Monday, December 22, 2003

Where do they go?

Well I had to post this after Mahesh's comment. My mom and Dad watch this extremely popular debate programme on Sun TV! This one was held in Mumbai. VISU, the popular Tamil film personality anchors the show. I normally don't watch the show, but my mom forced me to watch it coz she wanted to see if there were some friends, acquaintances and all. It is a programme wherein a gropu of people(20 odd) are given a chance to speak. For the first time in the history of the show a eunuch was given chance to speak. I listened to her with rapt attention and by the end of her speech, I was reduced to tears.
She said that while travelling in the local trains in Mumbai, when they opt for ladies compartment, the policemen harass them and ask them to leave the compartment. When they board the gents compartment they get groped and sexually harrased by the men. She just posed a question, " Where do we go?"..........and nobody seemed to have an answer. She said that they have no means to begging is the only option! Has society given us an opportunity to earn and live our life with dignity? Nobody again had an answer.

The most saddest thing was and i quote her verbatim," Our family deserted us. Our parents who brought us into this world deserted us, left u high and dry for no fault of us. We have nobody to call our own. Where do we go?" Now that really did. Imagine how it wud be for today......gone tomorrow! I dunno........its unimaginable for me......Yet they are living the reality!

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