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The meeting---Part 1

I was in my 6th grade, I was around 11 years old. We had to been to Himachal Pradesh for a trip. Himachal Pradesh is so of the most beautiful places I have been to till now. I don't mind going there again. We were 4-5 families altogether for the trip to Himachal. Abhi....Himachal Bole toh, Kullu Manali nahi gaye toh Doob Maro! seriously!! :P Anyways.we were at Kullu. The first time I set foot at Kullu, I felt different. I mean the whole ambience of the place is so different than Mumbai (obviosuly it would be different but well as a kid it hit me right on my face) It was cold (I went to kullu on the month of November) But I liked it. Another thing which caught my attention was the large amount of "chinky eyed " people. now I know its a stupid way to address them, but well..I din't know any other way. (People please suggest, I would incorporate it :) ) I had never seen so many chinky eyed people at one place. I was very intrigued.

I have to mention the crazy things I did during this trip. I was fascianted by people, countries, different relegions, cultures etc. right from a very ypoung age. These trips provided me an opportunity to meet like so many different people. There were tons of tourists who had come from various countries. Well, I was very curious about all everything "NEW" I saw. Therefore I used to stop and talk to any random foreigner and ask them From where they came from, which country and How they liking India and all. It freaks me now as to how I could just go to any random strangeer and ask questions. Boy! I was totally uninhibited and bold! :D I met some really nice people likewise. They were only too interested in telling me what they liked, info about their country and all. It was very cute! So in kullu, when we went shopping, I witnessed like huge numners of Chinky- eyed people (I thought that they were from north-east)
There are loads of them In kullu, Manali, Dharamshala etc. Since we went to Kullu during the winters, the lanes and roads of Kullu were filled with people selling woollens. It wa sa ubiquitous scene. I went to this particular lady who was selling really lovely sweaters. She also had cute friendship bands (yea and this was way before Kuch Kuch hota hain released.) Every second person over there int he street was busy knitting sweaters and other stuff. I went to this particular stall which had an old lady knitting and her daughter selling the stuff. They were really very beautiful and pretty. They showed me several of their stuff sweaters, shawls, socks, gloaves etc. etc. Out of sheer curiosity I began talking to them. I asked them," Do u belong to Kullu only or do u come here during winters for business?" THey looked at me and said, " No, beta, we are tibetans But we have been staying here right from our childhood." Now I was stumped, where is Tibet???? I smiled and went back to Appa who was busy haggling something in anotjher shop. Appa is very good with geography and keenly takes interest in current affairs and stuff. I asked him, "Appa, Where is Tibet? Is it in India?" That was not a proper time to ask questions and dispell my doubts as he was busy making purchases and answering in a busy stret really didn't make sense. Amma was also shopping. So i kept quiet. We proceeded to another lane where again we encountered like several shops. I met another girl whow as busy knitting. She was knitting a friendship band. I was quite curious coz at that time I hardly knew wht these bands meant. I asked her,"yeh kya hain? (what is this?) She replied," Isko friendhsip band bolte hain. Isko aap apne friend ke haath mein baand sakte ho." (This is called a friendship band and you can tie this on ur friend's wrist.) They were indeed very pretty. I keenly began to watch the way she knitted so fast and came out with such pretty stuff. After a point of time I began talking to her too. She was very sweet. I asked her u r also a tibetan? She looked at me surprised," Yea, even I am from Tibet. Where are u from?" I replied that I am from Mumbai. I didn't have any clue about Tibet or anything. I asked her what relegion do u follow? Christianity? She repleid with biiiiiiiiiig NOOOOOO! "We practise Buddhism.", she said. I aske dher whom do you regard as your god. She said Dalai Lama! Now I was totally confused. She said she pratrcised Buddhism and god is Dalai Lama. I bid her good bye and again joined our group........(To be continued)

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Shobha said...

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let me be the first one :D owkay now i will go through the post ;-)

2004-08-08 09:57

Yeah Tibetians are really sweet and hardworking people … they sell those woolens across the country in the winter season … we had one little Tibetian boy who used to work at our neighbour's house … norbu was his name. Sometimes he would come to us and join us in playing cricket .. lol he taught me how to fly a kite :D

2004-08-08 10:00
Arvind Iyer:

Well All of a sudden, ur posts seem to reflect a lot on Tibet:) Any strong connection happenin of late?:) anyways, hope things are gr8 with u…waitin to read the other part of the Post:)
HAve a wonderful week;)

2004-08-08 19:42

Bachpan mein bhi u had keedas .. why go n enquire abtwot a person is knitting :| … bachpan se hi u r krantikari :)) .. way to go AMMA ….buhahahaha

2004-08-08 21:18

sahi ri:D:D. travelling is funnnnn. i want to go thr now:(. Tibetans are so tranquil na… they still have hope to get their home back and they r trying to do it peacefully. did u buy the friendship band?

2004-08-09 10:53

Waiting to hear the rest of the story! Ipppadi suspense-la poyi cut pannitiyee! :P

2004-08-09 11:23

u dont post for a life time and suddenly u post 2 in a row! :) nice work…interesting post…will come back for part 2 indeed

2004-08-10 06:19

tibetans are genuinely sweet people. I had a Tibetan friend in Lucknow..a classmate. listening about what they have had to go through under the Chinese occupation is truly painful…I hope they get freedom as soon as possible. its such a unique and beautiful culture…a culture that is being persecuted and suppressed brutally.

