Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Parthiv Patel and fake weddings

I came across this news item today.

Oops! Has Parthiv Patel done a Britney?

According to initial reports, One fine day Parthiv Patel found himself LEGALLY MARRIED to a girl called Richa Sharma much to his and his family's bewilderment. Read more

Later I was flipping through news channels when I came across Sahara Samay.

It proclaimed how the whole Parthiv Patel issue was a sting operation in order to expose the marriage racket in Rajkot. Read more...

I was just way too shocked as Sahara Samay justified the sting operation. According to them, "We chose a popular figure like Parthiv Patel because we wanted to highlight the fact that if celebrities could be so vulnerable to the racket, then ordinary citizens could be fooled so easily!"

Well....I don't question their intent, but how could they go ahead and involve the unsuspecting Parthiv Patel in the whole expose. They did not even bother to take his consent. He unnncessarily finds himself embroiled in some scam all due to the channel. While I agree the channel wanted to expose the racquet, but they had no right to involve Parthiv Patel in the whole damn thing just because he's a celebrity. Now Parthiv Parel finds himself in a legal mess..........HE'S LEGALLY MARRIED FOR GOD'S SAKE....AND HE'S NOT EVEN 20 :|

Mid-day also carried a similar expose in Mumbai. However they involved thier reporters who exactly knew what they were doing. They did not involve any unsuspecting celebrity in the whole drama.

The channel went a bit overboard I think. There could have resorted to other methods. Investigative stories are very dicey, one needs to follow the ethics and principles. In the era of BREAKING NEWS and SABZE TEZ, I think we would be witness to more of such sad sensational stuff.


shodZ said...

true, they have gone way overboard. i think this channel should be sued for the pain caused to parthiv patel and his family. and what justification can they give. i think what we should do is some of these lawyers should get together and accuse subroto roy of some false murder and make sure he gets a death sentence. then after the sentence is passed and the guy is down and out, they should go out and say it was a f***in sting operation to expose the loopholes in the indian judicial system. i would luv to see that!!!

kaatss said...

Why you have two comment boxes?

Shobha said...

Shodz: HEheheee! Tht was a good one....eehehheheee! U seem to hate Reliance and Sahara with a venegeance, dont u? ;)

Kaats: My blog doesn't allow annonymous comments and there are many non-blogspot users who visit my blog regularly :) That's y :) Also, I started using the other comment box before blogspot started offering the comment facility :)

shodZ said...

dunno, i just seem to hate eVil companies. teriffied that in another 6 months or sso i might have to work in some place like that. btw tthe other day when i was commenting the 'other' comment link did not allow me to comment. dunno what u can do, but just for the sake of information

Shobha said...

Heehheeee! Same is the case here. I keep talking about the mediocricty and the slackness in the news reporting sometimes, am scared myself tht I would be in one of the same institutions working...*goodness....sigh* I really have no clue why my other comment box did not allow you to comment. Anyways, you have an alternative :)

Vidya said...

Parthiv Patel is a baabbbyyyy!!!! Chooo chwweeettt:D:D:D hehe

Shobha said...

Vidya: :P

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

Foolish people….some reporters think they can do ANYTHING in the name of investigative journalism.it sucks!!!
lets see what happens in this story!!

2004-09-21 20:35

after all, it's Sahara… u can't actually blame those guys… they run a channel for freaks !!!

Some time back I watched a music video on Sahara which was on the love between Subroto Roy and his wife. They obviously claim that the wife is a great singer, but then, this is shameless self-publicity.

Another publicity stunt, equally blatant and equally shameless, was when the Doctor who runs the epilepsy clinic brought out one whole page of advertisement on HIMSELF on Sunday edition of ToI, Men and Women. The guy allegedly is in gaol, tho' I have no inclination of finding out!

2004-09-21 21:14

My take : Big Deal ;) LOL

2004-09-22 06:51

parthiv's 20 by the way, get ur facts right girl.

2004-09-22 09:21

Ashwin: hehee! I know, even I am wondering what will happen next!

Kpower: Such articles, features are called advetorials. :)

Pallavi: Well…….:P

EDUCATOR: Chek this link out: http://www.cricin…
HE was born on 9th march, 1985. make ur own calculations.
hint: He's younger to me and I am not 20 yet ;)
EDUCATOR, go and educate yourself will ya? :D

2004-09-22 10:45

Kya pagal log hai, yikes!PP kitna baccha lagtha hai.
Would have been more believable had they got him "involved"
in the child marriage racket :D

2004-09-23 11:39

hey are u ever gonna reply 2 my other comments on the other entries??

