Saturday, June 21, 2003

Well Pottermania is contagious!!!!!!!!!!! Harry potter-- The Order of phoenix, released today. Harry potter is Mgea best seller in India atleast coz not many Indians are spendthrifts as far as books are concerned. But estimates suggest a pre-booking of more than 70,000 copies in India which is not a mean feat! and it might very well go up.
An interesting incident happened toay. I happened to accompany my friend to a book shop-cum- stationery shop. Its a kind of shop wherein one wouldnt expect novels and all coz mostly one would find only academic books there. I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of copies of the 6th volume of harry potter out for sale there. I asked the shopkeeper if they are offering any discounts on the purchase of the book. I asked him coz I had seen at many places including some web sites wherein they were offering upto 20% discount. On hearing my query the shopkeepr started laughing. " We are not selling the book with any discount coz the sales are very good." I interjected in between that i know many shops where they are selling books with a discount.He repleid, " Wahan dhanda achcha nahi chalta hoga. hamare dukaan par sabhi books jald hi bik jaayenge ( those shops might be incurring losses but we are not coz the sales are very good here and therefore no discounts.)" I couldn't help but chuckle. harry Potter and low sale? it seemed like an antithesis in itself. The reviews seem to be favourable. I cant help but wait to read it. any ways seeya!

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