Saturday, September 11, 2004

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Hmmmmmm.......I love wishing people on their b'days. B'days for me are special and that is one day where one in their own way can make the b'day guy/girl wonderful. (Who doesn't like pampering and attention?) It would be an understatement to say that I ABSOLUTELY HATE FORGETTING PEOPLE'S BIRTHDAYS. There was a time where I forgot birthdays of my close friends. i don't like that stupid feeling which engulfs you when you realise you have forgotten your pal's b'day :( Therefore I decided to use the services of Birthday alarm. It has been extremely useful for me till now.
Well...I forgot to wish my friend. His b'day was on September 5th. It's not that I did not enter his name, b'day in my b'day alarm calender. I ENTERED A WRONG B'DATE :| :| Now can anyone be more irresponsible or plain stupid? :| I hate it, I hate the damn feeling.......grrrr....and I meet him in the college, He doesn't say a word. In the evening I was speaking to him on the phone and I just happen to ask him, Listen your b'day is just around the so what plans? :| (One tight slap!!!!!!) and then suddenly a brainwave!!!! I asked him, Have I by any chance forgotten your b'day? He meekly replied, "Yes, You very well have!" I just felt like downing myself in a deep river or just wanted to jump inside a big well. huh!!!! Last year too the same thing happened. I actually wished him 10 days later, I thought his b'day was not september 15th and september 15th.....grrr! Now this is not absent mindedness......This is absolute foolishnes!

On a different note altogether, NDTV news headlines screamed.." INDIAN CURRY WINS THE FINAL BATTLE". I was curious to know what it implied. Later I understood that Indian curry has not become the offical diet of the British soliders fighting at Iraq, apparently the most conservative organisation....Blah! I care 2 hoots....Well, how true it is when people say the colonial hangover still exists in India. This is just such a perfect instance. Indian curry is making it big everywhere. i dont understand why it is news. Also why are we waiting for their certificate to acknowledge a fact that WOW, WE HAVE REACHED THERE......Its sad when media resorts to such stupidity. No wonder India is full of so many wannabes! Well....Blah!!!!

My amma has been diaganosed with slight diabetes and thodusa BP problem too. :( Poor thing! In a span of just 2-3 days I have noticed the drastic change in her doet. She loves eating fruits, now she just stares at them. poor thing....She has to drink sugarless coffee....She's the 4th member from her family to join the elite club, which we jokingly refer to as THE SUGAR FACTORY :P It used to be joke till others were a part of the club, now no longer! Amma laughs it off..but still ya, its sick! Stupid diabetes......

Have you guys seen the Extraa Innings hoardings all around the city? Atleast Mumbaikars should have. It has Mandira bedi in it wearing a saree, shawl????? (God alone knows , what) I was wondering...Mandira Bedi and Too much clothing....the saree thing is draped in a funny way.....and then I see the accompanying slogan......Mandira in EXTRA COVER......:| :| :| So the extra clothing meant that? Oh puhllezeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Then there is another hoarding wherein she is seen in some net type thingy, the slogan accompanying it says...Mandira in the nets :| That's not all.....there's one more. There's a hoarding wherein She's wearing this short pink number and the whole focus is on her legs.....guess what the accompanying slogan would be.......YEA...EXTRA LEG :| Could it get any more typical and cliched? Even I can come up with such stupid ideas and they get paid also liek crazy for such crappy work........grrrrrrr!

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Shobha said...

I, Me and Media!

BlogBack Closing 13th October 2005.

Mandira bedi was horrible @ the ICC awards show :| … stupid fukol qsns she was asking .. total embarresment she was :P .. she is better off with those skipmy outfits & keeping her mouth shut .. buhahaha … after all dats why most bhooka nangas watch .. extra "fittings" ;)

My amma & appa both have diabetes… & dats when they fell like eating sweet stuff(jalebis)which they had never liked as much bfr being diagnosed … :P

2004-09-10 22:16

i still dont remmember bDays. but i guess the advantage is that they know i fforget such stuff easily.

2004-09-11 00:46

"Waiting is painful.Forgeting is painful.But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering."
hope u will not forget 11 th nov. ; )
hope indian team shines better than mandira this time

2004-09-11 06:28

the curry issue is exactly why we are what we are. people must learn to NOT give a hoot about what firangis think. in bombay times, sometimes, they interview random firangi people. i dont get the point. why are we so fixiated about firangis?

it is sad that we aren't selling news, we are selling papers(or television viewership). people just want to write/show things that others would pay for. being in journalism you should've heard the term 'yellow journalism'. that sucks.

not owning a working tv, i'll just talk about newspapers. every newspaper today comes with a supplement. in case of the times of india, you have bombay times. how many of you actually read the main newspaper? not many i suppose. all you do is look at bombay times, oogle a bit and then close the newspaper. and even the main newspaper has its problems. firstly, the main page contains headlines which talk about violence or politics or something unpleasant.

