Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What's worse

I don't know what's worse....
To be ignorant, completely be ill-informed about a certain issue and yet be opinionated

To be a fence sitter and confused despite the proper knowledge of facts regarding the same?


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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

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i think you are sleepy. go to bed

2005-01-19 18:26

Hmmm.. In this case I am not "well-informed" of the context under which you seek an opinion. Well, I would say I am a bit confused but not opinionated :-). Generally speaking, to be opinionated abt something without being well-informed sounds a lot worse than being confused over a well-informed scenario.

2005-01-19 18:28

I'd say the first ignorant and opinionated is a heady brew for a headache and ear pain or in this case eye sore :p

Hey Thanks for dropping by.
Yep I did :) for unforseen reasons :p Will blog about it one day

2005-01-20 03:22

ignorance is a bliss :)

2005-01-20 05:25

You are, what they say, between a rock and a hard place.

2005-01-20 06:42

definitely, its much better to be ignorant … at least you accept facts without prejudice .. the history of science illustrates this very well …

the church didnt have the right facts but its sanctimonious stature ensured that ppl were biased by whatever it said … it took many a galileo, copernicus and many others who've gone unheard… to turn the church hypothesis on its head … even the development of modern physics faced the same ol' story … nobody believed in the new modern physics about how uncertainity is the only certainty in the microscopic realm … it took the beginners mind of einstein to force some sense into the heads of our illustrious physicists …

2005-01-20 08:07

aage peeche ka kuch detail deti to i wud have tried to comment on it u know,…..tumlok sala log bahut bada bada baat karte ho…….

2005-01-20 21:25

i agree with Dee :D :P

well…both the situations u pointed out are bad…the competition for finding the worse one of the two is tough.
frankly….those are two really warped up situations you pointed out re….really difficult to make sense out of it without any context.

2005-01-21 00:15

Need to have a balance. Can't be totally ignorant. Can't be too opinionated. Can't sit on the fence all the time. Need to know when you have to be what :)

2005-01-21 00:33

Too much ignorance is not good, its ok if u never got a chance to drive but at least u should know what a steering wheel does to a car !!

Its ok if u are not a master of all but at least u should be jack of all.

2005-01-21 00:56

Ignorance is Bliss!Innocence is fine!But Not when ya getting laid,or just getting a Line!Hey!that rhymed!:P

2005-01-22 05:25

If Ignorance is Bliss, then it is folly to be Wise

2005-02-27 20:06


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