blogger. Though, I had seen her comments in various posts, I somehow never bothered to check her blog. However, when I read Chakra's post informing about her demise, I felt bad. You know, it is very weird to read a blog of a dead person :| It really is. I cannot imagine what the family would be going through. I know, death is inevitable, a harsh fact of life. However, I just wonder, how would it be for the family to go through her blog post her demise. Would it threaupatic for the family or would it prove to be a hindrance for them in 'moving on....'? It's a very weird situation. At the end of the day, I just pray god that her soul rests in peace.

Couple of days back I went to meet Mr S for one of my stories. I knew Mr S as I interacted with him earlier too. It was just that I was meeting him after a couple of months. I reached his house and I rang the bell. Mrs S answered the door.
Me: Hello, is Mr S at home?

Mrs S: [puzzled expression] Aaapan Kon? {Whose this?}

Me: Oh, I am Shobha. Remember I had met Mr S in connection with a story I had done earlier. Is he there? I wanted to talk to him regarding a story I am doing now.

Mrs S: Oh, tey vaarley {he expired} [ I should add that the way she informed me about his death was really weird. Her tone was as if she was informing me that he's not home. No melodrama, absolutely matter of fact. :|]

Me: WHAT?????? Oh shit... I am so sorry....

Mrs S then proceeded to give me the details while I stood there shell shocked. She explained to me about Mr S's death in a very matter of fact way. I apologised profusely and after few minutes left the place. This was a perfect "what is life?" moment. I mean, I just go to meet someone and I get informed that he died. He was a sweet man, a very active citizen. Damn it.... This was the last thing that I had expected. I swear weird things happen to me....Dear God, may his soul rest in peace too...

I am talking too much about death na....Ok, let me give you a cool news. Let me introduce my Pakistani buddy to all you guys for he has stepped his baby feet in the world of blogdom. He is one of my nicest friends, an absolute sweetheart. Ok world, drumrolls please.....

Welcome NOOR

Please guys, go and visit his blog. He is a very interesting person and an Indophile. I am sure none of you would be bored. You know, currently he's facing a weird problem. He cannot access his blog hosted by Blogger/Blogspot. This is because, post the Danish cartoons controversy, the Pakistani government had banned many webjournal sites including blogger. Read more here Though he can write entries, edit them, he cannot view them in his blog. An optimist that he is, he feels it would be a temporary glitch. Anyways, visit his blog, it would make an enjoyable read.

P.S. In a very weird way....Noor's latest post also talks about death :|


Atlas said...

I have a weird feeling after following links in the first part of your post...first of a kind experience reading Sowmya's posts..have a churning in my stomach right now...Sometimes life offers the all that i can say.

reiya said...

may their souls rest in peace.

it is quite weird when people u know are no longer alive, its a bit difficult to believe that one day theyre here, next they arent.

i agree that death is inevitable, but its much more difficult to stomach when it happens to others as compared to ourselves.In one culture(red indian methinks), they celebrate death, because its the freeing of the soul. which brings me onto the subject of reincarnation...a sad yet intriguing post, makes one think.

on a lighter note, welcome to Noor :)! hope he can read his blog soon.

reiya said...

wot are ur thougts on reincarnation and "what happens after death"?

Chakra Sampath said...

Shobha.. Blogging is a recent phenomenon and bloggers are young in 99% of the cases. In that aspect, it is really really tough to see a 29 yr old die. I learnt that she is exactly of the same age as mine. Yet again this drove into my mind that life is very fragile.

visithra said...

Sometimes after a person dies and having that person know a lot of ppl - the family after a while tell the same story in a normal tone to everyone - one its to lessen the shock 2 its to reassure the person theyre ok