Friday, December 05, 2003

Lost Case.........

Hmm........Its been election time off late. BJP winning 3-1 against arch rivals congress. Hmmmm.......! Well i have a few observations to make. Politics is my pet peeve, also my guys another political post.

Indian express did a tehelka (Not exactly tehelka, but almost) when it exposed a union minister Mr. DilipSingh Judeo takeing a bribe. Indian express recieved a VCD which had judeo accepting money saying lines like, "Paisa Khuda to nahin par Khuda ki kasam Khuda se kam bhi nahin. (Money isn’t God but, swear on God, it’s no less than God)" Read more here
Wanna watch the video?? Here u go.....

Well.......When i heard about the scam, I was very happy........I was happy that the culprit was finally bought to book. Dilip Singh Judeo hails from Chattisgarh. The scam broke out just before the crucial Chattisgarh elections. Ajit Jogi, the then chief minister, Congree party then was in a huge mess because of various reasons. Also the election commission came heavily on Congress party for using the state owned helicopters for personal use (read campaigning purposes.) BJP camp rejoiced because Ajit Jogi being chargesheeted by the CBI just before the elections coupled with the anti-incumbency factor would have meant a sure shot win for BJP in the elections. But they received setback when Indian Express exposed Judeo taking bribes. I was like poor voters of Chattisgarh.....they gotta have to choose between devil and the deep sea. Jogi v/s Judeo...Sad case.......Then Judeo resigned as a union minister. But i was surprised when after a few days Judeo was one among the star campaigners for BJP. BJP projected Judeo as a martyr….as to how he resigned immediately because he is so honest and all blah......a whole load of bull actually.

Back to the present......The elections happened and the verdict was out. BJP won handsomely in Chattisgarh. I was absolutely puzzled. Have people gone mad........Haven’t they seen the tapes on TV....The man is a crook and they have voted for the same party. I was like what shit! It was ridiculous. I mean how can the public vote for someone fully knowing that the party they voting for has all crooks as ministers. When we ourselves vote such crooks to power, we have no bloody business to blame the mess in the politics. But then i remembered Saeed Naqvi's column which so correctly justifies the whole situation.

"By now, one or two men, their dark bodies glistening in the sun, have appeared outside. Piso Ram, points to a BJP flag on one of the houses. ‘‘We shall vote for phool (flower)’’ says Kaya Ram, standing behind Piso. All they know is ‘‘phool’’ and ‘‘haath’’ (hand), the Congress symbol. Villages have no electricity and water is available only in the nearby stream. Since there is no TV or radio within miles, how will the Judeo story percolate through to these voters?

Like the train in Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali, slicing through the serenity of Appu’s village fields, a motorcycle approaches in the distance. In contrast to the bare bodied Gonds, appears Nehrulal Patel, secretary of Anjaar Gram Panchayat, wearing trousers, pullover and dark glasses. Nehrulal and others like him are the vital links in the rural areas so remote that some of the princely rulers defied the state authority upto the late 60s. How the Judeo story plays out here is a matter of speculation

Well as he says when many villages in Chattisgarh don't have proper electricity, low levels of literacy, how will the people come to know about the corrupt officials. The political parties have now become very very shrewd as far as the campaigning game goes.......they know the pulse of the masses and accordingly position themselves likewise and lack of awareness acts as an added blessing to them. Now if Judeo manages to prove himself innocent, HE would be Chattisgarh's next Chief Minister. I am totally disillusioned. This column aptly describes the situation.
Vir Sanghvi rightly points out....
"The polls tell us that the BJP will lose Chhattisgarh. Experience has taught me to be wary of opinion polls —when it comes to assembly elections they have been wrong so often that is unwise to depend on their predictions.

Which, of course, means that the BJP could well win Chhatisgarh. Then, what happens? Does Dilip Singh Judeo, star of stage, screen and video, become the next Chief Minister?

You bet! That’s how low we’ve sunk."

When i read articles in newspapers talking about why BJP won and congress did not, i read statements like," BJP cleverly positioned itself, there was a huge level of flexibility in the BJP party, how they worked the nights, how effectively they used their laptops and all. I never come across reasons like BJP won because of good governance, won because they did good work etc. etc. OK OK........I am being too idealist but..........Watever.....I guess I rather be a cynic........politics is gonna be a dirty game....always.......sigh...!

P.S.: Hey ppl, well......a chotu a blooper on my part. in the post above i had mentioned that I never came across statements like BJP won because of good governance or that They won because they did good work. Well I or for that matter none of u guys could have come across those sentences coz BJP wasn't the ruling party in any of the four states where the elctions were held i.e. Madhya Pradesh , Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Delhi. Congress party was the ruling party in all the states, But it only won in Delhi. Well the error is regretted...!

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