Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Well this was a funny incident which happened today. My group was supposed to meet at T's place for project work. T is this Bawi friend I have, damn cute and a typical Bawi. Well...for uninitiated Bawis are Parsis. Well..people who might have interacted Parsis should know about their typical idiosyncrasies...I find them damn cute.

Well we are a group of 8 people working for a college project. The first to reach T's place was A(he) and K(she). T lives in a Parsi colony. (Mumbai has lot of Parsi colonies) Well after the rest of us reached T’s place, we found T and K in splits with A looking grumpy. When we asked what happened...Later we started laughing too. Hehehehehhehehehehee…well the incident in K's words:

We reached around 10 a.m. at T's place. We rang the bell and nobody answered the door for a few minutes. So we were waiting outside. As we rang the bell once more an older uncle came towards A and asked him,"Who are u? Have u come to do some surveys or something?"
A: "No Uncle, I have come to meet out friend T".
Uncle : Oh...ok…ok...I thought you were a salesman....u know na "Dikra" nowadays so many salesmen come and disturb...( and before he could say anything more T opened the door)!.....lolzzzzz

'A' stood there dumbstruck. K burst into laughter and A had this Wat da hell kinda look... (Salesman and me...kaunse angle se?...gosh!)hehehehehehhehehehheheeeeee...joke of the day!

T's sis has recently delivered a baby. Awwwwwwwwwww... The baby is so cute, just 25 days old...so tiny, so adorable...I can go on and on. Poor thing, the baby cries all night and sleeps the entire day. T's sis retorts, he keeps crying all the time. "The thing is we don’t even understand why he is crying. And when some people ask us why he is crying I get so irritated. It's the most irritating and a dumb question. I am also a first time mommy..how am I supposed to know...also....why do they except me to know the baby-lingo?" I couldn't help but agree with her.

Me wondering: Janet Jackson's (in)famous boob show was widely reported in Indian media. Indian media was so prompt in carrying the pictures too....well, the so-called censored pictures too. Major Indian web sites, popular news channels have shown the unedited footage and photographs. Well...just wondering, is this being done just coz the subject concerned is a phirang!?!?!?!?! Media censorship anybody...duhhhhhhhhhhh

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