Sunday, August 22, 2004


When I have nothing better to do, I sometimes bloghop. Its funny when I see people describing their state of mind so accurately. I mean even I have my weird mood days, but I don't think I would be able to write so eloquently about it. I might write to myself about it though (never can blog it) but I dont think so I would be able to write it so beautifully, the clarity of thought is just so amazing. I hate to admit but I am all *ENVIOUS*

Anyways, I have to narrate this funny incident. Well I was having my dinner with my television set swicthed on. Some random number from Khakhee was being played on Star plus I guess. It was a total Dhinchak number with beats and all. Amma was somewhere in the room when suddenly she broke into a little jig. It was "I-am-dancing-when-nobody's-looking-at-me" jig. The best thing about a family is the level of comfort one experinces. The comfort zone one gets is unbelievable. We may all have our differences with the family itself, but still, the most awkward things is chalta hain. As in even if you let out a burp, its ok when you are at home. Its like family only na! Ok.back to the story, I saw Amma doing some weird dance step, but I kept quiet. I wanted her to enjoy her moment. On the hindsight I would have had royal fun pulling her leg, but even if i pull her leg, it doesn't make any difference. My Amma doesn't even listen to me, making me a fulltu popat : So i just kept quiet. But what was most freaky was when I saw the TV screen sometime later, I saw Akshay Kumar doing the same step : I can vouch for the fact that Amma wasn't watching the tv while doing her lil' cute jig....hehehehehee! That was really funny, that was when I started laughing........Amma had this quizzical expression on her funny, didn't even bother to explain! My amma sure is cute......*grin*

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

cute post :). true family mein, people are most comfortable. same holds true with real close friends. its really awkward to always be concious of what you are doing and behaving like a camera is pointed at your direction.

about your amma, hehe. my mumma also does things like this sometimes. hell even i do the i-am-doing-something-cause-nobody-is-at-home thing. though, i've resolved not to do it anymore :(. AND DONT YOU DARE START LAUGHING. podi nee

2004-08-22 19:11

BUHAHAHAHHAHAHHA :P:P:P:P, temme about it :P:P:P

2004-08-22 19:12

Cute :)

2004-08-23 04:40

i swear to this over my own grave.. but one time.i heard my amma hum a metallica tune!!!..yeah! BEAT THAT!!.. me and my sister were looking at her like we just saw YETI!!! and she just went on serving us our dosas and humming her tune.. and i didnt even laugh .. i was just to stunned!!.. till this day, im unsure if i really heard her sing that or was it just my imagination!.. i know i wasnt dreaming ..* the chutney was BAD!!.. but then.. its too freaky to be true!!..BUT IT IS TRUE!! AAAAH.. ill stop before i go loco on this one!!

2004-08-23 11:15

I have taught my "Amma" to recognise some pop-stars , as in who is Enrique, who is Britney etc and I was zapped the other day when she pointed out to Justin Timberlake on TV and said isn't that Britney Spear's ex -bf :D.

As for others' eloquent writing, haven't we discussed that a lot ;)

2004-08-23 11:53

Aww.. that is cute!

2004-08-24 06:25

Cho chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :)

2004-08-25 12:31

hehehhehee…..thats so similar to my maa too,,i jus6 told u on chat;)

it must be"dil doobaaaaa" ohh wht numberrr.koool
am gonna dance with aunt when i cum to mum haa.

and yea mum seems to be such fun refring to ur latest posts

2004-08-25 20:16


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