Thursday, November 25, 2004

New , modified blogger commenting system!

Yayyy! I have installed the new and modified commenting system of blogger. Check it out, its damn cool! All courtesy, Bloggerhacks


Anonymous said...

Yayyy! This works! 

Posted by Shobha

Anonymous said...

Yaay I am in the process of doing this too !!  

Posted by Pallavi

Anonymous said...

New look comment box...
posted new article on my blog..check it.. 

Posted by Gaurav

Anonymous said...

Congrejulesuns babeh!:D Howz life!! n why so small posts aajkal! 

Posted by Dhinchakman!

Anonymous said...

good! but is there anyway to change haloscan to blogger without losing previous comments? 

Posted by laks

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is so much better than the original Blogger comments! 

Posted by Khushee

Anonymous said...

what i like abt this system is that it gives an email notification whenever u get a comment, which u dont in haloscan/the others...


Posted by kpowerinfinity

Anonymous said...

Yup! It is awesome ... I got this on my blog too (thanks to this post) ... Now, I am eagerly waiting for the haloscan convertor release by bloggerhacks for this ... that would be real neat ... 

Posted by Kishore

Anonymous said...

Pallavi: Its damn cool ya, do try it :)

Gaurav: Will check it out soon! :)

Dhinchak: Just a phase I think..i am doing tell me :)

Laks: I think the bloggerhacks guy is trying to come up with something. Keep checking his site! :)

Khushee: All credit to you Khushee....Came to know about this through your blog only :)

Kpower: Yo! It sure does!

Kishore: Yeaa..that would be very good. But in my case its kinda late, I lost 5-6 months ka comments :( all coz Bloody HALOSCAN ate it all.....hrmphhhhhh 

Posted by Shobha

Anonymous said...

cool I have to add this to mine too !! LOLOL  

Posted by Pallavi

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

yep, I came to know of it.

well….I have stopped reading it since then:P….it would have made me senile…:>

2004-11-25 12:32

AMMA!!!! what is happening to the size of your posts???? i'm seriously alarmed now.. did you go see a doctor? :P

2004-11-25 12:35

Vaibhav: Eh? Whaddaya mean?

Ash: :P

2004-11-28 15:17


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