take the israeli newspaper on the other hand. the first page contains nice stories of real people. stories that inspire one to do things, to change for the better of their country. a few months back, the front page had the story about an israeli farmer. it was a nice touching story of how he helps people and nature around him inspite of something physically wrong with him. the gore about the palestine conflits was saved for the inner pages.

newspapers, magazines, tv, and hoardings heavily affect the average person. projecting beauty as thin and fair has caused many teenage girls to use beauty products and heavily control their eating habits, sometimes self inducing vomiting.

we have a fashion thing saying 'whats hot' and 'whats not'. its crap. but they show some kind of shoes and suddenly everybody wants to have them. the manufacturers of those shoes win. girls threaten their fathers or brothers and make them walk for 5 hours in the heat and are still unsatisfied with what they bought.

the media is again responsible for making an actor a superstar. in many cases, the actor is plain UGLY and dumb and couldn't act to save his life. but the media hype causes everybody to think 'ah, he is hot'.

why doesnt the media tell us about the little joys of life, the beauty in nature, the warm feeling you get from helping a fellowman, or how public property belongs to us, and how we can all do our little thing to save the nature or to make our country a better place to live in?

nicely written stories, carefully targetted ads, and tv programs, all these make a difference. initially our 'entertainment-only' junta will find it hard to accept it, but in time, they will get accustomed to life beyond 'saas-bhi-kabhi-bahu-thi'

another thing i HATE about my countrymen is their "Proud to be Indian" slogan. WTF is that? I notice it is mostly prevalent in the north. Heck, theres a dumb movie by that name too. i notice it on some web-logs too. WTF are you trying to tell me? or any other person? that there exist a bunch of us that aren't proud?

this weird streak is most notable in delhi and surrounding areas. we had a b@$T@r# VJ from there perform at MI 2002. at the end he fucking screams 'aren't you all proud to be indians? be proud yaar. come on everybody give me a yes'. i was with a firangi chap from germany. he looks at me in a weird manner and is all puzzled. is THIS the impression you want to create?

anyway i guess enough of this. this has got to be the longest comment i've ever posted. and probably the longest comment you have ever received. hell, its longer than your own post :p

:( about your amma. diabetes runs in a small part of my family too. so i know what thats like.

yeah, i did see those hoardings. yesterday, i was stuck in the bus for 1/2 hour without the bus moving cause there had been an accident and the traffic has stopped. and there was that hoarding of her on one side of the road, and a sign saying 'Sunder Country Daaru Bar' on the other. Shifting my attention between the two places, the 1/2 hour didnt seem that long :p.

seriously, i never realized how HOT she was. all i could focus on was that leg. drool find a similar chick for me na ;;). just make her a little more smarter and a LOT less conceited.

2004-09-11 10:14
Blythe Spyryt:

Sad that ur mom got diabetes…its runnin in my family too. And abt the Mandira episode…i saw it too! And she wonders why no one takes her seriously!!

2004-09-11 13:06

Why the hell didnt they put up such hoardings when I was there?? I got an idea anyways…one in which Mandira is bending down..and it says MAIDEN OVER! :))

Your amma has got bp…so atleast now listen to what she says and behave like a good gal…romba settai pannadhe :p

2004-09-11 16:00

19th Dec… waiting for your wishes. :)

2004-09-11 19:14

u wished me 4my blday :D
mandira is soooooooo dammn bugging…..&@^&$^** she should just sit there topless & not open her mouth….v will b happy :D
as 4those dammn hoardings….i hav2 see them everyday cause they r pasted all over dadar *@#&#$&

2004-09-12 08:19

way to go DEE. with u man

2004-09-12 11:26

heyhey hun how ya doin? havent visited in a while sorry, and dee pretty much covered everything that is related to ur post so i would just be repeating…. hmph! hehehe 8th june btw, dont forget :D

2004-09-12 14:10

gemini, im a gemini

2004-09-12 14:53

buddays are so fun:D. i still dont know..what consists indian curry? so many curries r thr:(. i hope it has chicken in it.
ur mom can still eat fruits na…apples and papayas. hmm not much of a choice tho. my gran has slight diabetes too, but nothing can keep her away from an occassional sweet and fruits. only she also has her tea sugarless. ur mum has to be careful, but not to punish herself by not eating stuff at least once in a while.
mandira lololol. watta brainless female..keeps tripping over her own mistakes. has no self respect wot?

2004-09-12 17:33

Gundu: "Extra Fittings" LOLOLOLOLOLOL! ahahhaaaa, only u guys can come up with such terms…..heehehe!

