Wednesday, November 26, 2003

The kiddie me!

I was quite a gullible kid. Anybody and everybody could tell me anything and I would believe them. Just like that, no questions, no doubts! I had my own fundas regarding certain things. Read them......

When I was a kid..........

.....I used to think that I cud sneak into the TV and go to the different places that were being shown on TV. I also believed that I cud go inside the TV and visit the actors and actresses who used to dance against the picturesque locales to the tune of the filmy numbers. But I didn't know how to do that and didn't have guts to try that out (thank god I didn't try it out, heheheheee)

.....I used to think when 2 people fell in love, they sang songs as in the movies. hheehehhe, filmy me!

.....I used to think the songs which came in from the radio was actually because few people were inside the radio busy belting out numbers for us. lol! I wonder what kind of technology would be needed to achieve such a thing. hehheheeee

.....I always used to accompany my dad to a park in my area. It almost used to be a daily affair. The park had pictures of animals and birds stuck against the walls and also painted on the iron grills. I never used to touch it or go near it coz I overheard someone that they wud come alive by my touch and bite me. So I was absolutely petrified. Heeeheheeee.....

.....I thought there existed different moons for different places. For instance a different moon for Mumbai, another one for B'lore etc. Sheesh.....How dumb!

...... This incident happened when I was in my second standard. My EVS (environmental science) teacher, Ms. Aravinder kaur once wrote on the blackboard something in Hindi or marathi. I was shocked cause according to me a teacher who teaches a particular subject had the knowledge only of that particular subject. It shocked me that my teacher knew marathi too. hhehehehehee!

.......I used to think all Gods and Goddesses of all religions lived in the sky and they wore dresses exactly like the actors and actresses in famous epic mythological serials. I used to think a parallel world existed up there of the gods and goddesses. I always used to wonder what would lord Ganesh say when he would meet Jesus..............Hahahahahhahaa!

........I never thought aeroplane would be so huge as it normally is. I was totally under the impression that aeroplane is just the size as it is seen from our rooftops in the sky. I never thought how human beings could actually squeeze into such a teeny weeny vehicle. Everything was accepted as it was. No questions. I lived in a beautiful world governed by my fantasy. In a way it was cute to be dumb.

Obviously growing up has changed everything. innocence is at its paraplegic stage now. It can't show its existence anymore but deep deep down inside I somehow acknowledge its frail existence. How I long to be a kid again, to led a carefree life! I sometimes wonder while reading the story of Pandora's box of troubles where the whole world was inhabited by children who never grew up at all. No adults at all! and how nature provided for everything needed for existence. But curiosity kills the cat, pandora opened the forbidden box which just spread problems everywhere throughout the world. How wish the world was still inhabited by children! Don't you think it would be wonderful, I definitely do think so.......

When I see kids today, I am sometimes shocked, they know everything. They are so intelligent. I wonder if there is anything called innocence left. I feel sad in a way coz they are missing out on something so beautiful.

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