Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Problem

Hmmmmm! Well we all know about the natural disaster caused by the deadly Tsunami waves and the immense loss of human lives and property that it has caused. I don't think I need to add more about it, frankly speaking it depresses me. There is something weird I have noticed about myself....ummmm, I don't know whther to call it weird as I think I have a problem out here.

I have noticed that whenever such disasters happen, I tend to run away from the entire thing. Normally I am an avid newspaper reader, but during such times, I avoid reading news, I avoid watching news, I avoid everything that is to do with anything related to the disaster. I know it is sheer escapism, sheer cowardice on my part, but well, that's the fact. I find it very tough to come to terms with the depressing facts, pictures and accounts that surround me. I remember very vividly that when the Gujarat riots happened, I somehow stopped watching enws, even if I would come across a news item, I would change channels. Ultimately it so happened that I was to a large extent ignorant about the riots. I noticed that I couldn't participate in any debates-discussions cocnerning the riots because I didn't know the facts. In a weird manner, I liked it that way, it was a perfect adjustment for me. It is only months later, I started to read upon some old news items, surf archives etc.

This time though when the tsunami happened, my house was flooded with relatives. This time around also it was the same, I avoided watching TV news, avoided reading anything related to it. Earlier, I acknowledged the problem months after the disaster happened. I mean, i wasn't aware that I was running away especially during the event of the disaster. However this time, I know it is a problem. It is funny noticing yourself like a third party would, in an objective manner.

I don't know why I do it. Maybe I am running away as i know it is tough for me to deal with it. The pain, human loss, suffering etc. I am a coward, a chicken. But I am trying hard, I want a solution to this problem, to my escapism. I want to do something and running away like this won't help. I am gonna deal with this, no more running away for me for sure! Enough of it!

P.S. This year has started on a bad and a sombre note. Anyways, wishing all you guys a very happy and a prosperous 2005!


Anonymous said...

I think the issue is sensitivity ... it pains you and hence the immediate response is to avoid contact run ...

And yeah! Happy New Year to U too ...  

Posted by Kishore

Anonymous said...

The same is the case with me... I hate reading and watching sad news :(

But you gotta change this habit if you wanna be a journo... coz you need to be in the thick of all the gruesome things...

best wishes for the new year ! 

Posted by kpowerinfinity

Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

Ahhemmm.. Someone wanted to be a reporter here.. 'n running away from these will help?
Anyways… Happy New Year to you too!!

2005-01-02 18:13

Hi Shobha - yes - despite the sombre start to this year - hope you achieve what you set to do in 2005. All the best.
Best regards - Jag

2005-01-03 00:25

I guess it is because of your inability to do anything about the problem that is confronting you, that you are keeping it to yourself and not telling others.
The only ways to get around it are -
1. Do something.
2. Try to forget it - but that, I guess, is Impossible.
3. Talk to someone who also has a similar problem.

Don't think of me as a shrink, in any case.

Happy current year.

2005-01-03 06:23

same thing happens with me……dont like seeing the news or reading the paper :(

2005-01-03 08:04

Prabz: Which is precisely why it is not simply a trait but a PROBLEM with me!

Jag: Thanks Jag :)

Sat: Thanks, I am working on it!

Russ: Oh yea, temme about it!

2005-01-03 10:53

Life is like this, if you noted there are time through out the year when calamities and disasters hit various parts of the world. I guess the least we do is get knowlegible about these, so that if God forbid we face the same, we at least can be prepared!

Wish you a happy new year!

2005-01-03 12:02

maybe the year started on a bad note or maybe 2004 ended on a bad note…? or maybe bad notes don't exist…its destiny..?
anyway happy new year :)

2005-01-03 18:35

I guess this is the conflict betwen the "human" and the "journalist" in you. As a human, its difficult to witness all the pain and suffering that this tragedy has brought along…but then as a journalist…its your duty not only to witness it all but also make sure everyone else is aware about how much suffering this event has caused. Its dificult to overcome this conflict…..but you have no other choice.

2005-01-04 06:49

Happy New year Shobz!!

And have u heard bout the volcano eruption that has been predicted in Britain….its goin to casue another tusnami…but nobody knows when….

2005-01-04 12:06

2004 was not such a good year after all. lets hope that 2005 is better :)

2005-01-05 01:53

Happy new year kidddo!!!! Don't worry so much about your attitude..its normal. As long as u know, u will make a difference in the future…keep going and stop feeling helpless..u will make a difference:)….have begun posting in real earnest…do keep droppin in:)!

2005-01-05 18:12

And how is it going along?

2005-01-05 22:49

Couldn’t help but adding my views on to what you are going through. I must admit, I too am prone to "distancing" myself away from the disaster but there is a certain psychology behind it, and after thinking a fair bit about it this is what I have come up with, maybe you can relate to it. Here are the reasons I tend to stay away from the constant viewing of the news!

- News anchors and reporters regularly update the audience on the "latest" figures, and "news tickers" at the bottom of the screen flashed casualty numbers like so much stock market information or so many football scores, and that is certainly a turn of

- What jolted me out of my self-deception - and brought me to think about the psychology behind it -was something that I saw this morning on the Fox news. In the middle of some crisis footage from the disaster, there was a brief shot of the naked corpse of a young man hanging from the branch of a tree.

So therefore most people distance themselves from the news coverge because of the obsession with death tolls (most of which are inaccurate anyway), the repetition of horrific footage, and close-up pictures of obviously grieving family members. Coverage of the crisis is needed to alert the world to what is a massive humanitarian disaster, and showing death is a part of that. What is not needed, however, is coverage that panders to the dark, voyeuristic sides of our psyches.

So dont blame yourself, its natural, a lot of people go through what you are going through! Its extremely painful watching and reading horrific stories….

2005-01-06 11:58

hmmm a natural reaction I guess.. its very depressing you know.. reading and hearing about it all the time !!

2005-01-07 05:03

wish you a very happy new year !!

2005-01-07 05:04

happy New Year!!

2005-01-08 15:31

i think your instincts are right. you probably don't stop reading news because you can't deal with the pain. we deal with pain in the news every day these days. We may lose 2 lakhs of people all over asia, but we've lost 500 lakhs of people to war between 1950 and 2000.

the trouble is that the media tends to put sensationalist news first - the ones that are likely to strike you numb. you won't find news of where the relief effort is going well, of how generous people are being with donations, but you'll easily be able to know which places have it worst. thats the story, these days. no positivity.

2005-01-10 06:06


2005-01-11 21:20

Once you acknowledge the problem, you are already on the way to a solution.So don't worry. A lil bit of self-analysis will help. I did journalism in college, since i sleep-walked thru college I am no reporter today:P. Anyways,have a great year ahead.

2005-01-17 15:18


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