Wednesday, November 05, 2003

I have a pimple on my face

Gosh! I have got a pimple on my face and a big huge one at that. It hurts, it pains. Most importantly it looks horrible. When i wake up in the mornings i look like a zombie from some outer-planet. All bcoz of one stupid pimple. Huh! Talk of teen angst!!!!
Also whnever i go out and i meet people, their reaction would be like'
" Oh god, shobha, wats wrong with ur face?" Now, hey none of my frens are blind, they can perfectly see wat's on my face. But no!!!!! they have to hear from my mouth that it is a pimple. Its so irritating. Stupid questions. it always happens whnever I have had a haircut. People will be like, " hey had a haircut or wat?" prompting me to reply' "No its winter and i'm shedding." Duhhhhhhhhhhh!
Anyways the sad part is, its looking gross and am just hoping it will go away soon. till then i guess i will have to bear with such inanities.

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