Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I just don't get it!

Well...guys, read this! The article talks about how majority of the homosexual athletes don't come out in open about their sexuality. Either they remain permamnently in closet or reveal only to a certain few. What I don't understand is, what's the big deal about a person's sexuality! Hullo! The person may be a gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transsexual (they are a subject of debate) or whatever! How does it matter, as long as they are performing! Even if they don't perform, they would be sacked, simple! The athletes get qualified for the olympics on the basis of their performance in the pre-event qualifiers and not b'coz of their sexuality. So why is such a big deal made! It's such a personal matter, why the unncessary probing! It seriously seems so petty to me.

When I was volunteering at the world social forum, I happened to attend a talk by the gay rights activist Ashok row Kavi. A group of people majority of them homosexuals were having a discussion. There were few youngsters too. One of them for the first time ever came out in open about his sexuality. It was sweet, he became very emotional and struggled with words. We all applauded. Homosexuals in India go through a real rough time in their quest to get accepted by the mainstream society. But, i don't understand why someone's sexuality should be an issue or a point of debate at the workfront. Do the heterosexuals face the same thing...No, they don't have any pressures in order to declare their sexuality. Just b'coz the homosexuals are in a minority and justb'coz they are different, doesn't mean that they need to come out in open about stuff which are just not necessary and totally unrelated professionally. God, gimme a break please!!!!!! Y can't people just live and let live! *sigh*

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

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Aah! Live and let live might have been Tarzan's call of life…but then…he was considered different, was he not?
Moreover, homosexuality is only 'different' by default now. It has been part of the Indian society for eons together.India mothered the concept of same-sex love in Kamasutra (read the book: 'Same Sex Love in India': Edited by Salim Kidwai and Ruth Vanita) The historical treasures in Khajurao are testimony to the fact that GLBT issues are part and parcel of India's history. But then, when time alters history, people accept what is 'altered'
hence, today we have a society (only the adjective "stupid" comes to mind!), which chooses to accept alterations as truth and then oppose and crucify the fact that lies beneath it.
Take care

2004-08-18 18:30

Keep russel away form this … poor fella mit feel hurt ;)

i read an article in the papers today abt a guy who gave an ad for male models .. later when poilce caught the guy .. he had apparently had sex with over 100 such models on the pretext of givin them a break .. the police found pics of atleast(minimuim) 100 such guys @ his place whom he had secrelty photographd while having sex & then blackmailed… tell russ to read this… mit get into tropuble someday .. becoz of his habits… buhaha

2004-08-18 20:01

BUt Shobhs, in the Olympics, men and women compete seperately.. YOu need to look at that too. I am all for homosexual rights and all that, but at the same time - women dont compete with men in the Olympics. You are right - most of the time, it really doesn't matter, but I think there is probably alot of internal conflict too. YOu can imagine the uproar, when a homosexual man decides to compete with the women - he has an advantage. There is more to this issue than acceptance me thinks…

2004-08-19 01:28
Arvind Iyer:

Hmmmm…Interestin post, worth a debate..I have absolutely nothin against Homosexuality and the like,..But then takin part in the games is not a fair deal, coz here..these athletes COMPETE with each other..not with each other's sexuality….In the sense..This is like havin the PARALYMPICS…and maybe u could have a special olympics for ppl like this..It has to be fair..and I agree with wat VIDYA had to say bout this one…

The Muralitharan issue comes to mind…this guy after havin taken all the wickets and settin a world record and now ppl suspect his action and they finally conclude that he has a birth defect and thats why the BEND In his arm…ALL I ASK HIS>..DUDE, quit the game and play cricket with the Pysically challenged…Not at this level..Well am not being rude here..But COME ON>..give me a break…
And as far as Homosexuality is concerned in India…Well it would still a lot more for ppl to accept the fact that there is somethin like that in india and its fast growin..
The Mind set of ppl needs to change…the attitudes needs to change and well ppl should come out and USE their heads (the one above) to think:) heheheheh

2004-08-19 02:54

Deeps: Yea……Our Indian ancestors were much more open about homosexuality than the current prudish society. I will try reading the book. How be u? I wanna a new ost soon ya……

