Sunday, September 21, 2003


lol! ehehehehheehhehe! hahahahhaahahhahaah
Now if u guys wonder y i'm laughing so muhc, well lemme tell u this. If u all are frequenting paaji's blog, the u all must be knowing the music thing he did for the
british bloggers. (jag didnt mean to undermine ur work of 'art', but i really dunno wat to call it.) Its amazing! I dunno wat to call tht.but some flash art by which if one clicks the butons present there and eminems song appears and a name of a corresponding name of a blog. Well if u dont understand then plzzz do visit it. But hey first listen to this incident. He did something similar to the Indian bloggers as well. This time instead of eminem he chose something Indian aka something Hindi. The song of yeh ladka hain deewana from Kuch kuch hota hain! He placed the list of all guy bloggers in the rite with kajol singing for them. Surprisingly i find my name there. Well he thought tht i was a guy......... heehhehehehehhehehe! lol! ( apparently he had a fren of the name of urs truly in his coll.)

Anywhich ways this incident was too funny and i had a hearty laugh! But seriously guys does this blog seem like a guy's blog to u? This isn't my personal blog as such, so there's no question of all girlie girlie things.
Anyways i am posting a girlie incident which happened today to my utter embarassment. Have a hearty laugh!
My face was looking too greasy today, so decided to apply "Multani mitti" ( sort of a face pack) on my face and i dosed of to sleep in the hall itself. Suddenly somebody rang the bell. Assuming it to be some odd salesman i dint bother to get up. But when mom opened the door it was one family friend of ours coming to meet us after a along time. He had brought alongwith him another friend of his. When i hrd their voice i put my blanket over my face. Meeting after a long time they insisted on talking to me, i was like shucks, wat to do, cudnt have possibly shown my face in tht condition(they wud have run away.............worse they wuid have had nightmares all their life). i talked to them for sometime with my face buried in the blanket. Later somehow went outta the hall with a towel covering my face seriously wishing for a burkha. Everybody laughed their hearts out seeing my pitiable condition.

Sheeeeeeesh! one embarassing incident tht was..........

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