2004-08-10 18:36
Capriciously Me!:

i cant believe u remember all these details from ur 6th std….the only way i wud know abt something that happened to me wud be if my mom told me that this is wht i did…..u must have been one real smart kid to go to strangers and ask questions…am really impressed!!

have been reading ur blog for sometime now…very nice :)

2004-08-10 21:27

Bhai: Hiee! Yayyyyy! U first u first! :PNorbu, such a cute name…….!Arrey I still dunno how to fly kites…:(

Arvind: Its not all of a sudden Arvind. I had mentioned it in my previous post that I would be mentioning about my personal experinces and hetre they are. Not a strong connection, just that i feel strongly about the issue :)

Gundu: Haan re, bachpan se hi kraantikaari hoon…..:P:P Apna life ka fund ahain, kuch nahis amjha toh mooh kholke koshchun poochneka kya! :P

Reiya: u shud go thr Reiya, lovely place it is. I did buy a firendship band. :D

Vidya: Ipdi pannadaan nee again varuvaaye ennoda blog check panna…..:P:P:P heeheheheee!

Ridhish: Arrey waah, kya punya kiye meine ki aapke charan mere blog mein pade :P :P Heeehhehehee! Arrey thr's just not patt 2, thoda aur bhi hain :D

Ashwin: Yes, culture being suppressed and persecuted brutally…..perfect words. :(

Capraiciously me: Hey! Do I sound really old to u? I am only 19. HEheheee! So its not all that difficult to remeber the details. Also this was one trip I just cannot forget for various reasons. :D BTW, ur blog url doesn't open at all. R U sure that u have given the right link? Glad u dropped by, keep visiting :)

2004-08-11 04:05


2004-08-11 04:52

nicely written :) i love HP too. especially the apple juice! waiting for the rest…

2004-08-11 06:50

big post

2004-08-11 19:59

I'm very lucky I've found your blog.
I love India (I never been in India, but I love India any way… :)
I've seen many photographs from your country, I all time look for everything connectiing with Your country.
I feel it's magic place, colorfull, full of fragrance, sun and amazing music…
Have I right?
I'll be often here, on your web…

2004-08-11 22:23
Capriciously Me!:

hi shobha…checked to see the next part … not here yet….:( cant imagine y my link did not work for u…here it is anyway… http://capricious…

2004-08-12 00:04

Ridhish: :P :P :P :P

Kikhamett: Well yea, big post, so read it :P Neways glad u dropped by. Dya have a blog?

Manan: Thanks Manan. U r perfectly right, HP rocks :D

Justyna: Well, Hi Justyna! Well u r right. India is beautiful, India is a magical country. U have to visit India to experince India. But well let me tell you, India has its fair share of problems too…. But neverthesless, its still wonderful. BTW I'm unable to read ur webpage. Dya have an English weblog?

Capricously Me: Hey capricious. Well…I again seem to have problems opening ur blog ya. I guess that's b'coz of the underscore in ur blog url. I have trouble opening any blog which has an underscore in it. Will try to sort it out, But well…..keep visiting :) and yea.part 2 wud be put up soon :)

2004-08-12 01:37

Sounds interesting…waiting for part II

2004-08-12 06:26

good story…….im waiting 4part 2

2004-08-12 16:47

How u doin ? …Interesting post.. I hope ur not planning to stretch it like K serials :).

2004-08-12 17:57

i do have a blog. its . enter at ur own risk tho

2004-08-12 18:20

I am expecting to see some Yetis in the next post. Please obilige. :P

2004-08-12 18:50

Hieeee there.
Long time. Not here.
U still remember something u did some 9 years ago so vividly? Great.
They are not Chinkies. I am sure Chinese would be more appropriate.

After being in India for soo long, I still havent seen any snow.
Not even after arriving here. Thats the saddest part.

2004-08-12 23:36
ushiroukemi (Justyna):

I'm afraid I don't have any English weblog…
Polish is my native language, so, I don't need it…
I'll be waiting for your next note, I like way you write :)

2004-08-13 01:32

[Shobha, could you tell whenever about Kumbh Mela? :) ]

2004-08-13 01:38

cute postie…dear:D..i commented!

2004-08-13 12:57

Poo: :)

Russel: Thanks re russ :)

Keshav: I'm doing good. How abt u? Well…….No K serials…..shesssssssh!

Kirkhamett: Sure :)

Shubir: Yetis bole toh kya re? Be clear plisss! :P

Sat: Hey! How be u ya? Glad to see u back :)

Justyna: Oops! Then I can't comment in ur blog. Well….u keep visiting and do give a thot abt starting an English blog :) I will mail u details abt Kumbh Mela in a few days :) BTW how come u interesated in Kumbh Mela? interesting…..

Laks: thunku sweetie!

2004-08-13 15:35
Arvind Iyer:

Yetis…bole tho…THE HAIRY MONSTERS that live in the snow and the places around the snow>….Clear?:)
And well good to see u back in the postin business again:)

2004-08-14 04:29

Arvind: Oh…..Thanks for clearing my doubt! :)

2004-08-14 11:16


2004-08-15 09:46

Shubir :P , mera wildlife knowledge is sad.:P : P :P

2004-08-15 09:52


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