2004-09-23 22:06

Thats a huge mess.
You do that here.
And the next thing you know, the television company would have been sued, and some huge millions of dollars extracted from them.

Privacy is a big issue over here, except for celebrities

2004-09-23 23:42

Pooja: Heheheee!

Sat: That's true Sat!

2004-09-24 04:23

PP got married !! how come one can beleive that buddy.Child looking face, not even turned 21 got married…..such rackets are really amazing. gud work buddy. :)

2004-09-24 08:25

I wish something like this happened to me ;o)

2004-09-24 11:04

parthiv patel ko cricket khelne do:P. there seems to be everything else going on in cricketers lives except cricket.

2004-09-24 17:56

Why couldnt the media choose Ash and marry me off to her??? :p

2004-09-24 21:41

It happens only in India:D:D….now wudnt this b one of india's few claims to fame:)

2004-09-26 02:02

Sudhesh: Thr's sum problem with ur blog, do chk it out!

Dee: Yea yea..wishful thinking!

Reiya: U said it all…

Suds: Yea yea…..keep dreaming! :P


2004-09-27 07:55
Pathiv Patel:

i got married.my honeymoon was rocking.whole nite v were up doing things.now vr having racket of martial affairs.i will hav2 hav honeymoon with another gurl now:D

2004-09-27 08:38
Parthiv Patel:

i got some pics of my wedding ??? wanna c ?

2004-09-27 08:39

Parthiv Patell : Oh yea, sure :D :P

2004-09-27 12:47

too much competition in the media. thats what gets them to resort to these tactics. all this gets them publicity after all, even the best of people will want to "read" news of this kind when it comes out.

2004-09-28 05:38

wheres ur new posting!!! now check its opening… :)

2004-09-28 07:33
Lean Dude:

ROTFLMAO…@ the Title of the post..heheheh
Well interesting post and well did I read this…

Pathiv Patel:
i got married.my honeymoon was rocking.whole nite v were up doing things.now vr having racket of martial affairs.i will hav2 hav honeymoon with another gurl now:D

P:S special emphasis…MARTIAL…not MARITAL…hehehhe…
wonder who could this be? hehehehe

2004-09-28 15:33
Aditya Agarwal:

News channels for 24 hours, phew, what else can we expect? I just hope that in future news items do not get sold in market the way consumer goods are sold right now. Print media is in a little better position right now, but look what has happened to Times of India. It used to be such a good read, but nowadays more than half of the space is occupied by ads. I am no expert, but I feel that the basic purpose of the media has changed. For e.g. the main purpose of media during India's struggle with British was to arouse national feeling. But, today it is a big advertisement bazaar. Then again, society has transformed, I guess media has to pay too heavy a price for the good of capitalism. I hope, I've not hurt feelings of people pursuing a career in Media.

- aditya

2004-09-28 22:50

Manan: Sensationalism always sells.

Sudhesh: New posting will take time, by next week for sure :)

Arvind: ehheheee! Marital :P Who knows, maybe parthiv patel might be reading this page afterall! Ahahahhahaa!

Aditya: Capitalism and Media..well…..that is a huge topic to discuss…:)

2004-10-02 13:29

As an aspiring journalist, u ll get to see more of such ethical issues. take care and do what you believe in :)

2004-10-04 06:25

im sure parthiv must have made tht silly expression he makes in tht sad bicyle ad when he first heard of this story… aila!!!..
:P:P..but these newpapers and TV channels are goin a bit too far with their attempts to bring us good stories..cmon guys! where have the good old days of boring news gone..i think ill go back to watching DD again. sigh! even toi is gettin totally sad! what is this world coming to…
aww well..
yo amma ! long time no see. hows u doin!;)

2004-10-04 07:44

Neil: I sure will :)

Andy: I am doing good re! Tu bata….go back to watching DD? kuch bhi haan….:P

2004-10-04 19:39

I was just going thru some of the blogs when i encountered urs…

Nice stuff from an aspiring Journalist…

Count me as a regular visitor from now onwards..!!

2004-10-05 12:40

Gaurav: Hey! Glad u dropped by….:) Keep visiting :)

2004-10-05 16:29


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