Vighy: Kuch bhi haan :P :P :P

Vidya: Ok, I guess I sorta commited a chotu mistake by including transsexual ppl participating in Olympics. Pray tell me, Y wud a homosexual man particpate alongwith women? Being a Homosexual doesn't mean he wants to be a women, that's a different case altogether. Its just that he's a man with an alternative sexual preference. just coz he's got an alternative sexual preference, doesn't cease to make him a man ya……:)

Arvind: PARALYMPICS :| :| :| Gimme a break…dya mean to say Paralympics for Trannsexuals? or for homosexuals in general too? if its the latter, then am afraid, I wudnt agree with u! :)

2004-08-19 03:19
MottaiBoss aka kaatss:

not making fun or anything… which category u will include transexuals….???

2004-08-19 03:44

live and let live will solve a whole bunch of problems - far more than simply gay rights. but sadly, people don't follow it.

2004-08-19 06:33

hmm.. homosexuals have been a part of indian life for ages..tht i agree with…but how many of em have the balls to come out with the truth is wht matters! i think anyone who openly claims to be GAY is easily the bravest person you'd ever meet. to stand up against all the shit that one gets at being considered different is very commendable. but the question is..who da hell is gonna tell that to the thousands.. ( and im sure there are thousands) of men and women in india, who hide their true tendencies to appease society and then do things which bring others of their community to disrespect! ..and yes i am talkin about the fucking bastards in the trains of bombay!!!! grrrr!!

people are always goin to be scared of the things they do not understand..we all want to live in a secure enivornment where everything has an explanation. same sex attraction just like aliens, or the yeti or, even ghosts are unexplained and something beyond the capabilities of an average man/woman.. so .. i guess thats the reason why homosexuals will be treated so badly!
i guess its upto them! when they become bold enough just like the guy u spoke about to stand up and be recongnised for wht they are, will people learn to respect them and to let them be!

how that turns out..only time can tell!

2004-08-19 08:16

yeah re viggy! poor russ!1 he should also take courage from the guy th shoba talked about and tell the truth tht we all already know about!!.. RUSS loves his watchman!!! and also the peon who sits outside his college lab!!.and then theres.. DEE ! ohh he totally crazy about DEE isnt he!? its ok russ..we are your FRIENDS!! we will understand!! .we will still care!!.
we mite lynch you and throw tamatars at you once in a while!!.but that does not mean we dont CARE!! ..
right people!

2004-08-19 08:21

ever wondered where the phrase "greek love" came into existence for the homosexuals??

actually, it is interesting that the primitive forms of olympics in greece were with hunky bodies competed each other naked..
and also…they were known for flaunting their homosexualness.:(
actually, the older guys, served as models for the younger teenage boys, who also had to serve certain sexual favours to the older men..

all screwed up hai..lekin , i read this article in "newsweek"

hey shobha..btw…i am shalin. followed urt link from pranshu's blog..

do visit my blog isnt as interesting as urs..but still..u wd like it:)

2004-08-19 13:37

Mottaiboss: Transsexuals are a different category by themselves and are very different from the Homosexuals (Gays and Lesbians) Homosexuals are people who have sexual orientation towards their own sex. Transsexuals are people who have changed their sex. There are people who feel trapped as in a man would aspire to be a woman, the feeling he would experience would be like, a woman trapped in woman's body and thus go for a sex change. A homosexual doesn't aspire to change his sex. So they are two different concepts. :)

Manan: U bet! sigh

Andy: Full Marks to the Eunuchs! Apne hijade logon mein dum haina, kisime nahi hain! I really admire them coz they dared to come out in open about their sexuality, but well look at their condition. No job opportunities, outcastes from the society….and the list goes on! Naturally people prefer to remain in the closet or live double lives.
Kya re, Leave poor Russ alone ya! :P

2004-08-19 14:17

Shalin: That's an interesting bit og Trivia…..* drool * NAKED HUNKY DUDDES RUNNING……. * drool * :P :P :P
Glad u dropped by……:) Keep visiting :)

2004-08-19 14:19

one basketball player was sacked bcoz he was gay. poor guy lost his career. saw it on oprah :P. and men and women do compete in one olympic sport..equestrian. but the thing is, wudnt straight men feel uncomfy playing rough alongside homosexual men? on the other hand, people shudnt be discriminated against for their sexual orientation. hmm, quite a debate. things get so complicated sometimes :P.

