Saturday, September 27, 2003

Sleeping damsel in a Mumbai Local!

Train journeys in mumbai..........Well they never cease to amuse me. If am not traveling with friends then am always accompanied by a book or good nice sleep. Its surprising I always get a lovely sleep during my daily train journeys. Trust me nothing like a sleep in a local train. I know all ppl familiar with the Mumbai local train scene will cringe with disgust, but I seem to get of the most fabulous sleep in the local trains. I even get dreams (wierd, Comical, amusing, sad, scary etc. etc.) I usually prefer the ever elusive seat while traveling coz I get the adjoining wall as my support to sleep well. I remember once I hadn't slept thruout the nite coz I was working for my college project. While returning from my coll I was dead sleepy. So the moment I got into the train I dosed off. I wasn't comfy at all coz there were these real plump women sitting next to me. But they were of no bother to me coz I was dead sleepy. Since I didn't get enuff place to sit their I inevitably ended up sleeping,resting my head on one of the lady's shoulder and repeated pleadings from her didn't have any effect on me coz I was too sleepy to be bothered abt her complaints. Ultimately she got so frustrated that she got up and stood thruout the whole journey (35-40 minutes) while I shamelessly slept. It was only tht my destination came that I realised my , my , my ( i dunno wat to call my stupid attitude ) I apologised profusely to her with a sheepish look on my face. Well she took it very well saying that "Cud see that u were very tired and sleepy, I can understand!" I was really touched. Thanked her and Said a good bye to her and got off at my place.

i even have had instances when during peak hrs an old lady offered me a seat saying that college students also need rest. Some times have met some really nice people during my ytrain journeys of course when am not sleeping. But the weird thing is that u sometimes become so close in the short span of abt one hour that u end up talking about many things in life and then suddenly when u get down at ur destination u r become strangers again with just a hope tht ur paths cross again but that many a times never happens. One can at the best just reminisce about it and add it to the already heavy cart of memories.............Chal ciao guys......................good day to all................

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