Thursday, December 18, 2003

Gay Abandon

Hieeeeeeeeee ppl! Hows u? Me didn't update the blog coz was busy!! Neways I watched kal Ho Naa Ho a few days back. Well i did not like the movie much but I loved Saif in the movie. he is such a cutieeeeeeeeeee! Plz do see the movie for him and only him. Even if u don't see u not gonna miss much but a treat for Saif fans. I am still wondering wat the hell was Priety Zinta thinking when she accpeted the movie. I mean she's good but just doesn't fit in in a johar flick! Watever......but the film had its moments haan......Saif and Shah Rukh had a gr8 chemistry going throughout the movie. The kanta ben thingy was so funyyyyyyyyyyyyy .......hahahahha...had a good laugh. in case u wondering what I am talking this servant of Saif mistakes Saif and Shahrukh to be lovers and her reaction is obviously scandalous. Man, the scenes are hilarious.

Which brings me to the topic about Hindi Cinema being more and more open about homosexuality. In Kal Ho Naa Ho, gays weren’t being laughed at……it was more like laughing with them sorta thing! The other day I was flicking through channels and I came across this feature, which was aired, on CNBC. It talked about the recent trend of lots of gay characters in movies, serials essaying pivotal roles. For example in the serial Jassi….the designer is a gay and it is just obvious. And his is a big role. In serials and films targeted at mass audiences gays were either portrayed as some part of a comic track of just being poked fun at. They are now a part of storyline, which is really very good and interesting.

I remember in the first year of our course we were shown some of the projects of sociology of our seniors. Our seniors had done super cool projects on prostitutes, eunuchs, bar girls etc. etc. They were just awesome. I particularly recall the eunuch project. It was amazing. The students had met eunuchs, went to the places they lived, shot it, talked to them, danced with them, sang with them and basically had so much fun. We saw the documentaries and we were amazed. They showed some really fashionable eunuchs, who were really trendy. That was very interesting to watch. When we asked our seniors how was the whole experience, they said that it was an eye opener for them. They said they are the sweetest ones one can ever meet. They live in horrible conditions. Since society shuns them and they have no other means of livelihood, they resort to begging. They might be stray incidents of harassments but in general they are good people. When I was young I was lead to believe that they are bad people, they are scary etc. I guess majority in India have the same notion. But now I try and empathize with them. They live in real shitty conditions.

I remember this funny incident. Once me and my fren were in a rickshaw when the rick stopped at a traffic signal. Suddenly a eunuch came and started demanding money. Initailly we were like, “ we don’t have money.” Then the eunuch said, abhi main gayegi aur phir tum humo paisa dena.” Saying this she started singing. It went something like this…..

it is luvhly weather
we are all together
I am singing in the rain, I am dancing in the rain
It is luvhly weather
Ab chal paisa de idhar.”

We were so amused that we couldn’t stop laighing and we gave her some money. It was so funny when she sang it with a tune…..ehehheheheee!

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