Thursday, September 11, 2003


Well its been 2 long yrs since the WTC bombings happened. Today on the 2nd anniversary of the bombings Indian media is full with articles, columns covering various aspects of the WTC attack. Even the television media has a variety of programmes.

whatever happened at September 11 was an unfortunate incident and it brought about changes manifold in the world order. The world's never been so unipolar as it is now. America's War against terror saw to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both had mixed results. In Afghanistan they managed to eliminate the tyrannic Taliban rule to a great relief of the people. But the main reason or the person for which the war was waged could not be caught, infact Osama bin laden still remains absconding. Secondly Iraq was freed from the autocratic Saddam Hussein but the the weapons of mass destruction which Saddam was accused of possessing were never really found. USA's become a Big Bully.

US claims to be the global policeman, But America's war of terror is not for the whole world, its just for America. America at present is focussing all its energies into nabbing Osama and destroying the Al-Quaeda network. But Al-quaeda is just one of the major terrorist organisations. there are 12-13 terrorist organisations which are active and are carrying out their activities in the rest of the world. But terrorist organisations like Jemaah Islaamiah (responsible for bali bombings) are still active and kicking. And the response of US is thanda. Also when India is continuously being attacked by various terrosits organisation with so many different names, India is asked to show restraint. And when one World Trade center is bombed, 2 countries are bombed. Talk about hypocrisy. India could have bombed the living daylights out Pakistan especially after Indian Parliament was attacked but it was asked to maintain restraint. C'mon what the hell! I condemn the attacks but somehow the sympathy is diminished. The American attitude is sickening. It seems that American blood is more important than Indian blood."The attitude of Apna khoon, khoon; Unka khoon Paani" is astonishing and revolting. Also when i read articles like "how so&so person has still not coped up and how New york, America still reels under the after-effects of 9/11 attacks, i am like such stories should be carries out everyday in our papers. Everything seems so frivolous. I know a tragedy is a tragedy is a tragedy but somehow somewhere I just feel so cynical.

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