Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Aisa bhi Hota hain!

I meet so many interesting people in the train. Today i couldn't help but overhear a conversation taking place between 2 gals. One was wearing a black kurti with trouser. Another one was in a salwar Kameez. Apparently they were just chit chatting since some 10-15 minutes before i started eavesdropping. (Watever, cudnt help it!) Then the conversation went like this:

Gal in black trouser (GBK): U gujju? (Gujrati)
Gal in Salwar Kameez (GSK): Yea, I am. How about u?
Gbk: (Flabbergasted)Hey, how come u working? Did they allow?
GSK: So wat, I am actually married and still continue to work.
GBK: Arrey, me also married (Got a shock of my life. She barely looked in the first yr of her college). See my sindoor (pointing to her forehead.) (Me:Very faint sindoor indded)
GSK: even i am married. (another shock, Gosh will have an heart attack now, i think i look older than her.)
GBK: U r very lucky, my Inlaws are very orthodox. They wont allow me to work. i am now working. But my inlaws dont know that. they think I am doing my MA. I did not work in the first yr. of my marriage. Sat at home and cooked, did nothing else. I got mad, u know! Doing absolutely nothing at all. Then i decided. I can't sit at home like this. I was working when i was unmarried. So why stop now!....................................................... and then my station came and i Couldn't eavesdrop furthur.
The very point of not allowing a woman to work disgust me to hell. Arrey who are the others to decide for her life. Huh! somethings just don't change. But i like the girl's spirit, rebellion spirit. Cool! One can find countless instances like this. Mumbai women rule...............

Also many a times the role of the homemaker is undermined by the family. People take her for granted. But its one of the toughest jobs in the world, managing home. That's why so many women feel stifled to be just a homemaker. Its a thankless job. Not always, But in many cases. I feel sad because of this.

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