Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ponderings!!!! in Mumbai can be weird in many ways. Different people fascinate me and Mumbai is a perfect place to meet different different kind of people. One of the main motivation for me to become a journo is to meet new people. Mumbai is a huge, megapolis actually. As lakku rightly pointed out it has loads of clusters, various places which are self sufficient townships in every way. As in every place will have loads of schools, colleges (for various streams), hospitals, shopping malls etc. U really need not travel as such for basic ameneties like this. But well. For work and for sometimes eductaion too, one has to travel in Mumbai and travel lots! I too travel a lot. In this process I get to meet various people and DIFFERENT people. DIFFERENT would be an understatement. Its so funny, the kind of people changes with every area u know. I don't want to generalise as one would be able to meet different kind of people too; but majority of people would be typical types. Its like every area has its own identity. If area A would be filmy area, area B would be totally gujju and area C would be totally south indian. Economically also it would vary. Thinking, aspirations, everything varies. Whats more, dressing sense of college students also vary. Some areas Ekta kapoor will be GOD whereas in others she would be poo-poohed. I know people for whom rave parties are like the most happening thing but I also know people who don't know where their next meal is gonan come from.I hope you guys are getting the drift. I still maintain that exceptions prevail and one really can't always generalise. So since I travel quite a lot within the city, I encounter people of all types. Shocking different in every aspect from one another. Its a nice experince but I kinda experince it every few hours : Its not always funny because it drains you emotionally sometimes. I don't know how exactly to explain to you guys, but I think one can't experience it unless one stays in Mumbai. Its like I don't want a change every few hours. Some stability, some continuity needed please!!!!!!!!!!!! But this is one endearing aspect of Mumbai. I know I'm sounding totally contradictory but well......I'm like that only ;)

On a different note.......Malu called me up today, such a cutie pie. WOTTA LOVELY SURPRISE.....:D *HUGS* babes! Was lovely talking to ya. She had her fair share of fun by not revealing her name and all......majja she had at my expense! :P :P (by the way, see another new post down)

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Shobha said...

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of course she is such a sweetie pie! it runs in the family. huggles betu :D

2004-08-22 19:12

:)):)) sooo much of FUN tht was !!! ;);) ANd I agree MUMBAI is a diff place !! wahan sab chalta hain !! :D:D:D And it was really wonderful speaking to U !! :D:D:D And HUGS to U too Papa :D:D:D

2004-08-23 02:29

Malz doesnt call me at all :-|
:P :D

Its interesting to note that you always seem to re-discover Mumbai in a different way each time :)…i guess that explains the complexity and diversity behind that city called Bombay (i will always prefer the older name to the current one)

2004-08-23 04:43

plisss dont get me started of travelling in mumbai :|

btw .. i live in "cumless" log ka area ;)

2004-08-23 05:47

Surely mumbai is the most rocking of all places! Unity in diversity. lots of ppl of all eco,social, linguistic,..backgrnds…..

2004-08-23 06:58

ello illiogirly :-D

2004-08-23 07:36

bombay..bestest… thats all i have to say about that!

2004-08-23 11:08

talk abt travellin. i got to take a bus to go to the nearest grocery store to buy a pak of fags.US sucks

2004-08-23 18:38

You should count yourself lucky.
Everything here is totally the opposite.
There are none of these chotta chotta little shops and kutti hotels that would dot a residential neighbourhood. Everything would be big. Big shopping malls and grocery stores where everything can be brought.
Capitalism can do that to a country.

There are none of these neighbourly get-togethers that happend every evening in large residential localites in India.

In India, the first thing you do when you move to a new place - would be to talk with the neighbours.
Here people even go through their entire lives without knowing whether even a neighbour has a pet.
In certain ways, it is different. I must admit.

Thats probably one of the things I am going to miss

2004-08-23 18:39

Big cities are always different. Even over here, if you travel to the main cities of each of the states, you can see the difference. Sydney is very fast paced whereas Brisbane has a more relaxed atmosphere.

2004-08-24 06:26

Did anyone say mumbai? dont lets get me started on that topic yeah?

2004-08-24 14:15

Kem cho.. humara walkeshwar maa aaavjo… :)

2004-08-24 22:58

u got 2meet 3engs of S.S. Jondhale College of engineering cause of journalism ??????????

2004-08-25 15:59

u chose the right person to talk abt bombay:P

2004-08-26 17:50
sush: a point it sucks…anyways no fightin…just enjoy ur city…anyways loved ur post abt ur mom….publicise ur mom…may get a gig soon…

2004-08-26 21:06
Blythe Spyryt:

Hiya! Do drop in again sometime…was good to meet u. Hmm…mumbai is so darn addictive just like pani puri…flows in ur system :)

2004-08-29 05:09

:D but khushee its canberra which rocks…dont u think ;) hehehe! ..yeah i like mumbai too :D

2004-08-30 02:51

lovely :) you've described what i love about mumbai! but no matter what reasons we try to give - in the end - its really unconditional :D not even we know why we love the city so much!

2004-09-01 19:14

Dee: Kuch bhi!

Malu: Haanji yahaan sab chalta hain! :D :P

Ashwin: the new name aint bad either, Mumbai. Umm..more earthy, but nevertheless 'Mumbai' in no way dimishes the spirit tht Bombay stood for.:D

Gundu: BUHAHAHAAHAHA!…u shud ahve been vignesssss..:P:P:P

Gans: U said it ya!

2004-09-05 09:19

Candy: kaay boltes tu? :|

Andy: no doubts abt it dude!

Kirkhamett: BUHAHAHAAHA!( Devilish loffter)

Sat: Tht cohesiveness u wudnt get thr!

Khush: That's true, I agree!

Toinky: hehehehee!

2004-09-05 09:33

Gremlin: Me majja choo…..kasa kaay bola tumhi?

Russel: bouncer :|

Lakku: hehehehe! ya :P

Sush: hey, how r u? Long time…..:) Glad u liked ther post !

Blythe: Oh yea…ehehehhe good analogy! Lovely meeting u too :)

Ridhish: Abbey U oughta love Mumbai, Samjha na! :P

Manan: So true……so true!

2004-09-05 09:36


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