2004-08-19 16:28

Interestingly, my good pal vardan also posted something similar in his latest post. http://vardan.blo…. Uncomfortably, he mentions me :-S. Haai raam, Meine uska kya bigada tha :(

I'll prolly write a trackback to both your posts in a day or two. Till then, here are my views:

1. Yeah, sexual orientation shouldn't be a matter of discrimination. And no, having a gay man beside him isn't going to make an athelete uncomfortable. Think about it, straight male/females travel together everyday in crowded public transports. Not just this, but they work, play sport and go to school together. Besides, is the gay man really going to do anything in front of all the people?

2. About coming out in the open, I guess thats more due to social pressure. Because such a thing is considered unacceptable in society, people generally tend to take the path of least resistance and become closet fellows. For this to change, the society will have to change, and for that, we'll need to get more and more gay people to step out of their closets. Initially there will be a shocked reaction, perhaps a bit of violence (eg. King George of France had a pipe stuck up this bottom and a mixture of hot mashed coal and some liquid forced through the pipe. The man died a painful death). Though this form of violence was extreme, such a thing shouldn't happen - atleast not in cities. Over time, people will learn to accept them. Like we accept enunchs in Mumbai.

2004-08-19 17:06

abhee vighy this is wat i meant by ur jokes dont make sense…..*@&#^$

2004-08-19 18:49

hmm..i kinda agree. i dont think a persons sexuality has anything to do with his abilit as an athlete. but then..i dont know entirely…see its not a social issue or question re. but sports and homosexuality..hmm..i have to think about this one….vidyas point is valid too.
detailed response later i guess. thought provoking post.

2004-08-20 08:01

This, I think, is stilll a delicate issue in India, atleast.
People are not ready to accept homosexuality. I dont know why. Probably because they feel it is wierd, out of the box, and not very common. And hence are prejudiced against the homosexuals.

This makes it all the more difficult for that minority to come out. More so for sportspersons. They would suffer ready discrimination by any selection committee even if they tried.

One way to work around would be to never announce that you are a gay/lesbian and what not. Sneak around. Go through loopholes.
And then, if successful, later reveal to others to prove a point that we can have athletes who can be homosexuals.

2004-08-20 16:23

its sad that athletes cant be open about their sexuality, or for that matter most people in almost any profession. i dont think it affects their skills as much as it affects their popularity. I mean, try to imagine Becks if he were gay (even tho he acts that way except for the women)Or Michael Jordan, or Ali or even Tiger Woods who plays the sissiest sport! the thing is people are still turned off by the homosexual factor. I know cos 2 very good friends of mine are gay and and I know what they go through at times when people think they're gay (they're not 'out' as yet) its just how life is.

2004-08-20 18:23

Live and let live..if we all followed that the world would be a different place altogether mate!

2004-08-21 07:03

wot kuch bhi .. tis is true .. gay ppl being exploited by blackmailing them.

& russ the jokes make sense .. andy samjha joke ;) buhahaha .. oh wait .. sorry i was not supposed to tease u .. sorry sir russ :P

2004-08-21 07:33

Hey Shobhs… jsut letting you know that yep… I confused terminology too… and will take back what I said :)

2004-08-22 07:42

Reiya: Dee, just relied to ur query :)

Dee: sahi bole…..:)

Russ: heheehehhee, haan re gundu cracks maha sad pjs :|

Ashwin: Thanks :)

Sat: That's the way its been I think, more or less :)

Phala: That can be sad ya….I mean ur 2 friends. I think we as friends can do our bit by supporting them and being non judgemental and me thinks u doing just that :)

Ridhish: U said it mate! :)

Gundu: Tere russ ke joke ko maine kuch bhi bola. Even I had read tht news item paper mein!

Vidya: its ok, gurl :)

2004-08-22 17:31


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