Thursday, February 26, 2004

Moi Back

Hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ppl! Moi back......... mini break of all sorts it was for me. Anyways was caught up with so many duller aspects of my life na.......gosh! They are all partly over now and me is thoda thoda :) again!

Well first and foremost.........a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig thank you to ridz who helped me change the look of my blog. He's such a sweetheart! Did all the donkey work for me.......but i selected the image haan! So ppl u shud know by now that i have a gr8 aesthetic sense...........:P. So ridz a big thank u and *Hugs*

Ok....was reading Vidz blog and this post of hers set me thinking. Coz i cud relate to her. She talks about how she likes being alone sometimes. But its kinda different with me coz i love having people around me but sometimes I have to be ALONE.......JUST ALONE! Both my parents work. I used to go creche when i was a kid but started living alone by myself since i was 12 yrs old. Initially I found it weird living alone.but then it was fun. It was ana amazing feeling for me...having the whole house for myself. I could watch howmuch ever TV i wanted, have how many chocolates for myself without amma's and appa's shoutings and lectures about what are the harms of eating chocolates and was fun! I used to read, write, watch tv and basically just have fun. But this happiness used to last for only 3-4 hrs coz after that i had to have either amma or appa in the house. (But natural) being left alon just gives me the space i need. It is very very important for me. Amma and me could be in different rooms doing our own thing, well its good that my parents also understand my need for my own space. My own company is very very precious for me and I enjoy it thoroughly. i dunno whther to call my loner and all coz its not that i dont like socialising and all.......but if it is..then so be it....I am a loner!
Somethings i simply enjoy doing when I am alone:
Do nothing, just laze around.
Read a book accompanied by steaming hot filter coffee and some chips mabbe to munch. (simply the best)
Just stand by the window and look at the world.
writing my diary
music.listen to it and also practise my carnatic songs
hmmm and the list goes on................

Talking about singing, have an interesting anedote to tell u guys. Almost all my maternal relatives are carnatic music fanatics. Many of them sing and almost all of them follow and appreciate carnatic music. We are like a set of 8 cousins in all. Whenever we all meet up its a customary thing that everybody gathers in the hall or the mottaimaadi (terrace) and all the 8 of us have to show them how much we all have learnt and how nice your voices are and blah blah.....I used to learn carnatic music right from the age of 8 but i left it soon coz of zero interest much to amma's dismay. I started again this April 2003 (a good ol' 10 yrs later). I mean all over again, right from the basics of carnatic. :D.

It was my mama's house's grihapravesham (housewarming ceremony) in June. It was again a reunion of all sorts. Again the customary practise happened. this time i was kind of happy coz i had some thing to sing for all and not look around like a dumbfool listening to all my cousins sing. Arrey even I deserve my fair bit of attention and praise :D. I tell u if u dont know carnatic music and u present in the session, its a gr8 dampener of all sorts coz the whole session wud make u feel intellectually deprived as if, if u dunno carnatic, u just dumb. heheehhehee.....Anyways back to the story. It was my turn to sing a song. i was very excited and so were my relatives......coz they hadnt heard me sing much. My younger set of cousins were all very excited because they were seniors as far as carnatic music were concerned and were way ahead as far as the lesssons were concerned. "Shobha u r our junior. yayyyy" they went on happily in glee. Ok.i start singing, my eyes closed....I sang with proper sur and taal. Everybody *wide grin* hehehehee . Me was happy-happy.

Everybody tarted giving me advice as to where i was good, where i was bad and how i can improve and blah blah. Well even my 8-yr old cousin had something to say. And i was all ears..........she came and said........Shobha u know, ur nose flares wide when u sing........hehehehhhee and started laughing out loud. and this comment was widely heard. Well no guess everybody started laughing.......and my face was worth seeing. kodak moment of all sorts....I didn't know what to say. Just to show moi is a sport, I started to grin tooo......but given a chance i wud have whacked my cousin. Gosh...children na......huh! (:P)

And thanks ppl again for all the lovely comments on the new template. Credit goes to Ridz....fully! :D

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