Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I sometimes think Indian media has this incorriglible knack of putting its foot in its mouth. Just a couple of days before Indian media went gaga as to how China has agreed to recognize Sikkim as a part of India and that an agreement will be signed to the following effect. But nothing like that happened. Infact Chinese officials had to issue a statement to clarify facts. Indian media for long has been indulging into speculative journalism and realms of newsprint and loads of time are being devoted to speculation in newspapers and news channels. I guess this is because of the increasing no. of news channels and their quest to be the first to broadcast the breaking news. I remember when Wisden was crowning the Indian cricketer of the century, the media was strife with speculations with some of the contenders being Sachin tendulkar, kapil Dev, Gavaskar etc. But a faux pas was committed by AAJ TAK when it publicly broadcasted that Sachin tendulkar was the winner when Kapil dev Bagged the coveted titile of Wisden indian cricketer of the century.
It was a great gesture from India's point of view with the Indian prime minister visiting China after a gap of nearly more than a decade and a half. Revival of trade links with China is a great step in boosting ecinimies of both the countries. But its not a win-win situation for india as the balance is strongly tilted towards China. China has gained the political approval of India by the latter recognizing Tibet as the autonomous region of People's Republic of China WITHOUT explicitily recognizing Sikkim as an integral part of India. The good news is only as far the trade relations are concerned. Gaining chinese recognition of sikkim being a part of india is hardly a matter of concern from an indian point of view. But China has scored with India recognizing Tibet which is sad becoz India didnt stand to gain anything POLITICALLY. Also i feel sad for a lakh odd Tibetans who stay in India and are fighting a losing battle to gain their homeland Tibet. India has always morally supported the Tibetans by giving their spiritual leader Dalai lama alongwith many tibetan citizens political asylum. The Indian Tibetans whom I have interacted with really want India to support their cause but i guess all's in vain now. With no reciprocal gestures as such by the Chinese, its advantage China all the way!

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