Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Irritating things!

I can be extremely careless and irresponsible. Have you ever heard of buying a railway ticket and forgetting it at the ticket counter itself? Well, yours truly has done that. What was an icing on the cake was when the ticket checker caught me :| I realised that I had forgotten my ticket on reaching dadar station itself. I prayed hard that the TC doesn't catch me at the bridge which I'm supposed to cross. But well as luck would have it there came an old man and asked me "ticket please". I wanted to disappear at that moment. HUH! After searching or well... pretending to search my bag I meekly said," Main apna ticket, ticket counter par bhool ayee." (I forgot my ticket at the ticket counter) He had a hearty laugh, I guess never must have anyone come up with such an excuse. Oh well....but he let me off with a 50 bucks fine after confirming that I am a college student. Hehehee! "These people charge too much as fine, who will pay 264 bucks? Definitely not college students. Next time take care haan beta." I didn't know what to say, ehehehhee, it was so amusing!

I don't like Anu Malik in Indian idol. Huh! I don't understand why some people blindly copy the west? I seriously don't understand. Being rude to the participants by telling you can never become a singer, or that you don't deserve to come to Mumbai, what is the point is he trying to prove? Dohhhhhh! He sings like a donkey brays, he should know that before pronouncing judgement on others. So what if you have composed hit numbers in your kitty, you suck as a singer. Huh! I HATE RUDE PEOPLE! and then he goes on to say what an humbling experience it has been! Dohhhhhhh.....ass!

I also dislike the stupid show 'Love ke liye' on MTV. I don't understand how can drinking gross liquids can prove your undying love for someone. OH C'mon grow up! Shessssssssh! Some people resort to life-threatening antics too like walking on hot coal, swiming in ice cold water..........just coz they wanted to profess their undying love....... please, give me a break! HUH!

This is my new blog that I have made for recording my Gujarat chronicles. But it won't be restricted to my experiences in Gujarat alone. So, do check it out!

P.S.: This is serious and hilarious at the same time.....ehehehheeee!


tashrani said...

I wish they showed indian idol on australian tv! You were lucky with that fine!! :D

Shobha said...

Tash: Oh yea, i was sure lucky with the fine! :D I think you should be getting Sony Entertainment television. if you get Sony TV, i think you can see Indian Idol. Anyways, you aint missing much...it sucks bigtime!

Pallavi said...

dont like watching Indian Idol anyways...

Ah murphy's law striking you again !! eh ??

Shobha said...

*Pallavi* Dont watch it also! Yea re, Murphuy's law and me go hand in hand I think!

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

Watch out for that talented Bengali singer on the Indian Idol finalists, tall guy, with one of the sweetest smiles I've ever seen sigh

2004-11-16 07:57

Lucky you.I had to cough up 100 bucks that too after lot of squabbling with TC.

2004-11-16 10:23

Hi Shobha…I didn't know Anu Malik was a Simon Cowell wannabe…..lemme explain….here in america, we have a show called American Idol, which is like Saregama with Sonu Nigam in India and Simon insults the bad singers….hence the wannabe part :)…so now Anu Malik is not only copying other people's music but their styles too?….u're right he is an ass….a copyass giggles

2004-11-16 18:07

one alternative.. my nikamma frnds used to do when they saw TC .. runnnnn … BUHAHAHA

anu malik must be made to lissen to his own song .. " dekho barish ho rahi hai.. its raining" … omg!!!.. killer lyrics … & voice that cud kill … buhaha

2004-11-17 06:27

Well said @jyoti…me was goin to say the same thingy!Ever heard Anu malik braying"jenam samja karu!"(Somebody-pushed-my-testicles-into-my-throat kinda voice!Bah!) BTW you shud seriously consider the alternative suggested by vighy….also just dont run…tell him its with ur bro/sis/friend….. walk a few steps(build a safe gap!)…then run like hell!:D

2004-11-17 16:20

we do the same stuff when we're caught with traffic copZ. convince them we`re students and get off with a small sum

2004-11-17 16:41

or even if u get coght .. make a face like some one jus expired in the family .. buhaha

2004-11-17 17:06

Pooja: Acha…….awaaz achi thi kya aankhein? :P

Anbu: Touchwood! heehhe, Glad u dropped by Anbu! Keep visiting :)

Jyoti: Indian IDol is a copy of American Diol. They have brought the rights from them. Sa Re Ga Ma is far far far better than this crappy contest. Atleast i think so……Since when have skimpy clothes been a contender for a singer? I thought it was more on voice :| Dhuh! everything is packages manufactured product…….I really hate it! Glad you dropped by though, keep visiting :)

Gundu: I can't run, am way too conscientious to do that…..:P ADARSHWADI u see :P :P Yea, I agree with you on that….ANU MALIK sucks!

Dhinchak: HEheheeee! I always gets cared seeing a TC even if I have a ticket :|

Shodz: ummmmmm.now I know ho to get off if ever I'm caught again! ehhee! How are you? Long time…..

Gundu: Kuch bhi…….:P

2004-11-17 18:34

BUHAHA.. aaj tak no tc has ever caught me.. buhahahah… actually nah.. im a little fattu no so i buy tickets all da time… even platform wala ticket… and make sure they are in my pocket every 15 mins.. and then walk with all the shaan and thaath in teh world before those yeda good for nothing tcs…heheheheh..:P..
and about tht particular music director … no comments.. as its is.. i use a lotta.. *&%&^$$%^#$%^# and grrr's… thoda kam karna hai.. and its subah subah now tht im commenting! :P
…. and why forget tht wierdo singer and dancer sitting with him.. jaisi ki woh bhi kuch jyada aache nahi hai!.. i cant even bear to watch the ads of tht show.. im not even riksing my already depleted mind watching the actually shows..ive seen eposodes of the xfiles that are less scary!!!…i guess the best way to comment to the entire concept of reality tv in india is… EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

2004-11-19 03:00

Andy: Awwwwwww, how cute@ platform ticket thingy :P hehehee! Good for you!

2004-11-22 18:11

I second you. .. Anu Sucks!!

2004-11-25 02:28


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