Shodz: Well…some ppl have all luck! * sigh *

Kaidon: Well, U guys are thr na to remind me of 11th Nov ;) :P, Ur prerogative, not mine! :P:P

Dee: WHOA! That was one hell of a comment…hmmmm!

Blythespyryt: U said ya…..!

Suds: Ripe imagination…..hmmmm! :P Poda! :P

Gremlin: :)

Russel: All over….completely……and hey, wait a minute..What problem have u got seeing/ogling at Mandira? This is not a buhaha reaction…..ehehehheee!

Idli: Oops! and I thought u were a Cancerian.never mind…..:) hehehheee! How u doin babes?

Reiya: U said it…seriosuly, What consist of Indian curry? Well….hmmmmm and about Mandira, less said the better….

2004-09-12 18:05

I hate forgetting birthdays as well. I try to commit all of them to memory :D Lol. It works most of the time. And this post just reminded me - there is a cousin's birthday on Wednesday.. I better not forget!

2004-09-13 09:03

MB is too damn irritating. To top it, she thinks she is the Indian Cricket team's lucky mascot. Gawwwd!

Take care of your mom:)


2004-09-13 12:38

Enough has been said about Mandira, so I shall keep me mouth shut. Gah! And my mum has been diagonised with Diabetes and B.P as well… freaky man… real freaky.

2004-09-13 13:10

Khushee Hey Khush! Better go n wish ur cousin………fasssssssssssstttttttttttt! :D

Poo: Indian team's lucky mascot :| :| :|

Toinks: Oops! ur mom too? :( Sad yaa!

2004-09-14 03:34

well i guess i'm quite the opposite. i sincerely wish that the whole year would go by without my birthday in it :D but yeah because of that i'm sad at remembering birthdays as well.

as for mandira - lol :) i find her just too funny.

2004-09-14 08:03

I dont like mandira bedi…Period.

2004-09-14 09:16

Birthday alarm is a great service. Still wondering why I am not having it…. And I dont think I will feel guilty unless I know that I have missed it.
Ignorance is bliss. :P

I just suppose that the spicy taste of the Indian curry has managed to percolate anywhere. Even then, it wouldnt be inthe exact taste in which we eat it. Just try it, and you will know.

Too bad about the diabetes thing. My uncle had succumbed to it. Inspite of the medications. Just tell her to be careful.

And the Mandira Bedi Ads - I suppose its the wrong itming. It shoudl have been during the World cup. Not now.

2004-09-14 19:38

Manan: HEehehe…wishful thinking na :P

Candy: She's sad ya, I thought she was fab in Shanti, but she tunred out to be such a bimbo! :|

Sat: Hmmm….

2004-09-14 19:40

I never fill out those emails from birthday alarms when they tell you to type in your birthdays.. i have that "who cares for such things" attitude.. but now i will fill them :D… about your amma.. really sad.. my dads diabetic.. couldnt even eat his own birthday cake..

2004-09-15 10:11

Tia: Arrey! tht's bad ya…..:( Hold true for amma also :( I feel really sad when she has to go for weddings and all, not to forget the festivals….:(

2004-09-16 04:07

pls oblige us by calling us BOMBAYITES and not mumbaikars, and btw, if u just look at it without the distorted bias, i hope u will realise that its actually a very good ad campaign and if u cant figure out that the extra clad pic of hers means what it says, u probably have little cricket sense or maybe just little common sense

2004-09-22 09:34

this goes out for dee,

ma'am/sir, i simply want to ask u 2 questions.

1) what is wrong if people say (and say it aloud) that they're proud of their country? its atleast better than condemning the NATIONAL LANGUAGE of the nation as a state in the south does. i do not wish to generalise south here, therefore i said a state in the south (and since you talk so much of the media, i expect u to know about the state)

2) when u began ur reply to the post, u said that v care a lot about firangis, give a hoot, et. al. (means etcetera). then towards the end, u said that when the VJ (u c we shouldnt be using language like yours on a public post) shouted out the things that he did, there was a german gentleman standing next to you giving you a puzzled look. now i wanna ask you, why did u care about his look there, he too afterall is a firang…..what you can do in the least is stand by what u say and atleast try to convince people of what ur saying..
wish u luck in life

2004-09-23 22:28

Dear EDUCATOR maam/sir/otherwise:

It is always a good thing to read, understand what the person is trying to convey, separate the important parts from the unimportant ones, and only then comment. A concept lost on some people.

Another thing to remember is that, this is a blog and not a legal document.

What amazes me is how people can bring out the most illogical, unconnected stuff. This is not a play of words, my friend. Had you really read and understood what I was trying to say, you wouldn't have found it necessary to question.

However, I'll answer your questions

1. There's nothing wrong with saying one is proud of ones country. But its when one overdoes it, that people wonder. Not quite apt in this situation, but 'An empty kettle makes the most noise'.

