Monday, June 23, 2003

Well its that time of the year again!!!!!!!! RESULTS!!!! its result time everywhere. Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi everywhere. personally i am not in favour of the Indian format of examination. The fate of a student depends on JUST ONE EXAMINATION.
I mean this is just not done. Parental pressure to perform well is another bane of a students life. A student is declared as worthless when the marks are low which is a very sad situation. All this results into the increasing rates of student suicides immediately after the board results are announced. All this is beacuse the system is very faulty which is only performance-oriented ( basis of one exam) and which focusses only on the academic aspect of a students life ignoring the creativity which a child might posess.Its very frustrating situation.
Nowadays alongwith the newspapaers electronic media has also started to focuss on the results at various states thereby hyping up the whole situation which is totally unnecessary. the solution lies in changing our educational system. but what is the solution is a million dollar question and will it ever be implemented is a thing to ponder on.

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