2. South Indian state condeming: I believe it wasnt right. As to why they did it, perhaps you ought to brush up on your history and the events that shaped our country. Particularly, read about the congress and the power struggle within the party. Get a hold of today's Times of India (Sept 24, 2004) (Mumbai Edition) and read the editorial titled 'Journey Without Maps'.

3. About the VJ. He used the words, 'Come on yaar. Be proud of your country'. WHAT is this supposed to mean? (If you still cant figure out why i'm irked, there is nothing I can do about it)

4. And whats the deal with 'you see we shouldn't use such language in a public post'. Firstly, are you trying to tell me what I can do and what I can not? Secondly, get your facts straight. A blog is SEMI-PUBLIC. Perhaps, you should read up about blogs too.

5. Next, I come to 'now i wanna ask you … people of what ur saying'. Again, it exhibits your reading + understanding skills. Rather, lack of them. Read my comment again. Notice that the first reference to firangis is in a different context from the second.

In the first, I am agitated that our media gives more importance to arbit firangis than our own people. In the second, I am angry because the statement made by the VJ made him see my country in a bad light.

Pay careful attention to what I've just said. By giving more importance to firangis, we've devalued ourselves. By the VJ's remark, we've again devalued ourselves. This was my point. I am standing by what I said. Like I said, learn to read and understand!

6. Thank you for wishing me luck. I wish you all the luck too. Because if this is the way you are in real life too, you sure are going to need it. LOTs of it.

And though, not aimed at me, I'm going to answer your previous comment too.

1. pls oblige us by calling us BOMBAYITES and not mumbaikars

I want you to take a look at these two phrases:
- its atleast better than condemning the NATIONAL LANGUAGE of the nation as a state in the south does
- pls oblige us by calling us BOMBAYITES and not mumbaikars

Both were written by you. In the first, you are against the southern state condemning the nation. In the second, you yourself want to go against the nation. Bombay has reverted to MUMBAI. And Bombayites are again called Mumbaikars. Tsk Tsk. In your own words, _what you can do in the least is stand by what u say and atleast try to convince people of what ur saying.._

2. if u just look at it without the distorted bias
Oh, so now, your view is 'non-distorted and right', is it? Explain why?

3. i hope u will realise that its actually a very good ad campaign
Again, explain why it is very good.

You cannot answer 2 and 3. Simply because, like pieces of art, different people view them differently. This is not math where 1+1 always adds up to 2. So your points 2 and 3 are crap and invalid.

4. u probably have little cricket sense or maybe just little common sense
You are making alligations here, which you cannot sustain with facts.
Guess what?! Point 4 is also crap and invalid

*sigh* And you call youself "EDUCATOR".

2004-09-24 10:47

as for the Bombay thing, it was a bunch of people who have named it Mumbai. right now, go take a survey in the city and you shall know how many people want it to be called Mumbai or Bombay. and it stands completely disconnected to the south indian state. why u would want to connect the two is out of my understanding.

and if you're talking about contexts, let me ask you then what context was it in which the VJ said the statement, i'm sure, there must have been a reason for him to say that.

and you think all those people who say "I'm proud to be an Indian" are empty kettles?

and inspite of the shaping of the country because of various reasons (which i've read about by the way) you too disagree with the state. so if you could enlighten me on what you're trying to say pls….

and i have never in the entire reply to any comment mentioned that i am right. i am unbiased is true.

and as for the crap part of it….
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
well, so does crap,
what else should i be saying…..

oh yes, thx a tonn for the luck,
God Bless You

2004-09-24 12:33

abe, tu apna popat karne mein kyon laga hai? do you have attention issues? tereko koi dost log nahi hai kya? or are you generally pissed off in life? Most of what you say holds no water. As to your comment,

Have you ever taken a survey to claim "most people want mumbai and not bombay". No. yet you claim. POPAT

Completely disconnected? You refuse to accept bombay cause its named 'by a bunch of people'. do you think the WHOLE south indian state condemned the language? KING SIZED POPAT

Sigh. Everything you say is riddled with inconsistencies. I have not the desire to continue this debate further.

If you have facts or proofs to your points, I'll accept them and continue the debate. Without any of that, I have no time for you.

2004-09-24 18:46

& one more thing .. jhatukator sir… this is her blog .. she can write wotever she wants.. who r u to inform her wot to do & wot not .. go suck an egg chutya.

2004-09-26 15:45

if she doesn't like the mandira ad .. she writes abt it on "her" blog …. who r u to tell her wot to do & wot not :|

2004-09-26 15:53

hahahahahaha, i can only laugh at your comments. hoohooo
in any case,
God Bless You..

and as for dee, im looking for stuff on the net.

2004-09-26 19:35


2004-09-26 19:38


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